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Moore Method of Painting


The Moore Method of Painting has been developed to help the absolute beginner to get started painting.

Developed by well known Contemporary Impressionist Rod Moore, the method is designed to simplify the process of learning to paint right down. Having taught hundreds of students in one day workshops and thousands globally online he noticed that most beginners over complicated the process of learning to paint.

Too many colours!

Too many brushes!

Too many techniques!

Too many steps!

Rod had experienced this in his own journey of learning to paint. He often recalls the story of how he went into a $2 shop to buy a coffee mug and found himself in the art supplies section. A voice in his head told him to BUY EVERYTHING … which he did.

The problem with that is it over complicates the process of first learning the fundamentals of painting … the feel of a brush in your hand, the process of mixing paint, making marks on the canvas.

The Moore Method of Painting simplifies everything right down.

Three Colours!

Three Brushes!

Three Steps!

Using a simpler starting point anyone can learn to paint. As you grow and develop as an artist you can start to add more complexity … but make sure you master the fundamentals first.

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To date more than 70,000 students around the world have learnt to paint using the Moore Method of Painting, and hundreds through our one day workshops.

In addition we have taught other artists to become Moore Certified Instructors so they too can start teaching the method to students around the world. To date there are other art teachers teaching the Moore Method of Painting in Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Ireland, Saudi Arabia and more.

The Moore Method of Painting works for beginners because it simplifies the process right down to the basic fundamentals you need to know to start your journey as an artist.