Sketchbook Workshop Details

In order to prepare for our coming 3 day Sketchbook workshop I have put together the following details for you.

This workshop is all about doing small sketchbook studies that can then be used back in the studio for larger paintings. As such you can use any of the following mediums:

- Grey lead pencils
- Gouache
- Ink & Wash (Watercolours)
- Watercolour
- Any other sketchbook medium

Here is a list of recommend items to bring with you:

- Backpack
- Small fold up camping stool to sit on
- Water
- Hat
- Sunscreen lotion
- Appropriate clothing (It can get hot so dress appropriately. We will also be walking to the beach etc)
- Several different size sketchbooks
- Watercolour paper or Paper Pads
- Small lightweight easel or drawing board
- Artists tape or masking tape
- Container for water
- Brushes set
- Palette with paints
- Water spray bottle
- Paper towel
- Rubbish Bags
- Camera

I will paint mostly in Gouache for small sketches but you can choose any medium suited to sketching.

The colours I will be using are:

- Ultramarine Blue
- Cerulean Blue
- Cadmium Red
- Alizarin Crimson or Magenta
- Yellow Ochre
- Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow
- Pthalo Green or Viridian
- Titanium White

The easel I have with the backpack can be sourced from this website -
Note - They are USA based so allow plenty of time to order

If you have any questions at all please contact our Support Desk -