September 13, 2021

Congratulations To Our Newest Moore Certified Instructor

Congratulations to Cheryl Howard how has recently completed the requirements for the MCI program (Moore Certified Instructor) and is now fully certified and licensed to teach […]
March 5, 2021

10 Year Journey From Beginner To Professional Artist

In November 2010 I did my first oil painting. By November 2020 I was a full time professional artist with a multiple six figure art business. […]
March 13, 2020

Richard Chamerski Painting Process

Richard Chamerski Step By Step Painting Process Richard Chamerski is one of Australia’s leading landscape painters in the Heidelberg School style of Australian Impressionism. A professional […]
March 5, 2020

Brian Cook Artist – Master Landscape & Seascape Artist

Brian Cook Artist Process Recently I have been making the trip down to the Gold Coast once a month to take part in workshops with a […]
September 23, 2019

Start Teaching Art Classes

Start Teaching Art ClassesHave you been thinking about how to start teaching art classes? If you are an artist and passionate about painting chances are good you […]
April 26, 2019

Great Results From New Art Teacher

I love getting emails like this one from Rosalie … “Hi Rod, I Joined your teaching certificate last week, and no sooner had I mentioned to […]
March 20, 2019

Moore Certified Instructor In Saudi Arabia

Nada Suleimani is one of our Moore Certified Instructors and she is located in Saudi Arabia. She runs workshops using the Moore Method of Painting using […]
April 18, 2018

Welcome To Our Newest Art Teacher

We are excited to announce our newest Moore Certified Instructor. Ron Shepard is an experienced art teacher in North Carolina, USA. He has recently completed the […]
February 4, 2018

Dingle Art School – Now Open

Dingle Art Shool – Now Open Friends in Ireland and the UK I wanted to let you all know about our first Moore Certified Instructor in […]
February 3, 2018

Harolds First Painting

Great work by one of our new students Harold Green. Here he is with his version of the painting from the free five day course. You […]
June 28, 2017

Starting An Art Teaching Business

Starting An Art Teaching Business One of the best things I have ever done is to start Moore Art School. Teaching others how to paint, and […]
April 24, 2017

Gympie Art Class at Quartz Hub

Gympie Art Class At Quartz Hub  
March 30, 2017

Student Success In India

More great success stories. This time from Nirmala in India. Terrific job with the painting. Here is what she had to say: Dear Sir, Let me […]
March 19, 2017

Our First Art Teacher In Ireland

Our First Moore Certified Teacher In Ireland A huge congratulations to Anne who is our first ever Moore Certified Instructor in Ireland. She has completed the […]
February 8, 2017

First Moore Certified Instructor in Saudi Arabia

Our first Moore Certified Instructor in Saudi Arabia. Congratulations to Nada Suleimani who has worked really hard to achieve her certification. She is now qualified to […]