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The Key To success with learning to paint is SIMPLIFICATION!

Back in 2006 I was working in a small business consultancy in Elsternwick, Victoria. It was a Friday morning when I arrived at work at 8am.

The first thing I did was go to make coffee. Problem ... I broke my favourite coffee mug. So I headed downstairs to the $2 shop to buy a new one.

As I picked up a coffee mug and turned around I found myself in the art supplies section of the store. My heart skipped a beat and I thought to myself 'I would love to be able to paint a great looking painting' as I looked at all the colours and brushes.

A voice in my head said 'BUY EVERYTHING' ... so I did. Excitedly I filled a basket full of colours, canvases and brushes.

That weekend I set up in the backyard and did my first ever painting which you can see above.

While it wasn't bad it also was not that good and I realised I had no real idea what I was doing. There must be something more to learning to paint than just the colours and brushes. That I needed to study and gain knowledge and learn more ... then practise what I had learned.

The Most Frustrating Period Of My Life Learning How To Paint

The next few years were the most frustrating of my life as I tried to learn how to paint.

I attend countless workshops and art classes but did not feel like I was making any progress. I quickly discovered that a lot of really good artists do not know how to teach their process. Largely because in order to become a really good artist you need to learn the basic skills and then turn them over to your unconscious mind.

In one of the workshops I attended with a world famous artist I was told in front of the class "Don't give up your day job there is not much hope for you as an artist!"

Not the kind of encouragement I was looking for :(

After a few frustrating years I started thinking there has got to be a better way to learn to paint! I don't know if you have ever felt that sort of frustration or not but if you have then rest assured there is an easier way to learn to paint.

Too Many Colours & Brushes

I decided to go back to my earlier studies of human behaviour and how we go about learning any thing.

And I quickly realised where I was going wrong.

The Problem Was I Hadn't Taken The Time To Learn
& Then Master The Basics of Painting

I had come home with 43 different colours of tube but I hadn't learned how to do basic colour mixing. I had brushes to paint everything you can imagine but didn't have the basic skill of using the one brush to make a variety of different marks.


I reduced my palette down to just three colours ... Blue, Red & Yellow.

And I got rid of most of my brushes and just kept the larger flat brushes.

And I watched hundreds of hours of DVD of world class artists with the sound off looking for patterns in what they all did to create a painting. It didn't take long before I realised that practically all of them had three stages of their painting. 

So I focused on using these three steps.

3 Steps, 3 Colours & 3 Brushes ... could it really be that simple I wondered.

As you can see in the photo above, simplifying the painting process right down to 3 steps, 3 colours and 3 brushes makes it easier for you to learn how to paint.

I started teaching this simplified painting approach to others and they quickly got the same terrific results that I did.

That's when ...

The Moore Method of Painting Was Born!

The more I started to teach what became known as The Moore Method of Painting to others the better the results became.

Students would come to the one day workshops never having picked up a brush before in their lives, and at the end of the day they would go home with a finished painting they were proud of. They would report back saying how much their family and friends loved it.

Some students broke down in tears in the class because they had finally realised their dream of learning to paint.

Over the next few years I taught hundreds of students in one day art workshops how to paint with the Moore Method of Painting. 

Lots of them had never picked up a brush before. Many had been painting but had hit a roadblock and become frustrated with their progress.

They all achieved much better results with the Moore Method of Painting than what they were able to achieve without it. 

For the last five years I have been building the Learn To Paint Academy as an online platform where students from around the world gather to learn to paint with the Moore Method of Painting online. 

More than 95,000 students have since been through one of our courses at the Learn To Paint Academy. Practically every day now I receive emails, private message, social media comments and more thanking me for helping them to realise their dream of painting.

The Three Steps of The Moore Method of Painting!

When you learn the Moore Method of Painting and start to use it you will find out just how important having a working process for developing your paintings is.

Most beginner to intermediate artists don't have a working process. So each new painting they are starting from scratch.

With the Moore Method of Painting you are going to learn a well thought out approach to starting a painting, developing it through its various stages, and then bringing it to life with the finishing touches.

This approach gives you a framework that as you practice it, gets easier over time as your paintings improve.

Yes You Can Learn To Paint

Imagine for a moment that you have learned to paint with the Moore Method of Painting and you are now painting a much higher level than you thought possible.

How good does it feel when you do paintings that are good enough to frame and hang on the wall or enter into the local art show?

So far hundreds of students have been through one day workshops, and more than 35,000 online and learn to paint with the Moore Method of Painting.

If they can do it so can you.

Natural talent for art or painting is a myth. 

The truth is the way every good artist learns to paint is the same way a concert pianist learns to play at an elite level.

First you need to acquire the knowledge and skills, then you need to practice consistently. The knowledge and skills you need are the basics. Things like:

  • Composition and Design
  • Colour & Colour Mixing
  • Values
  • Colour Temperature & Saturation
  • Brush Technique
  • Where To Start A Painting
  • How To Develop Your Painting With Blocking In Colour
  • Bringing a Painting To A Conclusion
  • How To Analyse your Painting To Learn From It

That is just some of what you will learn when you decide to start studying with the Moore Method of Painting.

Because of the amazing results we have been able to help our students achieve I am on a mission today to spread the magic of painting around the world to a million plus people.

Now its your turn.

There is a reason why you are here today!

You didn't end up on this page by accident. 

I truly believe we can help you achieve your goals with your painting when you join us in the Learn To Paint Academy. There is lots to learn and the key is to enjoy yourself and have fun on the journey.

Happy Painting!


Rod Moore

Contemporary Landscape Artist

Founder of the Learn To Paint Academy

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