Every week we publish a new episode of Learn To Paint TV.

Each episode of Learn To Paint TV shows you step by step how to create the painting project for that episode. We do a variety of different subjects like seascapes, landscapes, floral, interiors, abstract, boats, fishing villages, still life and more.

And in each episode you will learn the fundamentals of how to learn to paint using the Moore Method of Painting. The projects are simple enough for beginners, yet with enough new learning and skills for the intermediate artist.

You can watch the weekly TV format episodes here – Click Here For Learn To Paint TV

The free version at the website above is usually 25 – 30 minutes in length and is edited down to fit a TV format. Each painting project however usually takes an hour to two hours to complete.

Each week the full length version of the painting project is available to our full members of the Learn To Paint Academy. You can join and access the more than 75+ episodes and the 20+ painting courses for just $1.

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