About Rod Moore

Rod Moore is a contemporary impressionist landscape painter.

Based in Noosa, QLD Australia Rod draws his inspiration from the beautiful beaches he lives at, the lusciousness of the surrounding hinterland, and the Australian Outback.

Rod did his first painting in 2016 and then quickly concluded that he must not have any natural talent or ability. This led him to pack his hastily purchased art supplies into a box that went in the laundry cupboard. For the next few years, he tried numerous times to produce paintings he was happy with but continued to fail.

Rod’s first painting

In one workshop he was told by a world-renowned artist that there was not much hope for him as an artist. This experience was one of a number of challenges he found trying to learn by attending workshops.

In November 2010 Rod did his first oil painting and became hooked. He loved the feel of pushing the paint around the canvas.

At that point, Rod made a commitment to go on an earnest search to learn all he could about painting, and then to teach it to others who experienced the same frustrations he had in the early days. That approach of being a student first and continuing to learn holds true to this day as Rod continues to learn, and develop his skills through a variety of platforms and media.

In 2012 & 2013 Rod and his wife Sue created and produced two TV shows that were broadcast around Australia in prime time. “Plein Air Painting TV” and “Yes You Can Paint TV” both consisted of 13 episodes each and were largely filmed on location.

Over the last decade, Rod has built the Learn To Paint Academy and the Artist Business Academy to share all he has learned on his journey of going from absolute beginner to a highly successful business built around his art doing multiple six figures per year in sales.

Today Rod is a part-time artist selling 30 to 40 paintings a year, a full time art teacher through the Learn To Paint Academy, and a mentor to artists in the Artist Business Academy.

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