Learn To Paint Courses


At the Learn To Paint Academy we have a range of painting courses in acrylic, watercolor and oils.

Here is a selection of our more popular courses:

Acrylic Painting Introduction

Acrylics are a fabulous versatile paint which is ideal for beginners to start their painting journey with. In this comprehensive course we walk you through the basics of acrylic painting and the Moore Method of Painting. There are three complete painting demonstrations for you to try.

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Oil Painting Introduction

Oils is the medium of choice for many professional artists and old masters alike. Yet for beginners it does pose its challenges. In this 9 hour plus course you will learn everything you need to know to get started with painting in oils. We paint a number of full length projects in the course.

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Watercolor Painting Introduction

Watercolor is fabulous to paint with. It’s portable to carry around, easy to use and a breeze to clean up. In order to learn to paint well with watercolor there are a few key characteristics you need to learn. In this introductory course we go through the fundamentals that will enable to you learn this great medium.

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Colour Mixing Course

One of the most important skills for the artist is knowing how to mix paint. Most beginners complain about the problem of mixing muddy colours. In this comprehensive course you learn everything you need to know about colour to greatly improve your painting.

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Get Started Painting Course

One of the most popular courses we have developed is the Get Started Painting course. As the name suggests it covers of on a lot of the basics of good painting. You need to learn the fundamentals of good painting first before you can develop your skills. This course covers those for you.

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The above is just a small sample of the courses we have available. You can access all of our courses here

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