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"Large Advanced Painting Challenge"
JUNE 12th - 20th 

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The "Start Your Art Journey"  Live Challenge is 100% FREE to take part in. 

You will have access to the recordings via the Facebook Group until the challenge ends and the Facebook Group is closed on 31st March. Once the challenge ends the complete "Start Your Art Journey" program will be available to full access members of the Learn To Paint Academy.

Note - The Opportunity to join with this offer is limited and only available a couple of times each year

Art Supplies

Here are the art supplies you will need for the challenge:


You can use acrylic, oils, water mixable oils or gouache for the challenge. Rod will be using both acrylics for this challenge.
We recommend you get the best quality paints you can afford.

Here is the palette we will use (Bold colours are our standard palette):

* Ultramarine Blue

* Cerulean Blue
* Alizarin Crimson
* Cadmium Red
* Yellow Ochre
* Cadmium Yellow Light or Lemon Yellow
* Pthalo Green or Viridian Green

* Burnt Siena
* Titanium White


You can use which ever brushes you feel comfortable with. Rod uses a minimal amount of brushes:

* 2 x 1" Flat Synthetic Brushes
* 2 x 1/2 or 1/4" Flat Synthetic Brushes
* 1 x Small Rigger or Script Line Brush
* 1 x Medium Palette Knife

Painting Surfaces

Use which ever painting surface you like - Stretched Canvas, Boards (prepared with Gesso), Loose Canvas, Canvas Pads

Size - 16 x 20" or larger (So best to use a Stretched Canvas)

Rod will be painting on a 100cm x 70cm canvas

We will doing just the one painting for the course.


Rod does not use a lot of mediums in his painting... however he suggests the following:

* Bucket of water
* Retarder (if using acrylic paints)
* Solvent or Thinning medium for oils
* Fast drying Medium for oils and water mixable oils

Schedule - Dates & Times

Here is the schedule of dates & times:

Note - Facebook Group will open on Friday 10th June.

  • Saturday 10th June - Welcome & Introduction

    Monday 12th June - Analysis of Subject & Sketches
    Tuesday 13th June - Initial Drawing & Block In
    Wednesday 14th June - Refining The Block In
    Thursday 15th June - Midtones & Highlights
    Friday 16th June - Details

    Monday 19th June - Analysis & Corrections
  • Tuesday 20th June - Last Minute Fine Tuning

    Friday 23rd June - Challenge Ends & Facebook Group Closes

All session times start at 9am Brisbane time.
Note - The above dates and times are for Brisbane (Australia) which is AEST +10

You will need to convert the dates and times to your local date and time. You can do this by going to our calendar and set it to your local time. This will update the calendar to your local date and times:

Video Recordings

Here are the links to all of the recordings from the challenge:

Welcome & Review of Subject

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Walkthough Video

Analysis & Q&A

Photos For Challenge

The photos for the challenge will appear in this section closer to the dates:

Photos will be added during the challenge:

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Rod Moore
Contemporary Landscape Artist
Founder of the Learn To Paint Academy
Founder of the Artist Business Academy

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