2020 Learn To Paint Academy Student Exhibition

15th March - 31st March 2020

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Artist: Darlene Morris
Country: United States of America

Website: www.artstopsouth.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/artstopsouth/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/artstopsouth/

Artist Bio: My love of art began in high school, but I didn't dive in until the 1980's, when I was fortunate enough to find an excellent teacher. Trained in fine arts, specifically traditional oil painting, I did many master studies which taught me how complex making good art can be, and an immense respect for those who are gifted at creating it. As it happens, after an extended illness, my Mother actually passed away in my art studio.  It took more than a decade for me to put that memory behind me and pick up painting again. When I started back painting, I needed to use materials that were more user friendly due to health issues, so I began using acrylics. Between being away so long and now using a completely different medium, I felt as if I was starting from scratch. I quickly realized I needed a mentor to help me get back in the swing of it all, and that is when, thankfully, I discovered Rod Moore. I feel very blessed to be at a place in life where I can make art my full time interest, and devote myself to improving my skills with each painting.

From a viewers perspective , my philosophy is I believe art is not just about good technique. If it doesn't speak to you, or pull you in, and make you feel something...move on. It can be a masterpiece but you just don't connect with it. Or it can be a simple brushstroke and it stirs your heart. To me, more than brilliant brush strokes or composition, art is what it evokes from you. It is about what you feel when you view it. Does it make you feel, and stir something within you? Does it make you remember fondly? Does it challenge your mind or make you smile?  Does it make you imagine and dream wildly?