Yes You Can Absolutely Learn How To Paint

Hundreds of students have learnt to paint through our one day workshops and more than 70,000 through our online courses.

So we can say with great confidence that you can learn to paint. All you need is to learn some basic knowledge and a little bit of practice and you will be on your way to doing great paintings in no time.

For many beginner artists it can be frustrating trying to learn how to paint.

Our founder Rod Moore went through this frustration when he first started trying to paint. After going to countless workshops with great artists (who were not necessarily great teachers), Rod felt there had to be a better way to teach painting.

After observing hundreds of hours of painting instruction via DVD Rod identified an approach to simplify the painting process right down to 3 basic steps, 3 colours and 3 brushes. When he started teaching his students this approach they immediately got better results.

This simplified approach came to be known as the ... 

Moore Method of Painting

With the Moore Method of Painting more than 70,000 people globally have been able to begin their journey in painting.

Every day we get emails and comments from students thanking us for helping them to realise their life long dreams of becoming an artist.

If they can do it then you can do it too. This is your opportunity to start learning to paint with a method that has been proven to work around the world with students who are mostly beginners and many of them have not even picked up a brush before.

Ready to get started?

The first thing you will want to do is register for our FREE Learn To Paint Introduction Course

This FREE course will explain the Moore Method of Painting in more detail along with giving you four different painting demonstrations and painting projects for you to have a go at.

From there if you wish to continue your learning with us then you will find plenty more courses and projects at the Learn To Paint Academy

The most important thing to remember about painting is to have fun and enjoy the journey.

The Learn To Paint Academy

Once Rod started teaching the Moore Method of Painting to his students in one day workshops, and seeing the amazing results many of them were achieving, he decided he needed to share it with even more people.

Rod started to film himself teaching painting courses for beginners, and painting projects in oils and acrylics that anyone could have a go at despite their experience level. This led to the birth of the Learn To Paint Academy.

Today the Learn To Paint Academy features more than 25 full length painting courses and more than 150 painting projects all designed for beginners to get started learning to paint.

The audience has gone global with students enrolled from all areas of the globe.

The Learn To Paint Academy has now grown to such a point that Rod is now working with other artists to help them develop painting courses and projects to make available on the platform to expand the teaching beyond just Rod's efforts.

To find out more about Rod - Click Here