3 Day Plein Air Painting Workshop
Materials & Equipment

Great that you are joining us for an upcoming Plein Air Painting Workshop. I look forward to meeting you at the workshop.

‘en Plein Air’ is a french term for being in the open or outdoors. So we will be painting outdoors for this workshop. If it rains we will head to my studio in Noosa as a back up plan.

So a few things you need to do to prepare for the coming workshop:

1/ Watch The Video Overview of Equipment Needed

In this video I walk you through the basic equipment you will need for this workshop.

And watch this video below if you are interested in preparing your own MDF boards for painting on. This is my preferred method when painting outdoors however feel free to use canvas if you prefer:

Prepare Your Own MDF Boards For Painting On

2/ Download the Materials List for The Workshop

The materials you will need for the workshop are in the PDF document below including paints, colours, brushes etc. Click the link to download the PDF document:

Click Here To Download The Materials List

3/ Register For FREE Online Course

If you have not done so already I highly recommend you register for the free online course that we give away at the Learn To Paint Academy. This free course will walk you through the Moore Method of Painting (which is what I will be demonstrating at the workshop), and gives you four different painting projects to try.

It is recommended that you go through the free course and do the painting projects prior to coming to the workshop.

Click Here To Register For The Free Course

If you have questions about the coming workshop then you can contact our Support Desk here – http://www.LearnToPaint.support

I look forward to seeing you in the workshop and enjoying some time painting in the great out doors. See you there 🙂