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(Online Art Classes at the Learn To Paint Academy)

When it comes to learning to paint one of the best ways to do so is via online art classes.

Many beginner to intermediate level artists are improving their painting skills with online art courses which they can take in their own time over as long a period of time as they like. It makes sense to learn how to paint online as the cost of attending physical workshops and classes can be prohibitive, not to mention the time involved.

Online Art Classes provide a great option for you to save money, learn from the comfort of home, and enjoy your painting as you learn new skills.

Here at the Learn To Paint Academy, we specialise in helping beginner to intermediate level artists improve their paintings through our comprehensive learning platform. Inside you will find 60+ painting courses that you can take.

Online Art Classes At The Learn To Paint Academy

With more than 60 painting courses available, you will never run out of ideas on what to paint next.

As you progress through the various courses you will be acquiring the key knowledge you need to take your painting skills to a much higher level as many of our members have done.

Here is just a small sample of some of the courses available:

Moore Method of Painting Introduction

This is our introductory course that helps you to simplify the whole painting process right down to just 3 colors, 3 brushes, and 3 steps. When you go through this course you will start to understand the process you need to master to create great looking paintings.

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Acrylic Painting Introduction

Our Acrylic Painting Introduction course is a best selling online course for acrylic paint. You will learn all of the basics of painting with acrylics and how to use them to best effect. This online course is a great way to get started painting with acrylics

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Oil Painting Introduction

In this comprehensive oil painting online course you will learn everything about oil paints and how to get started painting with them. This course goes into great detail about the best approach to painting with oils so that you can learn to master this medium in no time.

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Gouache Painting Introduction

Gouache is a fantastic medium to learn to paint in and one of our all time favourites. In this online art course all about Gouache you will discover how to use this medium in the most effective way so that you start to produce terrific looking paintings. Gouache is ideal for painting on paper and in your sketchbook.

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Colour Mixing Course

One of the hardest things to learn for new artists is Colour and Colour Mixing. In this comprehensive online art class all about Color you will learn all you need to know. Once you master Color and Colour Mixing in this course it will transform your painting into the future.

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Composition & Design Course

For those struggling to produce professional looking paintings it is often a problem with composition and design. In this online art class on Composition & Design you will gain new insight into what makes a painting work, and how to hold the viewers attention within your painting. Master this skill and you will start to produce far improved paintings.

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Values Course

Values are the key to creating a sense of depth, atmosphere and volume in a painting. It is also one of the hardest things for new artists to learn. When you do though your paintings will come alive and your landscape paintings will start to feel like they have depth and atmosphere in them.

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Brushes & Brushwork Course

How you apply paint to the painting surface is critical. So knowing all about brushes and how to use them to best effect is an absolute must for artists.

This comprehensive course on brushes and brushwork shows you all you need to know about the different types of brushes and how to make different marks with them.

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Unleash The Artist Within 1 & 2

Unleash The Artists Within 1 & 2 were full length painting challenges conducted live with hundreds of students around the world. The idea was to help you really tap into your inner artist and spend less time thinking about painting and more time feeling it. The results from our students from the challenge were incredible. You will want to tkae this course.

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Paint The Impressionists 1 & 2

Everyone loves the Impressionist painters who we know as the great master artists. People like Monet, Sisley, Streeton and more. But how did they achieve such amazing paintings that are still held in the highest regard today? In these two comprehensive challenges we break down some of the great Impressionist paintings of history and see if we can’t create our own version of them. You will love Paint The Impressionists 1 & 2

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Painting Projects Of Brian Cook

One of Rod’s mentors who really helped him develop his style was a master artist from Yorkshire Brian Cook. Rod attended a number of Brian’s workshops and was working with Brian in preparation to film Brian teaching 4 new painting projects. Unfortunately, Brian passed away before filming began. In this course Rod teaches the four paintings from Brian using his knowledge of Brian’s techniques.

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Masters Analysis

In the Learn To Paint Academy we are big on studying and learning from the master artists that have gone before us. One of our students favourite parts of the Learn To Paint Academy then is the Masters Analysis program were Rod does in depth analysis of the art and styles of past master artists.

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Drawing For Beginners

You don’t need to be a great drawer to get started painting. Basic drawing skills though will help you as you progress and develop your painting skills. In this course you will be guided to do a series of basic drawing exercises to help start to train your hand eye co-ordination which leads to better drawing in the long run.

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The courses listed above are full length courses designed to teach you what you need to know to improve your painting today.

Are our courses effective? Check out what our members have to say:

The results speak for themselves.

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One thing is certain … in a year’s time, you could have made significant progress on your art journey.

Imagine how good it will feel when you are creating paintings you are really proud of all because you decided to say yes and start taking online art classes.