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Welcome to the Learn To Paint Academy.

Great to have you join us, especially if you are just starting on your journey of learning to paint.

At the Learn To Paint Academy, we specialise in helping beginners get started the right way. And our approach also helps those who have been painting but have become stuck, and are failing to make progress.

To date, more than 95,000 students have learned to paint through the Learn To Paint Academy online courses, live streams, eBooks, and other resources. And our founder Rod has personally taught hundreds of students in workshops.

We know that the methodology taught at the Learn To Paint Academy works for both beginners just starting on their painting journey, and experienced artists looking to make more progress.

Take a look at the results our students have been getting:

How is it that our students get such great results?

Introducing The Moore Method of Painting

The Moore Method of Painting was developed by Rod to improve his own painting when he was struggling to get the results he wanted.

He realised he had overcomplicated the painting process with way too many tubes of colour, brushes, mediums, surfaces, gadgets, and more. Even worse he had no idea what to do first, second, or third as far as the painting process was concerned.

Once he simplified everything down to 3 colours, 3 brushes, and 3 main painting steps everything improved for him

His painting went improved dramatically:

From This
To This

Rod then went on to teach this simplified approach in workshops and his students also made huge improvements in their work:

Many of the students in workshops had never picked up a brush before, but with the Moore Method of Painting, they were able to walk away from workshops with completed paintings.

This led to the creation of the Learn To Paint Academy.

In less than a decade more than 95,000 students from around the globe have been through our courses and programs to great effect. Inside the member’s area, you will find access to more than 60+ full length painting courses, 150+ painting projects and so much more.

Everything within the Learn To Paint Academy is designed to get you from beginner to accomplished artist.

Ready To Get Started?

If you are ready to get started painting, or to improve your painting then you will want to follow these three steps:

Step 1 – Read The Free eBook

The first step is to request a copy of the FREE ebook “Keys To Improve Your Painting”.

In the eBook, you will find a step by step demonstration of the Moore Method of Painting in action. Plus you will also receive a bonus 5 part video series on learning to paint.

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Step 2 – Get The Knowledge You Need

In order to get started painting, or improve your painting, you need to study the basics of good painting.

You can learn how to use the Moore Method of Painting to improve your results and the Fundamentals of Painting with a little study.

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Step 3 – Connect With Global Community

One of the most important aspects of the Learn To Paint Academy is our global community of inspired artists.

We are all on our own unique art journey but its a lot more fun with like-minded friends from around the world.

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Start with these three steps above and you will be well and truly on your way to learning to paint.