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New Course For Those Looking To Loosen Up Their Painting Style

Discover How YOU Can Become A Looser, Bolder 
& More Expressive Painter Today.

Is this you?

You are passionate about your art but lately you have been getting frustrated with your work.

You have already done the hard work of learning the basics skills, and you have put in the time practising what you have learnt, and overall the results have been good. Chances are good you get compliments from family and friends and you may have even sold a few paintings.

But something is missing.

You feel you have reached a plateau and have started to become frustrated with what you are producing. Somehow you sense that you are not fully expressing yourself through your art, and the feeling that you have so much more potential won't leave you alone.

Despite the good results to date and the compliments you receive ... deep down you know you could be doing so much more. You could be fully exploring your artistic spirit to a greater extent.

If only ...

You Can Loosen Up Your Style, Become Bolder & More Expressive ...
& Enjoy Your Painting More!

Well you can.

If you can relate to the above then I know just how you feel. You see I spend so much time helping others learn to paint through the Learn To Paint Academy, which I love, however my own painting practice can sometimes stagnate.

Late 2018 I decided to do something about it.

I wanted to learn new mark making techniques, explore looser more abstract style painting, use bolder colours, and express myself more fully.

In short ... I wanted to stop thinking so much when I paint and just allow my heart and soul to take over the artistic painting process.

Well the results were better than I expected ...

I Started Selling Paintings, Booking Solo Exhibitions, Becoming Finalists In Art Competitions & Most Importantly Enjoying My Painting
More When I loosened Up & Became Bolder!

And that's why I decided to put together this brand new course 'Loose, Bold & More Expressive'.

To show you what I have learnt ... but more important show you how you can achieve the same sort of results.

Here is an example of some of the looser paintings I started to produce. They have all since SOLD!

Note - These are examples of how I loosened up my style and may not necessarily be included in the course.

Can you see though the possibilities that open up to you when you free yourself up and become looser, bolder and more expressive?

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Note - Price is in USD. As this is the early bird price you will receive the course as it is developed over the next few weeks.

This new course 'Loose, Bold & Expressive' will be developed over the next few weeks.

It will be split into several modules.

In Module 1 we will cover the basics including:

* An expanded more colourful palette for bolder painting

* Using bigger brushes and painting on larger canvases

* Using other painting tools ... not just brushes. We will look at scraper, palette knives, and even sticks from the garden

* We will explore different mark making techniques

* I will show you how to use your brushes in a looser format

* We will discuss the key principle behind loosening up (getting out of your head)

* Plus we will look at how to use reference material as inspiration

By the time you finish Module 1 you will have all the information you need to launch yourself into looser painting.

In Module 2 we will paint a loose landscape using one of my recent paintings as reference.

This will be a complete demonstration of a painting from start to finish, however it won't be in my usual style of teaching were I talk a lot as I work through the painting. Instead I will make some commentary but I really want to get out of my head for the demonstration paintings in this course.

Module 3 will be a loose seascape painting.

In this demonstration I will use both a recent painting of mine and some photo references to show you how you can draw from multiple reference materials to arrive at your own painting without copying.

Finally in Module 4 we will do a loose landscape using BOLD colours and expressive brush marks.

This will also be a landscape painting however we will really let loose here and use BOLD strong primary colours of RED & BLUE to arrive at a unique painting with a variety of different brush marks.

Are You Ready To Finally Get Loose
And Free Up Your Painting?

If you are then you are going to love this course.

This course is unlike any I have done at the Learn To Paint Academy. We are taking things up to a new level with this course that will help you take your painting to a whole new level as well.

I have to let you know though ... this course is not for everyone!

I am sorry to say that if you are just starting out and not yet learnt the basics of painting then you will more than likely struggle to get good results with this course. So if you are an absolute beginner then I recommend our introduction style courses instead.

This is for you though if you have been painting for a bit and feel you have a handle on the basics.

It's for you if you are looking for more of a challenge.

And its definitely for you if you are sick of being stuck in the painting rut you find yourself in and now want to break free and get loose :)

BONUS - Be One Of The First 20 To Register ...

I like to reward those who are fast action takers.

So if you are one of the first 20 to register for this course then as a special bonus I will provide you a video based critique of one of your finished paintings from the course. Simply send me a quality image of one of your paintings that you complete from the course and I will do a comprehensive video critique of the painting for you.

Sound good to you?

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100% Money Back Guarantee

Secure Checkout

Note - Price is in USD. As this is the early bird price you will receive the course as it is developed over the next few weeks.

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I am really excited to see your painting results after you have been through this course.

See you in the course

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