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Site Overview

If you are new to the Learn To Paint Academy members area then please watch the Site Overview video above as a starting point


Logging In

Watch the above video to learn how to log in to your account

Forgotten Password

If your password is not working or you have forgotten it then please watch this video on how to reset the password


Changing Password

Watch this video to learn how to change your password when you are logged into your member account


Profile Overview

 Watch this video to learn how to update and manage your profile information


Account Settings

Watch this video to learn how to adjust your account settings

Membership Settings

This video explains how to manage your membership settings and payment details


Privacy Settings

Privacy settings allow you to manage what information is displayed and made public


Uploading Photos To Members Site

Watch the above video to learn how to upload your photos and where to upload them to

Courses Overview

In this video we show you how to access your courses and navigate through them to successful completion


Groups Overview

Watch this video to learn how to access Groups, make posts, and upload pictures etc



Watch this video to learn how to get involved with the challenges for members

Click Here For Information on the 5 Day Challenge


Live Stream Overview

Watch this video for an overview of the live streams, the two different types and how they work


Feedback & Critique of Paintings

Due to the large number of emails, comments and requests on social media we are unable to provide detailed feedback on paintings.

Each month we will do 1 to 2 video critiques of members paintings via the Critiques group. You will need to be a full access member to access the group (See membership details below)

You can submit 2 paintings a month for the video critique and Rod will select 4 - 6 paintings for each video. The video critiques will be more detailed and beneficial for all who them.

If you are not a full access member then you can post your paintings and assignments in the All Members group and ask for feedback from members.

Note - We are not able to provide feedback and critiques of paintings via any other format other than what is stated above.


Membership Options

Currently there are three membership options available:

1/ Free Member - As a free member you get to trial the Learn To Paint Academy. You will get access to 3 different courses including the Learn To Paint Introduction course and the Moore Method of Painting. You will also have limited access to the social community via the All Members group, and live streams.

2/ Monthly Member - Monthly membership is like a Netflix account. You pay a small monthly fee to gain full access to the Learn To Paint Academy. Your membership will be automatically billed to your credit card each month on the anniversary date and you may cancel at any time.

3/ Annual Membership - Annual membership is like a Netflix account. You pay a small annual fee to gain full access to the Learn To Paint Academy. Your membership will be automatically billed to your credit card each year on the anniversary date and you may cancel at any time. You save $101 per annum as an annual member.

Note - Full Access members (Monthly, Annual, Life & MCI) have access to 35+ painting courses, 150+ painting projects, access to most of the groups including the Full Members, Critiques, Challenges, Masters Analysis, and Fundamentals Groups. 

To see more details about these membership options and to upgrade to a monthly or annual membership go to:



Cancelling Your Membership

If you are a monthly or annual member and wish to cancel your membership then you may do so at any time.

The only way we accept cancellations is via our Support Desk Ticket System. You will need to raise a ticket and let us know you wish to cancel your membership. Please give a least 48 to 72 hours notice prior to the anniversary date to ensure your membership is cancelled in time if a rebilling is due. Failure to do so may result in you being charged again.

We do not provide refunds on membership fees paid.


Why Are Prices In USD?

A question we get asked often from our Australian customers is why are our prices in USD.

The simple reason is only 8% of our customers are in Australia. That leaves 92% of our customers who are based at various locations around the world. Most of them do not understand how their local currency compares to AUD but they do understand USD as they shop online and purchase things online in USD.

When we had our prices in AUD we were flooded with support questions from customers outside Australia so we made the decision to price in the globally accepted currency of USD.

Can I Work At My Own Pace?

Yes absolutely you can work at your own pace. We understand people have different amounts of time available and therefore we can not all allocated the same amount of time to painting.

In some of our earlier courses they were structured around doing the assignments each week. Do not worry if you can not meet this schedule.

Just work at your own pace and enjoyment level.

What Art Supplies Do I Need?

We try to keep the required art supplies to a minimum to suit everyone's budget. For a general list of art supplies used in the Learn To Paint Academy courses and projects follow this link:

Click Here For A List of Art Supplies

Can I Really Learn To Paint?

Yes you absolutely can learn to paint. It's not easy to become a good painter and it takes learning the basic skills and lots of practice, however if you are dedicated and have a passion for it then you can learn to paint.

Through the Moore Method of Painting we have taught more than 25,000 students currently. Every day we get emails from people who previously had struggled to paint but have now started to make great progress.

It's our core belief that anyone can learn to paint.

Please watch these videos for further explanation:

Video 1 - Introduction to Learning To Paint
Video 2 - Four Stages of Learning To Paint
Video 3 - Secret To Success As A Beginner
Video 4 - The Moore Method of Painting

Copyright Notice

Please be aware of the copyright details as follows:

As a student of Learn To Paint Academy you can paint and sell your version of any of the paintings in lessons from the Learn To Paint Academy that you have access to.

Only MCI's (Moore Certified Instructors) have rights to teach any of our courses and projects. You may not teach any of the courses or projects in any fashion, either for commercial purposes or otherwise,  unless you have completed the Moore Certified Instructor program and received your certification. 

If a painting appears on Rod's personal art Facebook page, social media or on his www.RodMoore.art website but is not on the Learn To Paint Academy, then you are not to copy these works as they are Rod's personal works.

All other properties such as courses, projects, videos, audios, print or downloadable materials and photos are not to be copied, shared or resold either for commercial purposes or otherwise.

If you have any questions regarding this copyright notice then please contact the support team as per above