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Learn To Paint Academy reviews and feedback from some of our many students around the world.

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Unleash The Artist Within Challenge #2

Debbie Bybee

I really learn a lot from your challenges. I like the way you teach. It is easy for beginners to do as well as seasoned artists.

Large Advanced Painting Challenge

Mary leal Ramirez

Just finished the Large Painting challenge. WOW. My first large painting ever. It was great. I feel so much more confident about tackling any painting now. Thank you Rod.

Paint The Impressionists Challenge

John Ecclestone

I started out with the LTPA by doing the MCI programme and have participated in all the challenges since 2018. This challenge pushed the boundaries of our abilities even further. Always good fun to participate and a great personal development challenge.

Paint The Impressionists Challenge

Maria Morphopoulos

I think this has been the most enjoyable challenge yet. Rod's teaching is fantastic, easy to follow and very stimulating. I have learnt a lot from this series and seriously recommend it if you have not yet taken part, Really enjoyed it,

Painting The Impressionists

Henny Aarts

This was a very good challenge to force you out of your comfort zone , so learning to get better, , how to begin and set up your painting with a good composition , and how to go from there, This one was for me a learning progress to paint looser , with less details, so thank you Rod


Lynn Alice White

"Unleash the artist within " a free challenge on face book, was my introduction to the Learn to Paint Academy and the Moore Method of painting. I finished the challenge feeling like had accomplished more in one week than i had in years. And it was Fun. I became a life member because i felt the one week "Unleash the Artist Within" challenge was worth that much money alone. This past challenge "Kickstart Your Art 2022" has been a rush of painting and inspiration. The Moore Method of painting really works for me. I never imagined that in the senior years of my life i would find myself feeling young again because of painting. There is so much to learn and practice. The three step "Moore Method" drew me into a world of "I can do it". When a local church sponsered me for an art course on the condition that i teach art to church attendees, i knew being a Moore Certified Instructor would help me. I applied to the Moore Certified Intructor course and was accepted. I continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Both spiritually and in knowledge of painting. I hope to complete the Moore Certified Intructor course by time the church is able to begin the art program. I think the Moore Method is a great approach for people of all ages to learn painting. Im grateful to Rod Moore for sharing in a nutshell what he has discovered over the years about painting. Yours truly Lynn

Unleash #2..... So Good!

Dawn Fergusom

Just completed Unleash the Artist # 2 ....it was so good! I completed 3 warm up exercises and 3 paintings during thchallenge

Learned to try

Margo Middlemas

Being able to paint beautiful paintings has been a dream of mine for years. I retired in a October and started painting seriously for the first time. Going to wine and paint nights was fun but did not really teach me basic steps that were badly needed. In October I started acrylic pour painting. It is enjoyable but does not fulfill my need to paint realistically. Rod’s classes have taught me some important basics. These are important steps toward becoming an artist. He has encouraged every step of the way AND more important has caused me to try painting things I was afraid to attempt. I am grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to try “The Moore Method” of painting under such an incredible artist and teacher. Thank you Rod!

Love the Learn to Paint Academy Programs!

George Dalton

Rod's methods of conveying how to paint to his students are clear, concise, and easy to understand. He presents the materials to his students in such a way that even having no prior experience they have the very real possibility of being able to complete a recognizable picture suitable for hanging on their livingroom wall.

Wonderful Courses and Challenges.

Gay Kiskarpati

I enrolled as a free member, 2 years ago, and origonally I was a folkartist, with about 60 different paint colours, Rods colour pallet consists of about 6 colours, he has taught me to how to mix colours. Rod Moore method of painting has changed my way of painting it is so simple yet effective, I had trouble with depth of field and composition values, also loosening up, The colour wheel was just a fancy gadget to me, the day I watched Rods tutorial on it, was magic, Rod is an excellent teacher,

Generous and Capable Teacher

Midge Gough

I can’t believe the amount of time Rod gives to his tuition and to his students. He is generosity personified. He also is a fine teacher and although I haven’t quite got the hang of it yet, I’m getting there I believe - little by little. I can’t recommend him enough to anyone who is learning to paint or just trying to upgrade their skills. I’m so pleased that I found his site last year during ‘’lockdown”.

Unleash the Artist Within Challenge 2

Sandy McKellar

Hi Rod. Being almost at the end of this particular challenge, I confess to being in a state of sensory overload tonight. This challenge has been significant in my journey as an artist. My usual response to a testimonial request, would be to wait a while in order to present a considered and balanced reply. However, because you give so willingly of your knowledge, wisdom, support, encouragement and enthusiasm, plus you have asked for feedback from this challenge sooner rather than later, I'm ready to volunteer my dot point notes taken ad hock as I painted each day. 1. I simply can't follow your pace with paint to canvas........Yet. I believe that will happen 2. The Moore method of painting ( 3 x 3; 3 x 3; 3 x 3) has been positively amazing. The sense of freedom in knowing that colour and tone will work simply by using your method is liberating. 3. The challenge method doesn't give me enough time to add all of the extra detail I would normally apply to a particular painting, but that observation is not necessarily a criticism. 4. I need to practice painting more loosely. 5. I also should embrace the concept of the viewers imagination more. I still feel the need to tell them the entire story - even though I don't do that very well! 6. About perfection. This is something I learned some years ago. “If you look for perfection, you'll never be content.” ― Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina. 7. Currently I paint in acrylics. My first change will be to invest in some Artist quality varieties of these paints 8. Courses on my agenda from the LTPA:- Colour Mixing - a revisit. Composition course. Water Mixable Oils course Monthly challenge. I have absolutely enjoyed this challenge, I am in awe of the worldwide talent that is attracted to the LTPA. I am so grateful that I had the foresight to enroll as a lifetime member some time ago. OK, so that's it from me. Happy painting everyone. You are all inspirational and motivational, but of course, Rod is simply the best. Sandy

Changed My Life As A Painter

Jonathan Tate


LTPA Made My Days In Lockdown More Pleasant.

Jackie Brissonnette

Since lockdown last year I joined the LTPA, having done drawing/painting at college I always like to play with colours and brushes. And being stuck at home all day I decided to give Mr Moore a try and after one or two paintings I felt the urge to do more as Rod's teaching was so easy to follow, he is so thorough with his explanations and guess what no need to have a plethora of colours. The weekly meetings we have with a painting work is just fantastic. I checked Bob Ross too and loved the way he painted. Recently we have had an Impressionist painting workshop, what can i say never knew I could paint like Money, lol. So Thank you Rod and LTPA.

Second Challenge of Unleash The Artist Within

Valerie Campbell

Absolutely loved doing this and the past challenges. The Rod Moore Method of painting is a very simplistic way of either a beginner, medium or advanced artist, to see just how effective this method can be., and produce some great artwork. For me, this challenges brought me, to be able to open up in a more loose style and hopefully one I can continue to improve on, from being mired down in details, I have gotten into over MANY years of painting varied subjects. What I love about Rod's teaching, is his enthusiasm and guiding thru some of the most difficult aspects of applying paint to canvas, so simply and rewarding.

Beatriz A Lynch

I have been loving to paint since I was born in Santiago, Chile. The thing is I have never had the encouragement to pursue art as a Job or a way to make money, my mother was a good painter and I saw it, as something natural for me to do. Many people love my art and ask me to sell it but for me, is like some part of myself that I'm giving away. With Rod Moore I have opened my eyes to other horizons, meaning that Rod has inspired me in sharing this gift that we were born with. His method is great and I have convinced my engineer husband to try it, we'll see. I became a Lifetime member last year and love it. Thank you Rod for your enthusiasm and love for what you do!!!

Painting the Impressionists

Sherry Elliott

The Painting the Impressionists challenge was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Rod is an amazing teacher and coach.

A lot of learning packed into each video!

Selina Churchill

The LTPA Challenge has been a fantastic experience - both the video tutorials where Rod takes us through demonstration paintings, and also, importantly, the online group where we share our progress and get to see hundreds of other people painting along with us. We get to see what others make of the same start point, and their individual takes on a subject - and by observing what other people have done I'm finding myself able to think critically about how I might approach the issues they face, or mimic their successes. Rod's teaching style is down to earth and clear, and he returns continually to the principles behind the Moore method, so that I feel I'm really getting to grips with them. My painting and approach has improved already and I'm only a few days in. Really pleased I signed up and will be joining future challenges and paid courses. Thanks Rod!

Wonderful Experience

Denise Lynn Busuttil

Thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and interaction with all the global artists, have joined up monthly and May regret not extending myself to lifetime membership but circumstances dictate this decision at the moment, looking forward to more classes

I Would Recommend To Anyone!

Shirley Underwood

This is a great site to learn to paint. Even for total beginners. Rod breaks down subjects into a simplistic form that is easy to understand and paint. He teaches you the fundamentals of painting as you’re not just seeing the painting , but visualizing the different color hues and tones and depths. I would recommend the program to anyone who has a desire to learn painting or increase an already existing ability. Thanks Rod‼️

From Beginner to Mastery

Julie Fraser

Artists can show you there craft however not all can impart their knowledge. Rod has created ,through his own experience of trial and error, a method that works for a beginner through to mastery. The method is simplistic in its approach and encompasses the principles of painting allowing you to create your own work of art. I was blessed to find Rod and I continue my painting journey by becoming a life member and utilising the tuition through the vast library available.

Brian Cook

Esther L Rogers

Not sure if this is the right place, but I absolutely was enthralled by Brian Cook's works. Thank you so much, Rod, for including this master artist in your analysis course. Would love to buy even a print of some of his magnificent works.

Learn To Paint Academy Challenges

Val Weaver

This is my 3rd challenge with Rod and I can honestly say my work has improved immensely under his tutoring. Rod is extremely generous with his time and goes into great detail with the fundamentals of art, a crucial element we all strive to achieve. I urge anyone interested to give Rod's program a go, you won't be disappointed.

Best Art Courses


Learning to paint with Rod is an amazing experience. I have gone from being a ‘wish I could’ painter to ‘ I reckon I can do this!’ Thank you Rod, being a Life member has been wonderful for me.

Excited to Learn More By Becoming A Member

Di Mason

I have to thank Rod for showing me how much I need to learn the fundamentals of painting so I can improve. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and although my paintings are not up to the standard of some I feel that I have learned so much. Thank you Rod. I am now excited to learn more by becoming a member. Thank you

Learning To Paint

Irene Douglas

Since finding the Learn to Paint Academy I have become a more confident artist. I always loved drawing and wanted to be able to paint but realky didn't know where to start, let's face it there are so many different medias out there. I wanted to try acrylics and came across Rod's MMOP and I learned so much in the free taster session so took the decision to become a life member. This is one of the best decisions I have made and my learning continues and with so many courses and the wonderful challenges my progress continues and I feel happy to show others my artwork, which never happened before.

Outstanding Experience

Gail kraft

This challenge is an example of the fabulous, high quality programs Rod presents at the LTPA. The planning and work involved in this shows his dedication to helping people achieve their goal to produce better art. The support of all the other participants fuels the wonderful feeling of community and support that is so important as try to grow as artists. This was time so well spent, and am looking forward to what may come next from the LTPA.

More Confident, Blessed and Lucky !!


My past paintings were mostly trial and error projects. Something was amiss, what I needed was some formal training. I am so happy and feel so lucky that I decided to become a life member of Learn To Paint Academy. Rod’s livestreams, the courses, critiques, etc. are so organized, easy to follow and so much in detail that I can not believe how much my paintings have improved in just a few months following the “Moore’s Method Of Painting” - MMOP. I feel more confident now, calm, have no anxiety or fear, in fact I am having fun painting!! Rod is a wonderful teacher – so generous in imparting all the knowledge he has gained over the years. Painting was just a hobby for me but after just a few months, I feel maybe I could start selling them. So I have also joined Rod’s new sister academy – Artist Business Academy. Thank you Rod – I feel so blessed to have you as my teacher.


Leah Skoglund

Rod Moore method of painting has opened the doors of possibility for me. I am truly amazed at what I have been able to accomplish under his methods. I have a way to go yet but I am so pleased with what I have been able to do. I feel I could have a go at just about any landscape I wish to paint. He has given me confidence to put paint on a substrate without fear. Highly recommend his teaching.

Paint the Impressionists

Jude Kirkeeide

Working on paint miles is a part of improving in painting. With regular painting and instruction the task of improvement is nurtured. And then one may need inspiration, too. The Paint with the Impressionists Challenge created the opportunity for more painting, provided excellent guidance, offered inspiration from the masters and was welcomed by the world wide community. I loved learning about artist I had not yet been introduced to. Many thanks Rod and the Academy.

A Learning Experience!

Cheryl M Crenshaw

Being a newbie, I struggled with the painting process. It looks so easy when Rod does it! I am determined to finish the first painting! I truly have learned much about the technique and overall painting skills. I hope that there will be more challenges! Thank you, Rod, for sharing your talent and skills.

Unleash Challenge

Céline Razeau

The Unleash challenges have been inspiring and excellent learning opportunities for me. Rod has the important skill of being able to put himself in the position of a newer painter in order to teach at the level of the learner. Before finding Rod, I was having trouble figuring out what exactly I needed to learn to improve my painting, I just knew I wasn’t improving the way I wanted to. The community is by far the most encouraging and supportive I have found for art. I am a member of several other forums and wouldn’t post my work because of the negativity. This group is great and that starts with a positive leader.

It’s Easier When You Know How To Do It!

Hilary Gerrans

Joining the Learn to Paint Academy and taking part in the Challenges has given me a process to work to and an opportunity to practice the skills gained within this supportive community. Rod’s teaching style gives everyone confidence in their ability as an artist.

Exceptional Group

Ross Palmer

I attended the Painting Challenge on Impressionist during October 2021. I found the tuition by Rod excrllent as usual. I battled with the loose style of psinting snd in particular the Monet Snow scene. However, i learned a lot from the course and will continue with the group, who are exceptional.



I have enjoyed being part of the art community and learning with a pleasant speaking down to earth teacher like Rod , the five day challenge was fabulous !and I’m thankful that I joined the challenge.. Weather it’s going back to basics or how to build an art audience for selling or just to start a hobby from beginners to experienced whatever your art journey is , there is something to learn here with many wonderful people from all around the world learning and sharing their art along the way makes for a very welcoming group . I appreciate that Rod shares his knowledge of art ,,his time and love of art with others to help others on their own art journeys . I’m grateful to be apart of the learn to paint academy . Cheers Carlene

Painting Is A Challenge

Patricia K Olson

Rod recognizes the challenges we face in our painting journey. There is nothing he will not share with us because he wants us all to succeed. I have enjoy several of Rod Moore's free challenges and have learned more than from all the books I have read or the video's I have watched. I had the opportunity to join his Learn To Paint Academy as a life time member during one of his very generous challenges and I would encourage you all to join also. It is a great community of wonderful talented artists, an abundance of educational tutorials ,tips, practice lessons , all under Rod's very talented and skilled tutelage. Thank you Rod Moore!


Best teacher ever!! Love to learn from you🙏🌷

Unleash the Artist Challenge #2

Gil Thomson

Under the expert and kind tuition of Rod Moore art has become a central focus of my retirement, not only as an aspiring artist but also using my business skills to support my husband’s artistic endeavours. As a life member of the Learn to Paint Academy and the Artists Business Academy, I am constantly learning and Rod’s challenges are giving me the confidence to give it a go at my own pace with a very supportive like minded community. I am very grateful to Rod for his time and commitment to his followers especially during COVID lockdowns.

Challenging. Informative. Fun

Edie Simone

Rod made it possible for me to paint like an Impressionist, something I've always wanted to do and never thought I could. I've painted on and off for decades, but haven't felt 'challenged' to go into uncharted territory. The Live Chat offered much appreciated support and comraderie.

The perfect Arty community to learn and grow

Jacqueline Cox

I found Rod Moore's art group middle of last year and by the end of the year had decided to become a life member. It was a great decision on my part! Rod's style of teaching is very relaxed and encouraging, easy to follow. You don't need to be a budding Picasso. There are so many courses to choose from, covering not only the necessary basics but varied and more challenging topics too. Weekly chats and paint alongs, monthly challenges and studies and a supportive community make Learn to Paint Academy the perfect place to learn and improve as an Artist.

Simply The Best

Lexie Hudson

I found Rod's 5 Day Challenge excellent. I joined the challenge as a beginner but feel I am now on the way to becoming a good hobby artist equipped with the knowledge required to perfect my paintings using Rod Moore's Method of painting. I have learned a lot about composition, design, values, and the effects of distance on size and positioning of big shapes. I still have a lot more practice to do to perfect these principles but having this knowledge ensures I will move forward in the right direction. An added bonus was I also got to interact with some lovely people who encouraged me along the way.

The challenge

Naommie Cox Vela

Being part of this challenge has inspired me to paint again. There are mentors that come into your life that helps informs, inspires and challenges you to do better. Rod Moore is one. He teaches you to paint in 3 easy steps. He breaks it down in easy to follow instructions and doesn't rush. There are lots of available courses and great support when you need help. When applying, his method I learned the value of composition, color mixing and how important it is to practice. It has been a good investment for me, for there is a lot to learn and kept busy while on your painting journey!🙂🙂🙂

Follow Your Dreams

Fiona Butler

When I saw an advertisement for the free Unleash Your Inner Artist #2 challenge, I signed up, hoping to get a few tips. Well, not only did I get a whole lot of tips and tricks, I was introduced to Rod's Moore Method of Painting, and it made sense! Rod broke down the basics so easy, I followed the lessons and completed the challenge. I actually was very happy with my results! I even impressed my family and friends. I always wanted to learn how to paint, and this little taster challenge blew me away. So much so, I joined up as a Life Member, and now am on my journey from becoming a hobby painter, to hopefully becoming an accomplished artist!

Learnt so much.

Willem A Goeman

Rod's learning model and painting method have made a huge difference to my painting skills. I learn something new at every session. The pogram has been inspirational. Great work Rod. Thank you. Regards Willem

Unleash The Artist Within!

Sarina van der Watt

Rod Moore, you did just that, never thought that I would start painting at sixty and you inspired me to do so, thank you so much for your wonderful way of teaching and I will always tell everybody who got me started and that you are the best Australian landscape artist I know, I thank you my friend, regards Sarina!

Rod Moore - Amazing Art Instructor

Julio Hoces

If you want to know the why's, how's & techniques of painting, go on a an unforgettable journey with Rod. He is very detailed, organized & precise in his art instructions. So much so, we were having difficulty with trees & rocks that he stopped & gave us pointers on how to achieve step-by-step result on our paintings. Thank you Rod for your thorough instructions. In the future, I hope to sign up in your membership. Here is to your continued good health.

Impressionist Painting Challenge

Ann Duwyn

Rod Moore is a great painter and teacher, who shares his knowledge with us. He teaches The Moore Method of Painting which makes a lot of sense, It simplifies everything and gets to the basic fundamentals of painting. Rod is encouraging, relaxed, smiles often and has a good organized way of getting his ideas across. You learn a lot from him. I encourage you to take a few of his courses or become a life member.

The artist in me was unleashed #2

Irene Douglas

I had lost my mojo but I do like a challenge so signed up for Unleash the Artist #2. I thoroughly enjoyed doing each different assignment under Rod's livestream painting videos and following his techniques which showed good results for me as a hobby artist. I am so happy with my progress I decided to buy some water mixable oils and to progress from acrylics to oils. The Moore Method of Painting has opened a door for me into an exciting new painting experience. Thanks Rod


Gail Kelly

Rod has provided so much time, effort, enthusiasm and inspiration with his vast knowledge of not only how to paint using his methods but also great insight into the history of other artists and different methods they used. It has given us all such a wealth of knowledge and guidance to go forward and continue doing this, what we all have in common, our love to paint! Thanks Rod!

Paint the Impressionists

Sabina Murphy

Thank you very much Rod for your tuition in this challenge. It was fun. I learnt to limit my palette to the basics and learnt about values. The paintings you chose were a good learning experience and were indeed a challenge. I really liked the interaction with everyone who participated on line, it was so encouraging. Best wishes to you.


Jenny Foreman

During 2020, I was looking for something to help me create better art and to fill the time in lockdown was certainly a bonus! I have been a member of The Learn to Paint Academy since mid 2020 and cannot believe the improvement in my ability to paint landscapes, seascapes and still life. I have dabbled in painting in watercolours and acrylics in amongst bringing up children and working, and always felt that I couldn't quite get the 3D look. Learning his method of sketching out the scene, blocking in the big shapes and then how to add those final touches, learning values and colour mixing and how to change a photo to make a better composition, have all given me the confidence to paint more and experiment more. My Art has improved immensely over this last year. I would highly recommend that if you want to improve your art skills, take up the beginners course, then the challenges that Rod offers and step out of your comfort zone and experience a new found love of painting. Thankyou to Rod for his generosity of spirit in sharing his experience with all of us who want to learn.

Paint The Impressionist Challenge

Alison Newport

I am very much a beginner having only done one other of Rods challenges. I never in a million years thought I could produce what I did. Rod’s caring simple positive teachings are an inspiration. He allows and believes everyone can have a go. He is an inspiration to us all Im so happy I’ve now joined the LTPA and can’t wait to learn more from Rods huge library of teachings. Oh and forgot to say! Love his cheeky sense of humour. He’s the best!

Thank You

Neil Townsend

I wanted to start painting after years of false starts. I always had the problem with how to start...but with the Moore method, simple steps, uncomplicated colour choices..3 colours!!!I relaxed and just went with the flow..the challenge was a great opportunity and I immediately took the opportunity to join the learn to paint academy to enable me to make full use of all the instruction ideos and further member challenges. Many thanks

Kick Start Your Art Challenge

Donna Rubin

Thank you Rod! I wasn't sure what to expect from the challenge, but I had much of the month available and wanted to brush up on basic skills and force myself to slow down and focus. I am a professional muralist and decorative artist. My work happens large, fast, and on-site, and it is all commission-based. I never just "sit down and paint"! I was thrilled with the in-depth instruction and thorough explanations, as well as your patience in answering so many questions for the participants. I looked forward to each class, and would recommend this challenge to all painters- beginner through professional. Donna Rubin

Loved the Unleash The Artist Within #2 Challenge!


Although I have been painting for many years, personal illness and the pandemic had stripped me of all desire to pick up a brush. When I signed up for the challenge, I hoped to regain my passion for painting. Well, it worked. And, after attempting my first painting following Rod's style, I also discovered an easier way to recreate a scene from a photo that is going to make this hobby even more enjoyable! Thanks so much, Rod, for sharing your technique!

Taking Our Painting Skills To The Next Level !!


“Paint the Impressionists”- something I would have never had the courage to even think of trying !! Always wanted to paint like the great masters, but felt I had not reached that level as yet. Thank you, Rod, for simplifying things for us – for showing us how to apply the Moore Method to achieve a close copy and create our own renditions of the great masterpieces. This PTI Challenge has increased not only my confidence and painting skills, but has also taught me to analyze the elements that make these paintings masterpieces – makes me feel so knowledgeable and professional !! Rod, you are a wonderful inspiring teacher who imparts his knowledge with a very cool and calm demeanor which helps to keep us motivated. Keep on smiling and God Bless !!

Eliminating Can’t

Linley Ogston

Thanks to Rod’s inspiring tutorials I have eliminated the word can’t from my vocabulary. Instead I now realise practice is all it takes to overcome the negative and destructive word can’t. Rod inspires you to try and by trying often you will surprise yourself and find you can do the painting you thought impossible. And if not you have given it a red hot go🤣 Practice has become my most important though process now. Joining the LTPA has helped me overcome my fear of failure….. everyone is on their own journey through art and to have such a caring like minded community to lean on and learn from is so incredibly inspiring. A hint here or a kind word there is so helpful to someone who until 1 year ago hadn’t painted since high school….. a lot of hot dinners since then🤣😂 But jokes aside if you want a teacher who not only inspires you but talks about the process in a way you can understand. Who acknowledges his own mistakes and then shows you how to fix them…. Look no further Rod is down to earth and so very giving of his time and talent. There is so many challenges and courses in the academy and like minded people who are only too happy to talk through issues. So come and join us you won’t regret it. And yes turning your painting upside down sometimes helps….. trust me I do it often!!

Learn to Paint Academy. Paint the Impressionists

Ann Foster

I found your generous, down to earth teaching method so inspiring and easy to follow. I loved every minute of the challenge and learnt so much. Thankyou

My Journey With The Learn To Paint Academy

Lynette Foster

I joined Learn to Paint Academy 20 months ago. I was attracted to it after watching Rod painting demonstration. Also his explanation of when he first sought a teacher and could relate. In the 20 months learning to paint with Rod has beem made simple and exciting as my paintings were turning out. I have learnt allot from the different courses and painting along with Rod on live videos. I highly recommend being a full member.

Paint The Impressionists Challenge 2021

Valerie Campbell

This is the third challenge I have done with Rod in his Learn To Paint Academy. Since becoming a member a few years ago, his instructional live sessions and videos have shown me the easiest and quickest way to improve my paintings, where once I thought they were good, I can compare the then to now and KNOW I have made progress through his method of teaching simplicity . I can guarantee, using his methods, you will advance very quickly. I have no hesitation in letting my friends know about his page and have done so on numerous occasions. You won't be sorry when you join up 🙂

Rod makes learning to paint fun and enjoyable

Linda Clark

Fortunately I found Rod’s Learn to Paint Academy on fb. Now retired, I wanted to learn to paint after having dabbled in it many years ago. His teaching style is so relatable and the classes and live streams are great. Love that you can ask questions and have them answered in the live coffee chats. Very supportive community too and inspiring to see other people’s work. Looking forward to improving mine with Rod’s lessons.

It is Certainly Obvious The Moore Method Of Painting Works

Helen Walker

Unleash the Artist Within Callenge 2 was as indicated by the title challenging introducing a wide spectrum of subjects and mediums. It is certainly obvious the Moore methodology works in any medium by the quality of art produced. Enjoyed the simplicity illustrated in the teaching process.

So good

Veronica cooke

Everything about this was so good. Excellent teaching and a supportive community. Progress made. Fun on the way. What’s not yo like. Signed up for life membership.

Thank you Rod Moore!

Linda Clark

Rod is the most amazing Teacher and Mentor! . So happy to have discovered the Moore Method of Painting. I joined the Learn to Paint Academy as a Lifetime Member about a year ago and it is one of the best investments I have ever made. Rod’s way of teaching really resonated with me and gave me the confidence to pursue my desire to learn to paint. His most recent “Paint the Impressionists” Challenge taught me so much and I never would have even attempted to take part in something like this before. Rod always tells us to just “Give it a Go” .His genuine passion for teaching, generosity of knowledge coupled with his humour and encouragement makes being part of the Learn to Paint Academy so much fun. It’s a terrific community of caring, kind, and like minded folks. Thank you Rod for all you do for us, you are simply the Best!

The best decision I have ever made.

Dorinda Sloan

Rod Moore and his painting academy surpasses anything I could have hoped for. When I retired I knew I wanted to paint but finding the right platform for me was proving difficult. Then I discovered Rod and cannot believe how wonderful a journey he takes his students on. Life membership is a must for all aspiring artists.

LTPA feedback

Garry Taylor

After quite a lengthy break from art, I decided to reconnect with oil painting and was fortunate enough to find Rod Moore's Learn To Paint Academy (LTPA) videos on YouTube. His teaching style immediately struck a cord with me - limited materials, clear instructions/demonstrations and a method guaranteed to develop painting skills and confidence. Rod's wide range of painting subjects offers choice and introduction to multiple mediums. His live streams go beyond simply painting and offer advice on areas such as preparing boards for painting to marketing art works and reviews of art materials. The establishment of the LTPA website has led to a supportive, empathetic community that provide advice and encouragement.


Barbara Walker

I have been a LTPA member since 2020. I was hooked after my first challenge. Which started me thinking about colours and shapes when i look around. Rod teaches in a way that you can understand the process. Love the challenges and the input of the community. Highly recommend being a LTPA member.

Brilliant teaching

Veronica Cooke

I am currently doing the five day challenge and can’t recommend it enough. Rod is an excellent teacher and so generous with his knowledge. His method is easy to follow and has improved my art immediately. His approach is learner friendly and it was fun too. A great opportunity .

Never Too Old To Learn

Marg Valentine (Nana Marg)

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of the Unleash the Artist from Within sessions #1 and #2. The challenges were fun and Rods very natural style of teaching made the learning easy to understand. One of the best parts of the on line session was being able to access Rod’s videos over and over and paint at my own pace. Another great aspect was the learning community on FaceBook created specifically for the group. I like Rod’s style so much that I decided to sign up and join the Learn to Paint Academy as well as the Business Academy. Thank you Rod for your generosity of time and knowledge during the free “Unleash” sessions. Marg Valentine (Nana Marg)

Thank You


Thank you for this ten day paint challenge. The experience was definitely worth it and I enjoyed every session. I learned very quickly that the classes were completely worth every ounce of struggle and I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Rod Moore The format of the instruction helped me learn to see space differently, especially when we painted the project upside down! Rod helped me better understand layout and the basic fundamentals of the process with draw, block, paint darkest to light and seeing the overall composition, proportions ect take shape To top it off I had fun with many people from all over the world who were very supportive of each other’s work . I know I will carry what I have learned from the Rod Moore at the Learn To Paint Academy into my future works of art . This is an excellent program and I absolutely recommend it to others.

Best Teacher

Gillian Dalgas Wright

I am so sad that this Challenge has ended. I am a bit behind, but am so excited about the way Rod makes everything so clear and simple. I particularly loved painting The Magpie, my Son wants it to hang on the wall of his Swedish summerhouse!! I do hope Rod continues with these Challenges. During Lock Down it has been a lifesaver. Thankyou Rod

Follow Your Artistic Dream

Peter Norman

As a member of the Learn to Paint Academy you will have every opportunity to pursue your artistic ambitions. The Moore Method of Painting simplifies everything into manageable modules and the courses give beginner and intermediate artists a solid grounding in the fundamentals of good painting. Rod Moore's teaching style, morivation and infinite patience certainly resonate with me, and the investment in Life Membership I made less than two years ago has repaid me many tines over. I am now producing artworks consistently at a level I would not have believed possible two years ago.

A Positive & Supportive Space

Michele Cullen

Joined the Learn To Paint Academy and completed two challenges with Rod. Am I am new to painting I find Rod's simplification of the process of painting is excellent and he makes painting more accessible to everyone. His explanations are concise and clear. The LTP academy community is a positive and supportive space where artists of all levels can participate with confidence. Highly recommend.

Learn to Paint Academy

Patricia Eddy

I participated in the Paint the Impressionists challenge. Had a wonderful time and learned so much from Rod. He is a wonderful teacher that breaks things down into doable steps that make it possible to paint like Monet! Amazing and wonderful community that was supportive! Thank you Rod!

Great Teacher and Great Sharing

Cecilia Kwok

I have never met such a generous Art Teacher before, taking his passion and sharing his learning so generously. I learned a lot, and Rod Moore deserves everyone's respect as an artist, teacher, and friend!

Life is Good.

debbie waddington

I came across the academy on fb and decided to take the 5 day course. I enjoyed it so much I joined in October. 2020 and became a life member. Having retired and moved to the country I needed a new hobby Rod is a fantastic and talented teacher, very engaging and a lovely way with everyone. It’s been nice to be part of an online academy and I really look forward to the live sessions .The courses I have taken have been really good and I have enjoyed many other aspects of the LTPA. I’ve also enjoyed the support of other more experienced academy members. Rod is a lovely, patient and friendly man, a great artist and teacher.

Moore Inspiration

Andrea Reeves

'Paint the Impressionists' was another wonderful challenge, I didn't finish all of the paintings but always learn a lot from Rod's easy to understand teaching style and 3 step method. I highly recommend that everyone has a go at his next challenge and/or sign up for lifetime membership or the MCI program. It is very inspirational! Thank you Rod for your time, knowledge and expertise.

Painting with the Learn To Paint Academy

Joy Barnard

I joined the Learn to Paint Academy last year during lockdown. After a 5 day challenge I realised how much I was missing from my art journey. Rod's teaching methods are excellent whether you are someone who hasn't picked up a brush since school days or you are trying to improve your efforts to make them saleable. The Impressionist course has been my favourite so far, and has opened up a world of artists I hardly knew existed. I can't recommend it highly enough, the world wide community are so supportive sharing tips, photos and their work. Rod is so generous with his time, encouragement and commitment to teaching. Even technophobes like me have mastered the website,support is always there! I am looking forward to many happy retirement years painting. Thank you Rod.

Review - Unleash the Artist Within You #2

Colin Hadfield

Unleash the Artist Within #2 It’s been great to have been part of such a large congenial group of budding international artists, working collaboratively to learn the necessary skills, knowledges and understandings of art as taught by our much loved Art teacher Rod Moore. The !earn to Paint academy Where do you begin? There are so many excellent introductory, intermediate and advanced courses of instruction that Rod has written and kindly delivered to thousands of students. Unlike some other art schools Rod updates his courses to fast track new learners through the fundamentals of painting, as well as provide emerging artists with opportunities to consolidate their knowledge and further develop the various aspects of making, appreciating and critiquing art, often using newer cutting edge approaches. The Moore Method of Painting Artists need a structure upon which to hang their brushes and aprons, and for moving paint around, so to speak. The Moore Method has provided this in a supportive and simplified manner, but with room to grow as more advanced concepts and techniques begin to emerge within the artist’s work. The Moore Method has been appreciated by thousands of artists around the world because it has simplified and rationalised what other institutions and art educators have made so complex and unreachable. However, Rod has also encouraged the more experienced students to try out other ideas and experiment with alternative possibilities (e.g. colour choices), and it’s this kind of freedom with daily practice that helps to develop the artist’s own voice and style. The Moore method of painting both enhances and becomes a construct of the artist’s own creative sensibility and pedagogical understanding. Hence, the student’s artistic freedom and responsibility to learn become the strength of the Moore Method of learning to paint. Dr Colin Hadfield

WOW - What a Challenge!

Brenda Howard

What Rod said is so true: ' Many paintings look easy until you start doing them'! !! Was this ever true with the Magpie! I learned so much about blocking and values despite having taken many art courses since I retired 9 years ago. I really recommend this course for beginners right up to and included advanced artists. Rod moves at a good speed and with the videos you can always go back and check if you missed something! A great course!!!

Paint the Impresssionists Challenge

Sandra Harding

I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, it took me out of my comfort zone, and I tried painting some pieces that I may not have tackled on my own. Now I feel like it is more “do-able” than I first thought, and I am excited to try more impressionist style work. This is one of the gifts that Rod has— helping art students like me, take on new challenges with step by step guidance, in a positive and kind environment. I would recommend his courses to anyone and have already passed his name on to other art friends

A Revelation

Vicki Moroney

Being new to oil painting, but loving the Impressionists, i felt confident with Rod that i would be able to achieve a result. His expert demonstrations broke down the processes needed to complete a painting. I learnt so much from both the demonstrations and Q&A sessions that i gained the confidence to complete 3 paintings. The results were beyond my expectations and i will continue to work in the Learn to Paint Academy

LPTA and COVID -19

Barb Mathieson

Hi Rod, I just wanted you to know how much our group at the Learn to Paint Academy has meant to me during our COVID lockdown. You have been there for all of us every week teaching and connecting us, the budding artists, when we’ve lost contact with our art friends and families. We will be forever grateful. Thank you Barb

What a Bargain!

Steve Byrne

Having participated in the Fundamentals program earlier in the year I was delighted to see yet another freebie being offered by Rod. I really enjoyed pushing myself to complete each challenge and was amazed at the results I achieved. I came out of this challenge with more confidence and technique than I went into it with and am now “comfortable” calling myself an artist, all be it an inexperienced one, but never the less I am now at home with this title. Rod has a great way of delivering the message and the Moore method of painting is one I will always be grateful to have learned. I fully intend to push myself and go on to sell my art, and am buoyed by the encouragement and support of not only Rod but all the other members on the site. And by the way if you are on the edge about signing up for lifetime membership, DO IT you will not regret it. Thanks again Rod. Steve Byrne Ontario.

Have a Go

Susan Bryant

This challenge has really given me an insight into how to get stuck in, see the big picture and give it a go ! In that regard, it’s been fabulous for confidence building. Thanks Rod for the privilege of being able to participate in this awesome group. Your laid back approach helps us all to just give it a go, see the big picture and not get caught up in too much detail .

You Won't Regret the Decision to Join.

Valerie Campbell

One of the best decisions I made , after watching Rods method for a year, was to join as a full member. Access to ALL his knowledge and teachings, with challenges and demos hes put together, covering every aspect that's needed to either start at the beginning, simply, or to improve on ones own journey, whether its just for your own enjoyment or to make a living from it, his method is the simplest and easiest to follow, I have found.

I have no hesitation in recommending his method to anyone I chat to and have done on numerous occasions. I ALWAYS enjoy the challenges, the humour , and the normalcy of Rods videos, meaning he speaks like we are there in the studio with him. And what I love most, apart from learning something every time there's a challenge on, is how he involves us in his travels and life 🙂

I Can't Believe I Was Actually Able To Paint Such Beautiful Pictures

Donna Horsman

I learned so much from The Learn to Paint Challenge. It was a lot of fun and so inspiring. I can't believe I was actually able to paint such beautiful pictures. I love the Rod Moore method of painting. Thankyou Rod!


Alison Martin

I have been painting on and off for a number of years and primarily self taught. I would get inspired and go to a workshop only to find the method of teaching inhibiting growth and exploration. Rod’s method enables both new and accomplished artists a way to learn and improve - for me it’s about filling in the gaps. Rod has an ease and patience in his method that translates without restricting your own style. I feel blessed to have stumbled across this challenge and am now a life member and am excited to see where my art takes me. Great teacher, great method and wonderful results that feels like a springboard to an exciting breakthrough from a hobbyist to artist. Thank you Rod and the Learn to Paint academy for unlocking my creativity!

Arquitecta- Artista plástica

Stella Maris Filippa

I am very excited for painting with you.

Recommend Joining!


The second painting challenge truly was a great fun thing to do. However not only fun but the learning curve as Rod guides us through our paces to produce, what I think, we all surprise ourselves producing. I once again recommend joining this wonderful discovery.

Best on-line teacher and resources!

Sujata Kishore

When I started painting, not too long ago, I searched and tried many on-line resources including lessons, tips, materials' information, and many more aspects. This stood out as the best and easiest to learn from. Even before I became a full access member, Rod gave me one-on-one attention - that was amazing and made me feel valued! Any time I see his video or live session, I get inspired to paint, isn't that something? In short, if you want to learn from the best artist and the best teacher; this is the place!!

The Best Teacher And The Best Community!

Sujata Kishore

I participated in a recent challenge of "Paint the Impressionist". This was the most challenging and most rewarding experience. You know why? Because: Rod has endless energy, boundless enthusiasm, amazing painting skill, and exceptional teaching skill, He has always inspired me with his smile, humor, and most of all individual attention. When you see him painting, you want to pick up the brush start to paint. Rod has created a community of world wide like-minded artists. No matter where you are in your journey of art, these artists are always amazingly supportive giving encouragement, and constructive feedback to take you to next level. If you like to paint this is the place!

Gained Confidence and Knowledge


I had never attempted to paint landscapes in acrylic. I had only done watercolor. I have completed 3 of Rod’s challenges and have learned so much. I can now say that landscapes in acrylic does not scare me. I have gained the confidence and knowledge to tackle this medium. Thank you Tod.

From Beginning To Now I Can See I'm Improving

Winnie lee

I was joined life member from last year. From beginning to now I can see I'm improving . Each time I joined Rod"s Challenger.I learn a lot from him .really had fun see &. Learn different idea from all members finished . Sometimes I got struggling on my painting had finished on time .but I enjoyed when I saw what I was done.. Thanks Rod moore .

We Are Going to Have Another Blast #2

Connie Bennett

We live near Yuma Arizona where the temperature is getting close to 124°F. Most of the people in our Artist Guild leave for the summer and there is not much for us to do .During Chalange #1 a few of the girls got together on-line and followed your program. We had a blast. Trying to line things up again and we can't wait to take Chalange #2

I have not looked back and my art has kept on improving

Cheryl Mahon Howard

After having a long lapse from my art I decided to go back to it, and that`s when I came across the Rod Moore Academy, It was a simple approach with limited paints, brushes,and shapes. His method of painting and teaching made it very simple to start and complete a painting in one sitting. I have not looked back and my art has kept on improving through his courses. Well done Rod and thankyou for your generosity in sharing your method with me and others.

Gained Valuable Knowledge of the Process of Painting

Liz Godfrey

Really enjoyed the tutorials and gained valuable knowledge of the process of painting using acrylics. Not sure if i am thoroughly happy with my actual finished products but family thought they were Ok. As an almsot beginner this was a valuable course I would do again.

Paint the Impressionists

Barbara Forbes

What a wonderful experience not only painting under the tutorial of Rod Moore, but learning so much more about the famous Impressionists, .Rods passion for his art and teaching has shown itself through this latest challenge. I can't wait to do more and experiment more with my paintings. Fabulous learning experience. 😊

Paint the Impressionists Challenge

Bonnie Thorne

This has been an amazing challenge. Rod's teaching style and knowlege helps and encourages every painter regardless of ability and confidence. Rod gave me enough confidence to have a go and the support from other doing the course as well as Rod has been invaluable. Well worth the time and effort and I am a better painter because of it.

Simply the best

Lesley Dimmick

I tried many online tutorials and joined a number of different art groups but never found the right one for me. The LTPA is different and Rod Moore, as a tutor is "simply the best!" Absolutely no regrets in joining.

Unleashing the Artist Within Challenge

Donna Palmer

What a wonderful enriching journey of growth and understanding! A five day challenge that was realy three weeks... AND it was free! Rod your passion for art was so evident only to be eclipsed by your passion to assist other with their aspirations and dreams. You simplified the process of painting into very manageable pieces. You were so generous with your time and knowledge - thank you! 😀

Impressionist Challenge

Kathy Bufton

This has been a remarkable experience. The exercise on values was so helpful. Studying impressionist paintings by master artists has been a fantastic learning experience in style and techniques. Painting water and snow in this style was a challenge, but I have new techniques now to apply to other paintings. So glad I’m a member of LTPA and will continue to learn. Thanks, Rod Moore!!!

Learned So Much

Connie Davis

Rod is a fabulous teacher. Love how he challenges you to do things you might be out of your comfort zone but if you follow the process you will be happy with the outcome.

So Much Joy And a Sense Of Accomplishment

Pauline Evans

Paint the impressionists challenge is my third with the Learn to Paint academy. I have thoroughly enjoyed painting my renditions of the three artworks chosen. Under Rods expert tuition and encouragement I have produced 3 paintings I am proud of. The academy is a fantastic environment in which to gain confidence which is largely down to Rods clear supportive tuition, easy affable manner and the outstanding online community. I became a lifetime member after my first challenge, which is the best thing I have ever done, especially as I get to partake in the rest of the Paint the impressionist studies that Rod will upload into the academy. Thank you Rod, the academy has brought so much joy and sense of accomplishment to my life.

Large Advanced Painting Challenge

James Condley

I enjoyed this challenge very much. Rod, you are an awesome teacher!

Being a more confident artist

Irene Douglas

Since joining Learn To Paint Academy I have thoroughly enjoyed painting, especially landscapes and seascapes. Rod Moore's method of painting has given me confidence and I can now produce some really pleasant paintings that I am not afraid to show to others. I don't regret joining and have developed my painting skills since doing so. It has been money well spent.

Advance Your Artistic Progress with Rod Moore In The Learn to Paint Academy

Mary Spencer

As a self-learner, I could only progress so far with my art. Joining this group has been the best thing I could do to advance my skills. I am very appreciative of the encouragement and support from Rod and other members and recommend the Learn to Paint Academy to all levels of artists.

Found the joy and passion of panting

Ove Wettavik

Not a member of the LTPA yet, but been enjoying Rod Moore’s Unleash the artist within 5 day challenge on Facebook. And I have to say, that I did not expect to find such joy and passion in painting. All this is thanks to Rod’s unique method of teaching. I have learned so much in these few days, and will definitely continue to strive for better skills in painting. Rod’s teachings are laid back and there is a sense of calm to it all, which lets me follow at a pace that I find soothing. Thank you Rod, you are awesome 👏

Great Teaching

Veronica Cooke

Rod is an excellent teacher. I have done a couple of the challenges now and I learnt loads with all of them. I was so impressed that I became a life member and it is so good.

Such a Wonderful Experience

Norah Lynn Bradshaw

This class is very well run. It is informative and all artists in whatever stage they are in can benefit from the Learn to Paint Academy. Rod is so generous with his skill and time. We are so fortunate to learn under him.

I Learned so Much !

Catherine Brunelle

I have thoroughly enjoyed the Kick Start Your Art 2022 challenge!! I did over twenty paintings and value studies this month. It was great to review some basics and learn some new things too! I especially enjoyed the segments where we learned about composition and did the multiple value studies from one photograph. That was exactly what I needed ( and didn't even know I needed!) I have been to some wonderful places that I want to paint. I have the photos but didn't know how to make a good painting out of them. Thank you for clearly teaching how to do that!! I am so excited to start putting these skills you have taught so well, into practice.! Thank you for making this available to us! You have truly blessed me with some much needed instruction!

I Loved The Challenge

Margaret Harvey

This is the third challenge I have participated in, it has been so good during lockdown to immerse myself in this awesome opportunity. I have learned so much, I appreciate the way Rod teaches. Even though I have been painting with pastels for quite awhile, having the confidence to try new media’s, Acyrlics and WMO. I have joined the fundamentals course taking me back to the basics. This have been a wonderful experience that I would encourage artists or would be artists to learn and grow in their art journey

Best Course for the Money

Sandra Segura

I am a Life Member and love your teaching style. Unbelievable that as a Life Member I keep getting all your new courses as part of the Membership. Becoming a Life Member has me painting more and getting frustrated less. Love that you encourage us to “have a go” at it. You challenge us to stretch out from our comfort zone and just do it. With this challenge I painted snow for the fist time with the “Magpie” piece and was quite pleased how I interpreted it. Had many emotions to fight through but in the end I became determined to finish it and finished well! Through your teaching style and repetition of the fundamentals I have become better at putting paint to canvas. Love that when I make mistakes I can hear you saying”not to worry” it is fixable. This challenge and the others I have participated in always teach me new things and teaches me to have a better eye for values, shapes etc. Thanks Rod for your love of teaching and your patience and kindness. Way to go !

Excellent Art Learning Experience!!!


I am a beginner and have only taken 2 warm up exercises and 3 demo painting exercises and learned so much that i joined for a lifetime full membership which i have just started. I am so happy. I highly recommend this Learn To Paint Academy. Rod, the founder and instructor is highly knowledgeable and superior teacher. He breaks down all the exercises into simple steps. Very Impressed with this program.

Rod's Courses Are Great

Rosemary Russell

Rod's courses are great. There are courses for beginner painters up to intermediate painters. He does facebook challenges which is where I discovered Rod and the Learn To Paint Academy.. Even though I didn't finish the challenge because of work and family I became a life member through the challenge and as much as I would like to paint every day the last year has been really tough so just haven't had the time. Because I am a life member I can go back to the learn to paint academy whenever I can which is really great for me, There are over 50 different courses so there is plenty of variety for everyone. I have tried several other online courses but found the Learn to Paint Academy and Rod to be one of the best and well worth the investment especially the Life Membership.

A Big Thank You.

Pina Bove

As a beginner what l have achieved with the challenge was beyond my expectation. As a member l am still learning & going through the lessons but doing the challenge made me realise l can paint! Thank you Rod for making it enjoyable.

What A joy


What a joy it was to be part of and involved in the "Unleash The Artist Within #2 challange " with Rod Moore at the helm. ROD'S down to earth maner is so easy to be around and learn from. RODs generosity to impart his weath of experience, knowledge, techniques and pearls of wisdom is amazing. I enjoyed the learning and the participation in a group with like minded artists all learning together, sharing and experimenting very much. I am proud to say I am a life member of the Rod Moore Painting Academy and happy to say I have the Rod Moore method of painting as a string to my bow and look forward to many "Moore" lessons studying online with Rod in the online painting academy for the rest of my life. Thanks Rod. Kerilyn Schaller.


Cheryl mahon howard

I have done challenges in the past but this was the best. Besides painting instruction there was also advise on all the elements required to create a great painting it gave me the courage to keep going and left me wanting more ,thanks Rod for your prowess in giving us a great challenge. Loved it.

Joining Was The Best Thing I Have Ever Done

Annette Mayman

I have just finished my second challenge and enjoyed it immensely. Rods way of teaching is very laid back and he is also very encouraging making me believe in my self. I joined as a life member after the first challenge and think It was the best thing I have ever done. I have paid out a lot of money for online art courses but none of them are as informative as LTPA. I have been following Rod off and on for a few years now and have watched him grow into the fine artist he is now.

My Challenge

Beverley Adamson

On a whim and because it was free I signed up for Australian Artist Rod Moores *Paint the Impressionists.*. Best thing I did. It was indeed a challenge but under the tutelage Of Rod proved an exciting, week and half of learning so much and giving me so much confidence. I had become bogged down withmy artwork and needed a stimulus. Well this has lickstarted me into action. Even with an injured arm I can't resist the urge to paint in the new way shared by Rod. Believe me, he's good but as a teacher he is the very, very best there is. So please, take onthe challenge. You won't look back.

Painting Pleasure

Mary Tattersall

I have only started to paint since May 2021. I found Rod's classes and started with the fundamentals. Clear, concise and engaging teaching of the Basics, just what l needed. Then I enrolled in my first Challenge. Rod's authentic teaching style, the encouraging group of painters was inspiring. My only regret is not starting earlier. I have become a Life Member!

A dream come true

Pauline Evans

I came across the academy on facebook and decided to take the 5 day course. I very much enjoyed it and for my birthday in June 2020 I decided to become a life member. Having retired due to illhealth I finally had the ti.me to leatn how to paint. Rod is a fantastic and talented teacher, very engaging and a lovely way with everyone. Its been a joy to be part of an online academy and I really look forward to the live sessions despite it being really late here on the UK. The courses I have taken so far have been really good and I have really enjoyed the masters analysis and also learning how Rod became a teacher and artist. Ive also learnt a lot from other more experienced art academy members. I have set up my own art space since joining and really look forward to doing more courses and following the live sessions. Thank you so much, it has become a dream come true to learn from such a lovely friendly man, a great artist and teacher.

Loved The Lessons

Jacqueline Marx

Loved the lessons . Rod speaks so you can understand. what you need to focus on. I have studied with several teachers and I get a clear idea with Rod. Thank you Rod for helping folks get better at painting. .

Painting Challenge

Sharon langlands

I really loved this challenge looked forward to it everyday even sat up as it was midnight my time and done a painting till quartervthree felt my eyes going went to bed could not wait to start again next day

The Most Practical Method To Learning to Paint

Charles Cutts

The Moore Method of Learning to Paint is the most practical approach for anyone wanting to become a proficient artist. Rod's laid-back style of teaching and demonstrating is easily assimilated and makes the student feel confident they can succeed. From taking Rod's Free Beginners painting Course, he offers various courses to further improve one's skills, and, together with the Free Challenges and practice, it is possible for any diligent student to become a proficient artist,

An Inspiring Teacher

Janet C Hoke

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from one of the best artists who has simplified the whole process with very explicit lessons. Whenever I see a beautiful scene, I think how I could apply the Moore Method of Painting to that photo. I signed up to be a life member when the USA was in lockdown. There are so many lessons, it will be impossible to do them all in a lifetime, but I plan to try. The two challenges I participated in were so informative and I loved the support and encouragement everyone in the group gave to each other. I can just say it was a blast. Thanks, Rod, and best of health in the future.

Never Painted In An Impressionist Style Before

Josie Castillo

A big thank you to Rod Moore for sharing his knowledge on impressionist painting. It was fun and really challenging for someone who has never painted in an impressionist style before, So much to learn with the many tips Rod shared throughout the sessions.

Paint the Impressionists

Bonnie Diener

The Rod Moore method of painting is very helpful in getting a painting down on the canvas accurately, with painting the big shapes first and measuring for proper perspective. I use this method now with all of my paintings.

So Grateful

Wanda Kimura

I really struggled and didn’t even know that I didn’t understand. Found the LTPA totally by accident and on a whim, I gave the 5 day challenge a try. It’s been the best experience and I’m so grateful to be a lifetime participant. Rod Moore is a great teacher and explains the fundamentals in clear and easy to grasp terms. He is encouraging as are the community of participants. I encourage anyone who thinks they’d like to try their hand at painting to do it. Thank you Rod... THANK YOU!

Art lover

Chander Prabha Lal

Doing art challenges with Rod have been life changing experiences. A great teacher & great interactive ambience is very encouraging. Learnt and improved so much. My block has been lifted & spirit to paint has touched heights. Can’t thank Rod & Learn to Paint Academy to direct me on a creative path. Would recommend anyone who wishes to embark on art journey.

Unleash The Artist Within!

Cecile Huneault

I am glad to have participated in this journey, I learned new methods and different approach in creating a work of art. Of course Rod make it easy to follow his instructions and method of mixing and applying paint. I am sad it ended but this not the end, I will be subscribing for The Learn To Paint Academy, I feel I still have lots more to learn and this is the place to be.

Happy new Life Member

Dawn Ferguson

I first discovered The Moore Method of painting when I stumbled across a free challenge on Facebook. I surprised myself completely with the results of my first landscape painting under Rods easy tutoring. I became came a member of the Learn To Paint Academy in a limited capacity, to see how it went. Well I'm now a very happy life member. Rods simplified method, easy going , relatable style of tutoring and generosity, made joining no brainer. I've learnt so much and am looking forward to growing and developing my skill more as I continue on. Thanks Rod, I hit the jackpot finding that first challenge. Dawn

Paint The Impressionists Challenge

Ian Bedford

This challenge was a truly delightful experience. Rod's teaching method, professionalism and humour encouraged all of us to produce many outstanding paintings over the fortnight. There was a lovely feeling of enthusiasm, mutual support, and encouragement in the entire group. I will miss them all- what a buzz!

Rod Moore Is A Wonderful Teacher

Wanda Kimura

Sometimes you know instinctively that you’ve done the right thing. Joining the LTPA and participating in the Impressionist challenge are those times for me. Rod Moore is a wonderful teacher that can communicate concepts that can be hard to grasp in the beginning. He has helped me on my journey and in the process helped me find more confidence. I feel I’ve found a place with others who share this interest and curiosity. I look forward to future creative adventures in the LTPA. Thank you Rod!!!

Inspiration, Value for all Artists

Mary Tattersall

Having now completed 2 challenges, I can attest to the value that an aspiring artist will gain from Rod's course. He is an authentic teacher, who communicates key ideas clearly, concisely and with passion. His interest in conveying and deconstructing the principles of painting has been key to making improvements in my painting. It is absolutely the best, most enjoyable investment that I have made. You will not regret! The resources are abundant, timely and easy to access.

A Clear, Informative, Engaging, Course!

Sharon Andersen

I took the course and am thankful for the Moore Method, clear and well-paced instruction. I appreciated the breadth of opportunities to familiarize myself with different brushes, scenes, and the step-by-step tutorials on video. Thanks for a great learning opportunity!

Improvement In My Painting

Fiona Lortitch

I have been a member for less than a year, and I have improved greatly since I started. After 10 years of different courses and practice, I still had trouble with my skyes and trees. With Rod's guidance, I can now do a fairly good interpretation of a cloudy sky in a few minutes and my trees are more realistic. And I am still learning, pushing my skills to a new level. For example, I had never painted buildings but now I am able to insert them in my paintings without too much difficulty. I really enjoy the various courses offered and do not regret the investment in the Learn To Paint Academy.

Getting Back To A Passion

Jeannie Houghton

I saw on my FB feed, Paint the Impressionists. After watching the intro by Rod I thought, “Ya, I’d like to try that. It’s free so why not give it a go.” Signed up that day for the free course which was a day after the ‘challenge’ started. Did the first couple lessons on blocking the color values. What a challenge and a great way to learn about values in colors. Had never quite grasped that concept. Still a work in progress…. Also that blocking in the color values helps you establish the different areas of interest in your painting with a good composition, There is A LOT more to learn so I signed up for a lifetime membership to have access to all his videos of teaching and because the community feel of the members is so encouraging. Great folks! Great feed back! Great teacher!

Getting There!!

Johanna Russelle

This is my second 'go at it' and I can feel that my painting is getting a little looser. Still a ways to go but with each session with Rod it becomes a little easier. He is such a fantastic patient teacher and walks you through all the steps. Thankfully access to the videos is available for when you are behind and that has helped tremendously. Keep up the great work Rod! I'll be there for the next one!

Paint the Impressionists


Loved the challenge. I learned so much. I decided to become a life time member so i can continue to kearn.

A Place Where I Could Paint My Heart Out

Linda Sheldon Petak

Living through two years of staying still and having restrictions has been a test of my will and strength to go on. Finding in spring 2021 the first course for learning to paint was a gift from heaven. I can’t say it was easy but I had all the time in the world to learn, learn something new. Rod’s learn to paint method was really a step into a place where I could paint my heart out. Learn new skills and share them across the world!! No pressure no fuss, show up on live feed and if you can’t, you can learn by replay video. How hard was that- for free! Rod is a wonderful instructor. You can start with him at the basics or forge ahead and take a go at whatever is the challenge of the day! Had a great spring and again joined the Paint the impressionists this fall. Became a lifelong member as well. Thank you for making this easy and reasonable. And Free! A one for a trial with no “hooks” . You get back what you put into your paintings! I Loved the 5 weeks of painting entertainment and learning! Linda P… (there are many Lindas we all must like to express ourselves through art!) Be well and paint!

The Rod Moore method

Marilyn Nevills

Thank you so much Rod for sharing your approach and creating an uplifting and educational way to approach art . At the best of times being an artistic creative person can be a solitary endeavor and this pandemic has only increased this. You have reached out to remind us all that what we do and how we do it reminds everyone of the beauty there is to be seen and valued in this world. "Good on you " Rod. with many thanks Marilyn Nevills in Ontario Canada

Educational, Friendly, Generous

Carol Mason

I've love Rod Moore's Learn to Paint Academy. There is so much to learn and Rod Moore is so generous with his methods, his time and his own learning journey. I've done several of his on-line challenges and in early 2022, I joined as a lifetime member. Over the last year, I have really grown as an artist. Thanks, Rod!

Fantastic! Informative! Inspiring!

Roebyne Birtles,

Thank you Rod for actually giving me the belief that I can do this by using your 3 step approach and create a reasonable painting. Refining the number of paints, brushes and breaking the process down is a winner for me. I have become a life member and can't wait to see how far your teaching can take me.

Paint Outside the Box

Peter Norman

This latest inspirational challenge Paint the Impressionists by Rod Moore has led me to study the work of master artists, some of whom were previously unknown to me. The challenge projects underscored the fundamental principles of good painting as taught in the Learn to Paint Academy, but also pushed me to improve my observation skills and to extend out of some of my ingrained painting habits. The journey continues, thank you, Rod.

Painting The Impressionist.

louise Richard-Martin

Rod, thank you. This was my second time participating in the ‘learn to paint academy’ challenge. The first one was very much out of my comfort zone, but finally I was learning the basics of painting with a teacher who knew how to teach. This time around, I knew somewhat, what to expect. ‘Paint the impressionist’ was a challenge but also real treat. It’s a technique I’ve been experimenting with for a year or so. You did not disappoint, it was everything I expected and more. Definitely not easy, but, challenging and rewarding. Both my challenges were during lock downs, so it was a welcomed distraction. I hope that sharing your valuable time and knowledge with artists from around the world also served as a slight distraction to you as you go through this difficult time. I wish you continued success, but most of all, I wish you good health. Thanks again. Louise

Challenge Growth

Laura Hayden

Unleashing the Artist Within helped me gain confidence in being able to apply the Moore Method and put myself into the process. At first, I wasn't sure about each of the challenge pieces but enjoyed the process of learning and the community.

Absolutely Remarkable Teaching

Julio Hoces

Thank you Rod for teaching absolutely remarkable

So encouraged!!!


I feel so encouraged by Rod Moore s method of teaching. I am looking at my world now from a painters perspective. Ie darkest darks, values etc. I can now see the way to start a painting instead of putting into too hard basket. Thanks Rod , am looking forward to starting this journey.

Unleash #2....So Good!

Dawn Ferguson

On Monday I completed the last of the challenges for Unleash the Artist #2, the challenge was so good! 3 warm up paintings before hand, 3 painting during the challenge. All the while, enjoying Rods laid back generous teaching style, and question and answer time. It stretched me, and I loved it. I joined the Learn To Paint Academy during a previous challenge, a seriously good decision. There were so many good things to take away from Unleash #2. One that stays with me was Rods quote, "Say YES to your own potential". Thanks Rod...words to live by.

Kick Start Your Art Challenge

Annie Belanger

Joining this Challenge was the best decision ever to get back into painting with confidence. I needed direction and a clear learning path and Rod provided that with his easy to follow method and demonstrations which helped getting me unstuck. I was eager to paint everyday and have chats with fellow artists from around the world in a supportive community. During the challenge I became a Lifetime Member of LTPA. My gift to myself. So looking forward to explore all those wonderful courses starting with the Fundamentals Program and also the weekly live chats and being part of a great community of artists helping one another. I found my joy of painting again thanks to Rod. Thank you Rod for creating this challenge and paving a clear path for students and for your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

More Growth from Unleash 2

Julie Mello

I can honestly say that I feel that I have grown as an artist during the Unleash the Artist Within Challenge #2. The variety of subjects that we painted throughout the course of the challenge were great... they opened up new areas that I hadn't really considered painting before. It became apparent to me as I looked at my 6 challenge paintings that I have learned so much from Rod and the Learn to Paint Academy over the last few years. Rod's style and methods have resonated with me and helped me so much with my painting, having started as an absolute beginner. I look forward to the next challenge and future LTPA projects!

Love Rod's Teaching Style & Community


Love Rod's teaching style and the lovely community that he has created within LTPA. Rod's challenges sure do stretch and challenge and get the grey matter working! What a learning curve the challenges offer. As a newbie LTPA lifetime member I am just getting to grips with the sheer luxury of being able to pick and choose a course to slot in to a busy work/life schedule.

A inspiring 5 day challenge

Pauline Evans

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 5 day challenge and sad to see it end. The imput from Rod has been amazing, a great imlressionistic artist and fabulous teacher. I have learnt alot and its ignited my passion to move forward and paint, paint and paint again! ts also been wonderful to see everyones version of the same scenes, very inspiring. Thanks for a fabulous week. I would certainly recommend getting a life membership to continue being part of this supportive online community.

Wish I had joined sooner

Lucy Caciopoli

Love these challenges, learning a lot Rod does a great job teaching I really enjoy it. I’ve been a member for a year or more and wish I had joined sooner.


Betsy McCallum

While I did not have my paints with me, I watched the tutorials religiously and have learned so much. Can’t wait to get to my paints when we get back to our winter home ad start painting. Thank you, Rod. It was wonderful.

Paint the Impressionists Challenge

Jennifer Heibloem

I joined the challenge hoping to re-invigorate my desire to paint, having limited desire for landscape painting prior to this. The Paint the Impressionists program was terrific and I found the Moore Method of painting very easy and really challenging all at the same time- good challenging- I mean Rod is a very generous person and I highly recommend his programs.

Unleash The Artist Within

Jacky Cox

'Unleash The Artist Within' has been a great art challenge over the past few days. I have learnt so much and Rod's teaching has encouraged me to push myself outside of my comfort zone in an enjoyable way. It is great to see the wonderful work other people produce and be part of a lovely arty community. Although I have a long way to go I can already see the improvement and love Rod's relaxed and informative style of teaching.

Learning the Easy Way

Wanda Lach

Okay, it wasn't that easy! But, I never thought that I could actually create something that even looked remotely like an artwork. Rod's method is perfect. His style of tuition is friendly, positive and easy to follow. I've even signed up for lifetime membership. The members are supportive too.

Paint the Impressionists

Desley Parsons

I had only just enrolled at Learn to Paint Academy when the “Paint the Impressionists” Challenge was offered. Feeling quite out of my depth as I had not done much painting since high school days ( over 40 years ago! ). I joined the challenge. It was the best thing I could have done. Still out of my depth but I was able to produce some paintings that I was proud of. Many, many thanks to Rod for his easy to follow tutorials, his down to earth Aussie manner and his encouragement to paint famous paintings. It has helped “jumpstart” my efforts and I am truly grateful.

Hands Down The Best!

Toni Sideris

Hands down the best Learn to paint forum in Australia and probably the world, so happy to be apart of it! Rod is truly a fantastic teacher and very inspirational to as well, thank you very much, keep up the awesome work.

Best Course Ever

Sonia Rhind

I joined LTPA late last year, (during covid). I had only dabbled with paint a few times and was not really satisfied with my efforts. Then I came across the 5 day challenge on facebook and thought I might as well have a go. Well, I was so surprised at the result that I joined as a life member straight after that. This is by far the best course for anyone wanting to learn how to paint. The results are amazing, even after a short time. I still have a lot to learn and years of projects are available in the courses that I will never find myself without something to paint. The community is also so supportive and full of tips. I highly recommend the LTPA - if you are thinking of painting - try the free course. If you like it then join - there is so much more as a member. Rod is so patient and so unselfish with his knowledge. He genuinly wants you to learn. You don't come across this kind of teaching very often. Thank you Rod.

Unleash The Artist Within Challenge

Susan Shaw

Rod is a generous teacher and offered an amazing amount of information in a very short and easy to follow set of tutorials. He guides the students through a series of paintings using a simplified approach that makes it easier for a beginner to achieve success. The challenge provided valuable information, and helped me simplify my painting style and understand the importance of identifying light and shadow. I highly recommend the Learn to Paint Academy.

Fun. Interactive. Educational. Did I mention fun?!!


I have participated in two of Rod's online challenges and his relaxed style of instruction is absolutely perfect for beginners and longtime artists as well. You may be challenged at times, but without challenge there will be no advancement! Rod shares so much with his students and answers questions in a way that makes getting over any hurdle so much easier. You will definitely learn something new from Rod with every live video and/or painting you participate in or try. His style - The Moore Method of Painting - is a great technique to apply to your artistic endeavours no matter what level you are at.

Enjoyed The Challenge

Sharon langlands

I would like to thank you so much for the opportunity to join in your challenge I have had a brilliant experience I only learnt to draw and paint after attending a Parkinson’s eight week course learn to draw it was only hour session but loved it and went on to you tube learn some things but what I feel have achieved with your class am totally happy with my painting for learning myself with your help thanks again

Yes I Can!

Linda Kable

I started to paint in May 2022. I looked around for an artist who could teach, it wasn't easy at first. Then I in Facebook a Rod Challenge in August 2022 came up. I didnt really understand the art language then let alone be able to take on a challenge of Rod's. However i did it. I gave it a go and since then ive been hooked. I still need to dig deep on the fundamentals but i am now on the greatest journey and i am enjoying every bit of it. Worth it, for sure!

I Pick Up Little Nuggets That Help Me

Mike Falzone

After searching through many sites for learn to pain, i like Rod's simple approach. Others had complete paintings in an hour, but unless I followed to a T- there was no where to go beyond that. By learning Rod's method, I do feel as I get experience I'll have the courage and ability to tackle any subject matter. The other benefit for me is all the videos and tutorials on the Learn To Paint Academy site. I can learn at my own pace, and every time I watch a video, I pick up little nuggets that help me do things better in a painting. Starting my 5th painting now, and look forward to being able to take a photo and turn it into a piece of art!

Ability To Communicate & Teach

Franz Stockinger



Megan Ellis

H I I joined the learn to paint academy in November 2020 as a life member. At 87 years young and never ever done anything vaguely artistic I am both amazed and delighted with my membership. I have learnt so much in such a short time the courses are very well taught and the site user friendly. . I have spent many hours during lockdown learning to paint ,the whole experience has been a joy and a very good experience.

Enjoyed It So Much

Gail Bicknell Karman

thank you Rod for sharing your love of painting and your knowledge with so many. Being a senior with limited funds, to find a free workshop like you just gave is so great.. I enjoyed it so much and hopefully I learned a few new methods that I can use in my paintings.God Bless.

Never Too Old !

Wendy Sullivan

Thankyou so much Rod - this is the second of your challenges that I've followed along with - wasn't able to paint with this one as I've given all of my paints to Dad who is just starting with Acrylics (coming up to his 90th birthday!!) after being a more traditional oil painter all of his life. My new acrylics and easel are 'in the mail' and I can't wait to start - your teaching style makes me believe I CAN DO IT ! though I'd never painted prior to dabbling in water colour a few years ago, and then acrylics for your first challenge. I have signed up for Life Membership and look forward to many years of learning ahead. On a roll !

Painting the Impressionists

Garry Taylor

LTPA's Rod Moore has compiled tutorials which highlight a number of elements of impressionist art. Colours, mixing, palette harmony and brush work are clearly explained and demonstrated. When combined with valuable support and stages for achieving effective composition and painting techniques, impressionism becomes within the reach of painters of all levels.

Impressionist Painting Challenge

Marg Ryan

What a wonderful painting challenge with the Learn to Paint Academy. It is just what I needed to get me started again after taking the summer off from painting.

Great Experience.

Ellen Gouldstone

Well , once again Rod generously opened up another challenge for us. These challenges are really inspiring and, I believe, that having taken part in all of the challenges I have seen my improvements since I started painting. Not only do we enjoy the challenge of "Just doing it" but there is the open camaraderie of all the other participants. Being able to view other's work and for yourself, receiving encouragements from them, really spurs you on to meet the challenge and so enable yourself to grow and improve in your chosen activity. That, after all, is what we all seek. Thanks to Rod once again for this open invitation to all of us to share the knowledge that you impart in a very relaxed and exceedingly generous manner. As a result of all of the above I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending full membership to the Academy to all who want to have a fulfilling experience.

Rod Is A Very Positive and Encouraging Tutor

Trudy Meijer

Great experience! I hadn’t painted any landscapes since starting portraiture 18 months ago and was rapped to see the Challenge to paint the Impressionists. It was great to go back to landscapes and I really enjoyed Rod’s method of painting using a limited palette and showing how to focus on values, shapes, and composition. I’m a life member and will do more painting and learning. Rod is a very positive and encouraging tutor. ‘Have a go ‘ is his mantra, perfect paintings are not a prerequisite to partaking in all his school offers. Have fun and learn! Thanks so much, Rod!!

The Challenge....

Beatriz Lynch

Excellent motivational painting classes! I've been painting for a long time mostly with oils, changed to acrylics just for the toxic smell for my grandkids. Eventually I would like to go back to oils. Your classes Rod, were excellent for everybody and the way you make people come out of their inside, was great! Even that many people had offer me to buy my paintings, I've never done it, but after listening to you, I'm ready. Thank you for your classes and your encouraging words. All the best, Beatriz

Learn To Paint

Audrey Collins

I had not heard of this course before. I mainly do watercolour flowers. I’d tried oils and acrylics before, just made a mess. Rod’s method looked too easy, was a bit of a skeptic, however I really wanted to learn. With nothing to loose, I got on board. Nervously showed my first painting to my son, who said it was great. Very happy. Rod is a calm soft speaking man who doesn’t rush things and his method is really good. I did my three paintings in a hurry and happy with results. Members of the group are wonderful and will cheer you on too. Now the competition is over I’m looking forward to starting a painting and not rushing it. I used acrylics for the competition. I’m now planning on using acrylics for stages one and two and completing in water mixable oils. Rod is the only teacher I know of using these oils. I have joined as a life member, I love Rod’s work, his teaching is very good, membership is the best value anywhere.

Value for Money

Quentin Bell

I have painted more seriously for 0ver 5 years and have attended a few courses. This was a stand out for giving me valuable information that will improve my painting. Excellent for a total beginner but even better for someone who is struggling to improve. I signed up for the life membership and believe I'm getting oneof the best deals ever!

Unleashing Your Inner Artist Challenge

Judith Van Til

I fully participated in this 2nd challenge. I am excited to use the Moore Method on pictures going forward. I have confidence that I will not be abke to jump right in with a clear idea of the process. Thanks. I am now a Lifetime member.

It Does a Heart Good.

Paula Segnitz

Taking on Rod Moores challenge was the best therapy ever. I am excited to take the next few steps in this journey. If you are curious or feel stuck perhaps this'll be a good place to gain some new momentum. Cheers

Too be an artist.

Valerie campbell

It doesn't matter what subject Rod puts up, there is always something new to learn. The Moore method of painting has given me more freedom in regards to only having 5 colours to mix and match instead of the whole 100 yards of the spectrum to buy. Plus only 3 or 4 brushes to complete the palette. I have learnt heaps from Rod and highly recommend him for beginners and advanced alike. Ty Rod for your simplistic way of creating great paintings.

Great Teaching!!

Lynn Bradshaw

I never thought I could paint in impressionistic style! Thanks to Rod Moore and LTPA, I have been able to! Rods teaching style makes you feel like you can tackle any painting. Thank you so much foe all youvtaught me!!

Phenomenal Course!

Marti Dodge

The Unleash the Artist course, while not quite finished, has changed my life. I have been an artist since childhood but never truly found my own voice. Rod Moore’s method of teaching and his down to earth explanations have opened me to knowing who I am and where my path leads. I have never, ever, felt so at home, instinctually directed, enlivened as I am after participating in the 5 Day challenge!!! Do not ever want to out down my brush or palette knife!

Anyone Can Learn To Paint

Beverly MacDonald

I am a retired 62 year old and always wanted to learn to paint. I went to a couple of paint nights around my city and thought ok this is not bad. I started to look online and found the Learn To Paint Academy. I tried the free course and never looked back! I quickly became a life member. Rod Moore's Method makes painting fun, anyone can learn. With his method and constant support a person can really improve their skills. I highly recomend this to everyone.

When I Discovered Rod Moore and The Moore Method, My Work Took a Dramatic Turn!

Laurie Smith

I have been learning to paint, slowly, watching a hodge podge of videos from various artists. Did I mention “slowly”? When I discovered Rod Moore and the Moore Method, my work took a dramatic turn! After participating in a couple of his challenges (most especially Paint The Impressionists) I have newfound confidence and direction. With Rod’s informative, encouraging teaching style I have accomplished works that I would not have attempted otherwise. The community he has developed around this is an added bonus. It is well worth your time to watch, listen and learn The Moore Method, and then paint the world you see with new eyes!

Unleash the Artist

Kathy McGregor

What a great course! Rod I get allot of knowledge from you and the Moore Method I love the way that you explain things as you go would highly recommend your classes

Good Teacher Great System

Albert Benson

A few yrs ago I had bad riding accident left me with loss of memory and even now I have problems retaining information doing this course with rod has shown me how to simplify the painting process and given me confidence to start painting again after 3 years of struggling his method and teaching style is so relaxed and gives all information necessary to start and expand your knowledge and abilities

Family Affair

wendy webb

When I started this challenge I never thought it would interest/inspire the family apart from my husband, but every day my children text wanting an updated picture of what I am working on and yesterday they commented I quote :getting better with each one, good way to work on technique quickly and not get too worried with everything looking perfect. I told them , how lucky I was to have Rod as a teacher and my eldest is thinking of taken up the brush and even my 7 year old granddaughter want to have a painting day with Nanny . Life is wonderful thank you Rod

The Best Landscape Artist Rod !

Gowri Pathmalingam

Thank you Rod for the amazing opportunity to unleash the artist within. Very much enjoyed every single session. Thanks again for your dedication.

Paint the Impressionists

Janet Ismail

I always enjoy Rod challenges, his method of teaching is easy follow and I learn something new Everytime.

So Much Information To Absorb

Julie Mello

The Unleash The Artist Within Challenge has been so packed with information... I am so glad I am a lifetime member of the Learn To Paint Academy so that I can go back and watch the livestreams again because I am sure I didn't catch everything the first time around! I have really enjoyed both the painting and all of the insights Rod has provided throughout the challenge.

Janet ismail

Love Rod's style of teaching and have learnt so much from him. I enjoy all his challenges

Painting The Impressionists

Jack Lewitz

I really enjoyed learning about the different schools of Impressionism ( Australian Heidelberg school , French Impressionism, Russian Impressionism and USA Impressionism ) then we had the opportunity to watch Rod paint a Streeton, Leviton , and Monet and then we had our own opportunity to do our own paintings and then get critique by our peers . I learned so much about painting , color , composition that I joined as a full time member . Can’t wait to learn more . Thanks Rod !

Simply The Best

Mary Thompson

I totally enjoyed the 'Paint The Impressionist' challenge, and I know I have learned a lot, so I thank you Rod, you are a great Artist, an excellent teacher who gives great encouragement and are so patient and generous with your knowledge of painting, God bless you always.

Easy to Follow And Understand

Anna M

I found Rod to be a fountain of knowledge and very good at communicating and teaching. I am already familiar with a lot of the techniques he teaches and I must say this has helped transformed me from drawing stick figures to producing paintings and drawings that are pretty good - even if I say so myself. I am no longer embarrassed to show someone my work. I love his easy style and the method and techniques he uses. I look forward to when my schedule has cleared and I have a bit more time to invest in my art projects as I will certainly be joining his program.

A Gift

Marianne Crozier

Rod speaks in a way that makes it easy to understand his lessons even if you are a beginner. I learned so much about the importance of values., colour mixing, and that the three primary colours are all you really need. If that wasn’t enough imagine that the way you hold the brush makes a difference to the finish you want to achieve. He knows how to teach!

Great Way to Learn

linda ouellet

Great way to learn! Rod is a great teacher! He make painting easy with simple step. The all group is very supportive ,the challenge are very fun to do!No matter your experience level. I realy recommend Learn to paint academy if your thinking to give painting a try It's the best !

Great Instruction

Janet Ruggles

Rod’s relaxed approach to teach his method covers all the basics, plus much more, in an easy to understand and follow manner, which makes it enjoyable while learning, whether you’re a beginner or more advanced and whether you prefer to paint loose or detailed.

Inspired--the Best Time I've Had Painting

Linda Dreyer

I chose to enroll in the Unleash the Artist Within Challenge #2 because I had watched Rod’s videos previously. He is a down-to-earth teacher who explains everything in a way that keeps my attention. He is not judgmental and makes me feel I can succeed in painting any subject with any type of paint by using the Moore Method of Painting. The days spent painting and participating in the group were so enjoyable--the best time I’ve had painting and participating in any art group. I think the supportive comments of the group members gave me confidence to keep going. If you have the opportunity, join a challenge and then join the Learn to Paint Academy. I came away from this challenge with renewed energy and resolve to try to paint daily.

Another Great Experirnce

MIke falzone

I loved the impressionist paintings, and without Rod never would have tried to paint them. After doing the projects, it gives me the ability and confidence to use the Moore method and try to paint anything.

Inspiration to paint

Merrilyne Humphrey

Enjoyed the 5 day challenge so much it has inspired me to join as a life member. Thanks for all the wonderful tips to make my artist life easier. Have much to learn and looking forward to doing the tutorials and exercises within the Academy. Set for Life.

Absolutely the BEST!

Jerome Robbins

I joined a challenge over a year ago and was really taken by the presentation and teaching style of Rod Moore so joined with a Lifetime Membership immediately. Then life happens and I drifted away. Recently I got a notice regarding the 10 Day Impressionist Challenge so I tuned in. Wow…. Wow…. Wow! I learned so much and grew so much in my painting ability they I am bursting with enthusiasm for Rod and his Method of Painting. I will not be going back to what I was doing before; I am embracing all that Rod has available on the Paint to Learn Academy site. I am so glad I bought the Lifetime Membership and have full access to take advantage of. I highly recommend his program with no reservations!

Impressionist Challenge

Julie Fraser

A fantastic learning experience pushing us out of our comfort zone. With the Moore Method of Painting even beginners were surprised that they too could produce a work of art to be proud of. Thanks Rod for your great teaching skills.

A Beginner's Delight

Yvonne Furse

I am so happy to have discovered Rod Moore and the Learn to Paint Academy site. I have learnt so much, as I'm a beginner and it brings joy to me each time I watch the demonstrations and regular chats between Rod and his audience. I've been a fan for about 6 years, so have seen both Rod and his business grow. Would recommend any beginner to watch, listen and learn.

Kick Start Your Art Challenge

christine gorkowski

So exciting to kick start my painting. I was an absolute beginner and learned so much doing this challenge. The last painting I did in the challenge when I show anyone they ask if I painted it. They thought I was showing them someone elses work Will be saving up to be a life time member.

Finally Learning to Paint

Julie Mello

I’ve always wanted to learn to paint, but never got around to taking a class. I was so happy to find the Learn To Paint Academy because the online format is perfect for me to work at whatever pace I choose. The Moore Method of painting has been easy to learn and creates buildable skills. Rod’s down to earth way of presenting his material is clear, interesting and enjoyable. Thanks Rod for the great courses!

Decided To Become A Life Member

Steve Byrne

I stumbled across this site sometime late 2020 and decided to give it a go. Over the last year I have followed a few challenges and finally decided to become a life member. While I haven’t done a great deal with the membership yet winter is coming and lots of time to stay in the warm and learn. Rod is a relaxed, engaging and humorous teacher and delivers his lessons in a relaxed and fun way. Thanks Rod!!

Can’t Say Enough About Rod

Teresa Carle

I can’t say enough about Learn To Paint Academy and Rod Moore. He breaks down painting into doable steps that are easy to follow and understand. His dedication, kindness, willingness to share his knowledge, and his sense of humor makes the challenge fun and the courses interesting. I especially enjoyed the latest challenge “paint the impressionist”. I am now painting looser and with more emotion and passion than I thought possible. Thank you Rod Moore for your sharing and encouragement.

I Learnt A Lot

Robert Barendregt

I'm a first time participant in Rod's painting challenge and enjoyed his humorous, engaging and informative (think out loud) presentation style. I also learnt a lot.

Paint the Impressionists Challenge

Anne Strambi

Although I have been painting for many years, this challenge pushed me to try new techniques and approaches I had never done before. Rod is a passionate teacher and generously shares all the things he has learned in pursuing his own art career. I felt very supported by his teaching and by the feedback from the other artists. A wonderful experience!

A Great Place to Learn to Paint!!

Heather Haywood

As a result of the painting challenges and as a member of the LTPA I have found : I will try to paint projects I never thought possible. I schedule time for my art and try to really stick to it Not to overwork a section but leave it and see how it works with the rest of the painting. Big improvement in my understanding of values Also I pick up some of my art books and they now are making more sense because I understand the fundamentals that Rod explains so well!! Most importantly I don’t get so discouraged when things don’t go right with my paintings because that is all part of the art journey and by practicing and studying the art techniques I will get there!!! Also the support and encouragement from other LTPA members is so appreciated!!Thanks to all my fellow artists!!! Cheers Heather!!

An Amazing Course

Trevor Corbett

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Rod for an outstanding course. He has kindly shared his amazing skills and knowledge to provide this world-class course for anyone keen in learning and painting like the impressionists. Absolutely brilliant and jam packed full of techniques and knowledge in effective painting practices. I highly recommend this course. Again thank you so much Rod. This course utilising the fundamentals of the Moore painting approach has truly set me on an amazingly creative journey of becoming a world-class professional painter.

Unleash the Artist Challenge 2

Maree Coates

I really enjoyed painting along everyday with Rod during this challenge. He is calming and thoughtful as he presents an easy to follow style. Just what I needed to free my mind from the covid situation and get myself back into my art practice,. I would highly recommend joining the learn to paint academy !

Highly Recommended

Mary Spencer

There’s so much on offer in the Learn To Paint Academy, for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners. The variety of projects suits all tastes and the LTPA community is positive and supportive. Rod Moore takes a personal and hands on approach to his teaching method, which is simplified and practical. I highly recommend the life membership deal.

“If I can, YOU can too!”

Gail Burnes

A surprise gift of an easel, a how-to-draw book and other supplies from my youngest daughter started it all about 3 years ago. I was a newly retired elementary school teacher at the time. I ran out, bought a bunch of paint and some brushes to mess around and then realized I needed help! I saw Rod Moore Learn To Paint Academy in a Google search for artists that offered painting tutorials online. I tried one and was hooked! The method is easy, 3 brushes, 3-4 colors, and 3 steps. I felt great about my first painting and wanted to learn more. My growth from my first few paintings to the present is phenomenal! My confidence has grown tremendously, thanks to Rod’s guidance through LTPA and all of the encouragement I have received from the Learn To Paint community. There is no one else out there like the LTPA….I’ve already looked. Please understand that I have never had any formal instruction in painting, period! If I can do it, I know you can too! All you have to be willing to do is try! You will love it!

Challenge Review

Janet C Hoke

I have had the wonderful opportunity to participate in both challenges. I like the variety of subjects that we covered all using the Moore method of painting - sketching, blocking, and details. I have learned so much and did join the LTPA back during the lockdown of Covid. I seemed to have had more time then than I do now, but I am anxious to try some of the many courses that are available. Thank you, Rod, for your great teaching style. I hope to visit Australia someday. It is on my bucket list and I will look you up. Cheers!!!

Artistic Journey

Cindy Howe

I feel fortunate to have found Rod Moore and the Learn to Paint Academy. Learning to paint can be a frustrating and lengthy process. But Rod has started as a beginner too, and has been able to become a successful artist. He knows how to guide the beginner thru the process. The Academy is full of lessons, critiques, and motivation. New content being added all the time. A lifetime of material... So happy to be a life member!


Kaylene Webster

I am so pleased that I decided to register for this challenge. I have dabbled on and of for many years, however never really taken the time to to really allow myself the to totally enjoy the experience. Rod is a great teacher who makes the process very simple to understand and encourages everyone to give it a go. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to paint everyday from now on, I started slowly as here in Melbourne we have been in lockdown and found myself short of supplies, but plan to try and complete all challenges set as we are out of lockdown today and I can get to the shops to get what I need.. I believe this challenge with Rod has changed my life, THANK YOU

Paint the Impressionists Challenge

Jenny Foreman

Recently I did the Paint the Impressionist challenge with the Learn to Paint Academy with Rod Moore. What an interesting and yes challenging work to do. I would never have considered doing copies of any of the Impressionists in the past, but with Rods guidance, have achieved what I feel happy to call three good paintings. This course has opened my eyes to other ways to paint and I have learnt a lot about past masters of this style..I would therefore, highly recommend Rods courses to anyone, and have. Jenny.. Queensland Australia

A Step Nearer To Becoming An Accomplished Artist!

Pauline Evans

Unleash the artist within #2 has been fantastic! It has built on what I had learnt in Unleash #1. The projects chosen by Rod were varied and challenged me, which is just what I needed to improve. It was fantastic to see everyone’s versions of the same project and their sense of accomplishment in their smiling selfies with their artworks. During the challenge, After seeing some of my artwork, I’ve been approached by an acquaintance to commission a seascape for her sons birthday. I was flattered and a bit apprehensive but the LTPA, Rods fine tutorship and encouragement from the art community has given me the confidence to give it a go! Something I would never have considered before. I joined the LTPA last summer after coming across a free 5 day painting challenge on Facebook. Rod has a tremendous bank of quality courses on offer and as a life time member I have so much to choose from. I also love the live weekly sessions and coffee chats., Rod has a helpful style of teaching, easy friendly manner and I love the little gems he comes out with. I have also loved being part of a wonderful wider art community Rod has built around his great talent as an accomplished artist. I have no hesitation in recommending The Learn to Paint Academy. It’s given me the confidence and drive to chase my dreams and maybe one day call myself an accomplished artist.

Rod Moore Best Instructor

Pamela Stokes

Rod's tuition goes above and beyond what one would expect from an art teacher. He adds humour to an easy going pace, and shows how to apply every step of even complex paintings. I am one who never dreamed I could ever paint a picture I could be proud of, but following his easy steps I have surpassed my expectations!

Paint the Impressionists

Katherine Emery

I was so blessed by this challenge. Rod is an excellent, encouraging teacher with so much to pass on. What a privilege to have had this available. I have learned so much and it has spurred me to greater confidence and to experiment more. Not to mention the great community of artists who were so supportive and encouraging. Highly recommend!

Golden Opportunity

Ellen Gouldstone

What an inspiration Rod is, he has the patience of Job with everyone. I have learnt to be more observant of looking at the photos and endeavouring to interpret them but never fear Rod is there to help. What I find wonderful is his down to earth attitude and his humbleness in telling us of a mistake he might make whilst demonstrating. There is no cover up. This attitude I believe is one of the things that draw people to him and his teachings. This Unleash The Artist Within in such a perfect title and so invokes a challenge to all of us. I thank you for this opportunity and would wholeheartedly recommend The Learn to Paint Academy to everyone.

Fortunate find.

Ellen Gouldstone

I am a 75 year old and was casting about for a new hobby. Never painted before but I was fortunate enough to come across the Learn To Paint Academy. Well, what an inspirational teacher is Rod. His method of teaching is very clear and purposeful. At no time does one feel that what he is teaching is beyond comprehension. He is a very talented artist who takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge with others in a positive and friendly manner. I have leant so much already having only started on this path nine months ago. I highly and unreserved recommend the Learn To Paint Academy and Rod's reaching to one and all.

debbie waddington

I have learnt so many interesting things about painting, materials, artists and style. Every tutorial reinforces the fundamentals of art. Rod teaches in a simple to understand way. Rod is ever so patient with the endless questions on his live recordings, even when I know he has just answered this question earlier or in another program. I love the supportive community, everyone is very encouraging. Feedback is always constructive. I really enjoy the academy.

Learning a Lot

Mike falzone

Thank you Rod and team for a wonderful challenge, it certainly was challenging. The Moore method of painting has certainly made painting easier for someone completely new to painting. I enjoyed the group atmosphere and the feedback of instructors and group members. You certainly delivered, taught us a lot, and convinced me what ever level I am at now, with practice and your lessons, I can learn to paint. Cheers!

Learn To Paint Academy

Pauline Murray-Brooks

This challenge was very well constructed, educational and a pleasure. Rod is a teacher of his passion of art and painting, his enthusiasm is infectious. His encouragement to ‘have a go’ is inclusive of all levels of painters wishing to learn more. The challenge was great and reflects his generosity of time and knowledge. Thank you Rod I learnt a lot, was challenged and thoroughly enjoyed the journey.

The ‘challenge’

Dorinda Sloan

I have loved every minute of this challenge 😄Rod is such an excellent teacher and motivator. I know I have a long road ahead to achieve my goals, but this challenge has shown me a pathway which if I keep practicing I may start to produce the work I’ve always wanted to. I’m a life member and intend to redo many of Rods courses. thanks so much Rod.

Three Cheers to You, Rod !!


“Unleash The Artist Within – 5 Day Challenge” was very challenging but also very rewarding. It was wonderful to see different fellow artists from around the world - get encouragement from their comments and see all their different renditions. It was also a much needed refresher course for me. It is amazing how you managed to organize and follow-up such a large group all living in different time zones of the world - three cheers to you, Rod !! Thanks & Wishing you All the Best !!

Paint the Impressionists Challange

Chander Lal

Joining this challange at Learn to Paint Academy was one of the best decisions. It was so invigorating & enjoyable. So educative & rewarding. Special thanks to Rod, you made the art of impressionissts so simple & doable. Your Moore method of painting is the best. This challange awakened the realism artist in me after a comatose (10) years. Loved every moment. Thank u so much Rod for your guidance & encouragement. Met lovely people in the group around the world. Would love to do more challenges. Cheers,,,,

Finally Motivated

Sue Bosecker

Doing the Challenge with Rod has finally motivated me and given me belief in myself that I can be an accumplished artist. His instruction was very clear and concise but I think what helped me the most was his motivational attitude. He gives you the feeling that you have it within yourself to succeed. Sharing his own journey was inspirational. Thank you again!!

Thank you!

Nancy Owens

I really enjoyed the challenge! Thank you so much for your instruction. I am still working my way through the Fundamental workshop. . I am enjoying the classes and learning more each class!!

Advanced Large Painting Challenge

Jacqueline Cox

I have just completed another of Rod’s challenges and once again learnt so much. Being used to painting on 8 x10 canvas board, this one, at 16 x 20 inch was very different. From mixing enough paint to making sure there was enough detail, Rod took us through each stage with his usual excellently executed methodology. So much fun with a great group of like minded people.

Restrained Values.

Gary Yeomans

Part of the workshop involved the recommendation of a book which I read while doing the challenge. The challenge staring with Streeton made me concentrate of value. It kind of dawned on me as I was doing the challenge paintings, and reading " the Painterly Approach" that paintings were more effective if you stuck to about four values. Something interesting was in very distant verticals like trees you use the same vale for the light side and the cool side just different temperatures.. All through the challenge things just kept dropping into place, hard to describe really. It was mostly an aha so that's it week. There were some challenging paintings, my Monet's Magpie looked frightful at block in, but it came good. I had a golden week in my studio. I was taking a week off from producing paintings to sell. and I was going to make the most of it and I did. I was very pleased with my work in the workshop and I feel I have made an improvement as a painter. Great experience, well run, great content, it's not called a challenge for nothing. Cheers Gary Yeomans Art

What I Love About The Learn To Paint Academy.

Dianne Dyer

Thank you very much Rod for sharing your great knowledge, and experience. I joined as a life member last September it’s the best thing I have done for myself and my painting has improved a great deal. I’m self taught, and I’ve been painting on and off for 25 years. I love the way I can sit and watch Rod doing his live demonstrations and as I’m quite slow I’m able to watch the videos of all the different ones that have been previously recorded. I highly recommend joining The Learn To Paint Academy, you will love interacting with the lovely people in the academy.