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Welcome to the Learn To Paint Academy. Our Online Art Classes & Online Art Courses are designed to help beginners
learn to paint in oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolour, sketchbooks and drawing

Online Art Classes & Online Art Workshops Designed For Beginners to Intermediate level artists

Step By Step Detailed Instruction in 35+ Online Painting Courses & 150+ Art Painting Projects to try.

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Join More Than 70,000 Students Globally Learning To Draw &
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Welcome to the Learn To Paint Academy. Over the last six years we have taught more than 70,000 students globally how to paint using the easy to follow Moore Method of Painting. Whether your an absolute beginner or an intermediate painter you will definitely make solid progress when you join the Learn To Paint Academy today.

Learn To Paint With The Moore Method of Painting

If you have struggled to learn to paint before, or you just don't know where to start then you have come to the right place. The Moore Method of Painting which has been designed to help beginners get started painting and intermediate painters to make solid progress with their painting skills. You can learn to paint to.


Just 3 Steps

Follow along and learn to paint with the easy 3 steps to creating a painting. It simplifies the process of learning to paint.


Just 3 Colours

Starting off with a basic palette you will learn how to mix most of the colours you need for a huge array of painting styles.


Just 3 Brushes

Finish your first painting using just 3 brushes. This keeps it simple and easy so that you can follow along.

When You Become A Member Today You Will Get Instant Access

Register today as a Monthly Member or Annual Member and you will get instant access to a range of benefits all designed to help you improve your painting. Here is some of what is included:

35+ Full Painting Courses

When you become a monthly or annual member you will have instant access to more than 35 full length painting courses. Covering everything from introductions to Acrylic Painting and Oil Painting, to Colour Mixing, and even Advanced Impressionist Painting. Plus ... more courses are being added all the time which you will receive access while you remain a member

150+ Painting Projects

To date we have recorded more than 150 full length painting projects. As a monthly or annual member you will have instant access to all of them along with reference photos and detailed instructions on how to complete the paintings. More painting projects are being added every month which you will have full access to when you choose one of the membership options below.

Join The Community

As a valued member you will be joining our community of inspired artists from around the world. We have thousands of artists at the Learn To Paint Academy with varying degrees of experience. Some just starting out and some that have become very skilled. Join in with the discussions, ask for help, and cheer on your fellow students as you connect with members from around the world

Live Stream Painting Session

Join us for our regular live streams. You can join in and paint right along on our live painting sessions. Plus get all of your questions about painting, learning to paint, and becoming a working artist answered in our regular Q&A live streams.

Masters Analysis

Our Masters Analysis program is for our monthly and annual members to gain a greater understanding of the work of some of the true masters of painting. Each week we will pick one master artist either from the past or a contemporary artist, and have an in depth look at their lives, their work, and their methods. By studying the masters of painting you will learn so much about different approaches to painting.

Values Studies

Fundamentals Program

The biggest single key to becoming a great artist is to master the basics or the fundamentals. In the Fundamentals Program monthly and annual members will have a access to a range of courses and projects designed to help you master these fundamentals. This includes things like Composition & Design, Values, Colour, Brushwork, Edges and so on.

Painting Process Step By Step

Critiques & Feedback

Each month Rod will provide a comprehensive video critique of members work (and also his own works). As a monthly or annual member you will have the opportunity to submit your paintings for critique. Rod will do a detailed video review of members work so that all members can learn from them. In the process you will learn how to critique your own work.

Acrylic Paint for Beginners

Regular Member Challenges

Another great advantage of becoming a monthly or annual member is you will get to take part in our regular challenge. Every month or so we conduct a group challenge which is a bit of fun but also pushes you to expand on your skills and learn new skills. The member challenges have been some of our most popular experiences within the Learn To Paint Academy

As you can see from the above, when you become a member you will receive tremendous value to help you on your painting journey. 

We have designed the Learn To Paint Academy to take you from absolute beginner to a competent artist who is skilled enough to enter local art shows and start selling your paintings. Many of our members who have been with us for years have done just that, and few have even gone on to start their own art teaching business and win awards for their art.

This is your opportunity to join us and the thousands of global members who are part of the Learn To Paint family

About Your Instructor

Rod Moore is an Australian Contemporary Impressionist artist. Based in the beautiful Noosa area of Queensland, Australia, Rod draws his inspiration from the amazing hinterland bush that surrounds him, along with the stunning beaches of the region.

Rod is the star of the TV shows 'Plein Air Painting TV' and 'Yes You Can Paint TV' along with being the creator of the Moore Method of Painting. He is on a quest to spread the magic of painting to beginners around the world.

Over the last decade Rod has personally taught hundreds of students to learn to paint through his popular workshops, and more than 70,000 students globally through online courses and programs.

Through his experience in teaching others to learn to paint Rod has gained a wealth of knowledge on how to go from beginner to experienced artist. In less than a decade Rod himself went from total beginner to full time professional artist.

Visit Rod's personal art website - Click Here To View

The Moore Method Of Painting Works
& Will Work For You Too!

Over the last eight years we have taught hundreds of students to paint in our one day workshops and 70,000+ through the Learn To Paint Academy. Now its your turn. Are you ready to start learning how to paint with the Moore Method of Painting?

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Come & Join our fantastic community of students all learning to paint here at the Learn To Paint Academy. If you have always dreamt of learning how to paint then you have come to the right place. Join today as a full member and enjoy the benefits! Choose your membership option below:

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Note – You are agreeing to become a monthly member of the Learn To Paint Academy. All charges are monthly and in USD. No refunds are available once you take advantage of this discount offer. Access is available for painting courses and projects created by the Learn To Paint Academy, and does not include any business related courses or licensed content (courses created by third party artists)

All you need to do is decide to join us as a member then click on the Join Now button. You will then be taken to a registration page to create your member account. Once your member account is created you will have instant access.

Here Is Feedback From Some Of Our Students ...

I have really benefited artistically since I have been with the Learn to Paint Academy. Rod not only simplifies the painting process for his students, but also explains the often difficult and abstract concepts behind creating art and appreciating it for its conceptual, historical and cultural semiotic.

-Colin, Australia

The past few years with you as teacher and the LTPA have been an incredible experience for me. Having done the MCI programme has opened the world of art to me. The continued journey with LTPA has improved my skills immensely.

3 steps, 3 colours, 3 brushes make for a winner in learning to paint. The simplest methodology I have seen online, period.
Thanks for your continued and valued support and training.
Highly appreciated and recommended.

- John, Taiwan

Becoming a part of the Learn To Paint Academy community and learning the Moore Method of Painting has helped me tremendously in my journey to become an artist.

As a beginner, I was often overwhelmed but working with this simplified method has made it so much easier.

- Gaetanne, Canada

My few previous attempts with painting lessons prior to Rod’s Method were devastating failures. I began the Learn to Paint Academy on April 1, 2020, with unexpectedly rapid results. The 5 Day Painting Challenge beautifully pulled together all that I had been learning and practising via the Academy courses. I never dreamed that I could ever be at this stage of painting! The simplicity of Rod's method makes it so easy to achieve surprisingly good results on the first try! Thanks a million, Rod, for the life changing achievement of the belief that I can do this!!

-Sherlyn, USA

"For me, it was simply the case that Rod introduced me to a whole new experience in my life. I enrolled in the online course 'Learn to paint landscapes in oils' nearly 7 years ago.
I remember how apprehensive I was, when it came to my turn to put paint on canvas. I didn't know if I can paint, but I knew early on that this is something I would do for the rest of my life. I just love the way the paint seemed to glide across the canvas. So, yes, I definitely recommend Rod's Academy! If you're like me, starting out as a hobby, you may be surprised where the journey may lead you. Huge Thanks to Rod."

- Monika, Australia

My family, friend and even I, are amazed with the painting I did with Rod during his online lesson. Ive been wanting to paint for a long time but never had the courage to do so. A month ago I came across an ad for Moore art on Facebook. I read people's testimonies, looked through the photos of smiling people with their beautiful paintings and decided to give it a try. Rod makes his class so easy to follow and understand. I was mixing colors, painting perspectives and when I finished I had a painting that hangs on my wall I can be proud of. I did a second painting with the same beautiful results. Rods method works ! And I will definitely be signing up for more classes.

- Olga, Russia

One of my early attempts during the April challenge. I can’t believe my transformation from nothing to being capable of having a go after six months with Rod

- Bob Blair, Saratoga

I have painted this painting using the Moore Method of Painting, I have struggled for years trying to get things looking like they should and had trouble with colour mixing, perspective and knowing how to choose a composition. Then found the learn to paint academy and have not looked back I have improved so much and sold paintings for the first time. Congratulations Rod on a teaching learners how to paint. Great Job!!!.

- Cheryl Howard, Australia

Space Reserved for your story!

This is just some of the feedback we get from students on a daily basis.

There is nothing special about our students. Like you may be now, most of them struggled to learn to paint at some stage.

With the Moore Method of Painting though they learned to simplify the painting process right down, master the fundamentals, and practise their skills until they started to achieve better results. The proof is in the pictures isn't it?

So now it is your turn.

Decide to join us and I will see you on the inside of the Learn To Paint Academy ready to help you on your journey of learning to paint.


Rod Moore

Learn To Paint Academy

Creator of the Moore Method of Painting

Get Your Questions Answered

Make sure you get your questions answered so you can confidently make a positive decision to join as a life member.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get:

Q/ What Medium Are The Courses In?

A/ The Moore Method of Painting is taught in such a way that it can be transferred between Acrylics, Oils, Water Mixable Oils & Gouache. So any of the courses taught in any of these mediums can be transferred to other mediums. 

Q/ How Do I Get Access To The Courses?

A/ After you join as a member an account will be created for you in the Learn To Paint Academy. This account allows you to access the members area at any time with your log in details. Its a simple matter of logging in to your account to access your courses and projects.

Q/ When Do The Courses Start?

A/ There is no set time or schedule for the courses. You take them at your own pace. So just log in when ever you are ready and take your time going through the courses in the order you want.

Q/ How Long Do I Have Access For?

A/ Membership to the Learn To Paint Academy is like a Netflix membership. As long as you remain an active member you will have access to the courses, projects and other member benefits. If you ever decide to cancel your membership however you will then loose access after the end of your paid up period for membership.

Q/ Can I Really Learn To Paint?

A/ Yes ... if you have the desire to and have a go. The Moore Method of Painting has so far helped 70,000 + students around the world to learn to paint. Some have gone on to enter art shows, sell their work online, win awards and start art teaching businesses. The Moore Method of Painting is proven to work ... so if you follow along you can get similar results.

Q/ What Art Supplies Do I Need To Get Started?

A/ The beauty of the The Moore Method of Painting is that we recommend keeping it simple. Therefore the supplies we recommend are minimal. Once you become a life member we will share with you the required art supplies used within each of the courses.

Register Today & Get Started On Your Painting Journey

Come & Join our fantastic community of students all learning to paint here at the Learn To Paint Academy. If you have always dreamt of learning how to paint then you have come to the right place. Join today as a full member and enjoy the benefits! Choose your membership option below:

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$29 USD Monthly. Cancel Anytime

  • 45+ Full Length Painting Courses
  • 150+ Full Length Painting Projects
  • Fundamentals Program
  • Masters Analysis
  • Members Video Critiques
  • Monthly Member Challenges
  • Full Community Access
  • Regular Live Streams
  • Advanced Live Streams
  • New Courses & Projects As Added
  • Recordings of Public Challenges
  • New Content Added Regularly
  • Plus much more

Note – You are agreeing to become a monthly member of the Learn To Paint Academy. All charges are monthly and in USD. No refunds are available once you take advantage of this discount offer. Access is available for painting courses and projects created by the Learn To Paint Academy, and does not include any business related courses or licensed content (courses created by third party artists)

More Feedback From Students ...

I have not looked back and my art has kept on improving

After having a long lapse from my art I decided to go back to it, and that`s when I came across the Rod Moore Academy, It was a simple approach with limited paints, brushes,and shapes. His method of painting and teaching made it very simple to start and complete a painting in one sitting. I have not looked back and my art has kept on improving through his courses. Well done Rod and thankyou for your generosity in sharing your method with me and others.

Cheryl Mahon Howard

Best teacher ever!! Love to learn from you🙏🌷



H I I joined the learn to paint academy in November 2020 as a life member. At 87 years young and never ever done anything vaguely artistic I am both amazed and delighted with my membership. I have learnt so much in such a short time the courses are very well taught and the site user friendly. . I have spent many hours during lockdown learning to paint ,the whole experience has been a joy and a very good experience.

Megan Ellis

LTPA feedback

After quite a lengthy break from art, I decided to reconnect with oil painting and was fortunate enough to find Rod Moore's Learn To Paint Academy (LTPA) videos on YouTube. His teaching style immediately struck a cord with me - limited materials, clear instructions/demonstrations and a method guaranteed to develop painting skills and confidence. Rod's wide range of painting subjects offers choice and introduction to multiple mediums. His live streams go beyond simply painting and offer advice on areas such as preparing boards for painting to marketing art works and reviews of art materials. The establishment of the LTPA website has led to a supportive, empathetic community that provide advice and encouragement.

Garry Taylor

Three Cheers to You, Rod !!

“Unleash The Artist Within – 5 Day Challenge” was very challenging but also very rewarding. It was wonderful to see different fellow artists from around the world - get encouragement from their comments and see all their different renditions. It was also a much needed refresher course for me. It is amazing how you managed to organize and follow-up such a large group all living in different time zones of the world - three cheers to you, Rod !! Thanks & Wishing you All the Best !!


Unleash The Artist Within

'Unleash The Artist Within' has been a great art challenge over the past few days. I have learnt so much and Rod's teaching has encouraged me to push myself outside of my comfort zone in an enjoyable way. It is great to see the wonderful work other people produce and be part of a lovely arty community. Although I have a long way to go I can already see the improvement and love Rod's relaxed and informative style of teaching.

Jacky Cox

Best Course Ever

I joined LTPA late last year, (during covid). I had only dabbled with paint a few times and was not really satisfied with my efforts. Then I came across the 5 day challenge on facebook and thought I might as well have a go. Well, I was so surprised at the result that I joined as a life member straight after that. This is by far the best course for anyone wanting to learn how to paint. The results are amazing, even after a short time. I still have a lot to learn and years of projects are available in the courses that I will never find myself without something to paint. The community is also so supportive and full of tips. I highly recommend the LTPA - if you are thinking of painting - try the free course. If you like it then join - there is so much more as a member. Rod is so patient and so unselfish with his knowledge. He genuinly wants you to learn. You don't come across this kind of teaching very often. Thank you Rod.

Sonia Rhind

Happy new Life Member

I first discovered The Moore Method of painting when I stumbled across a free challenge on Facebook. I surprised myself completely with the results of my first landscape painting under Rods easy tutoring. I became came a member of the Learn To Paint Academy in a limited capacity, to see how it went. Well I'm now a very happy life member. Rods simplified method, easy going , relatable style of tutoring and generosity, made joining no brainer. I've learnt so much and am looking forward to growing and developing my skill more as I continue on. Thanks Rod, I hit the jackpot finding that first challenge. Dawn

Dawn Ferguson

The perfect Arty community to learn and grow

I found Rod Moore's art group middle of last year and by the end of the year had decided to become a life member. It was a great decision on my part! Rod's style of teaching is very relaxed and encouraging, easy to follow. You don't need to be a budding Picasso. There are so many courses to choose from, covering not only the necessary basics but varied and more challenging topics too. Weekly chats and paint alongs, monthly challenges and studies and a supportive community make Learn to Paint Academy the perfect place to learn and improve as an Artist.

Jacqueline Cox

Unleashing the Artist Within Challenge

What a wonderful enriching journey of growth and understanding! A five day challenge that was realy three weeks... AND it was free! Rod your passion for art was so evident only to be eclipsed by your passion to assist other with their aspirations and dreams. You simplified the process of painting into very manageable pieces. You were so generous with your time and knowledge - thank you! 😀

Donna Palmer

Being a more confident artist

Since joining Learn To Paint Academy I have thoroughly enjoyed painting, especially landscapes and seascapes. Rod Moore's method of painting has given me confidence and I can now produce some really pleasant paintings that I am not afraid to show to others. I don't regret joining and have developed my painting skills since doing so. It has been money well spent.

Irene Douglas

I have learnt so many interesting things about painting, materials, artists and style. Every tutorial reinforces the fundamentals of art. Rod teaches in a simple to understand way. Rod is ever so patient with the endless questions on his live recordings, even when I know he has just answered this question earlier or in another program. I love the supportive community, everyone is very encouraging. Feedback is always constructive. I really enjoy the academy.

debbie waddington

Phenomenal Course!

The Unleash the Artist course, while not quite finished, has changed my life. I have been an artist since childhood but never truly found my own voice. Rod Moore’s method of teaching and his down to earth explanations have opened me to knowing who I am and where my path leads. I have never, ever, felt so at home, instinctually directed, enlivened as I am after participating in the 5 Day challenge!!! Do not ever want to out down my brush or palette knife!

Marti Dodge

Simply The Best

I found Rod's 5 Day Challenge excellent. I joined the challenge as a beginner but feel I am now on the way to becoming a good hobby artist equipped with the knowledge required to perfect my paintings using Rod Moore's Method of painting. I have learned a lot about composition, design, values, and the effects of distance on size and positioning of big shapes. I still have a lot more practice to do to perfect these principles but having this knowledge ensures I will move forward in the right direction. An added bonus was I also got to interact with some lovely people who encouraged me along the way.

Lexie Hudson

LPTA and COVID -19

Hi Rod, I just wanted you to know how much our group at the Learn to Paint Academy has meant to me during our COVID lockdown. You have been there for all of us every week teaching and connecting us, the budding artists, when we’ve lost contact with our art friends and families. We will be forever grateful. Thank you Barb

Barb Mathieson

So Much Information To Absorb

The Unleash The Artist Within Challenge has been so packed with information... I am so glad I am a lifetime member of the Learn To Paint Academy so that I can go back and watch the livestreams again because I am sure I didn't catch everything the first time around! I have really enjoyed both the painting and all of the insights Rod has provided throughout the challenge.

Julie Mello

Anyone Can Learn To Paint

I am a retired 62 year old and always wanted to learn to paint. I went to a couple of paint nights around my city and thought ok this is not bad. I started to look online and found the Learn To Paint Academy. I tried the free course and never looked back! I quickly became a life member. Rod Moore's Method makes painting fun, anyone can learn. With his method and constant support a person can really improve their skills. I highly recomend this to everyone.

Beverly MacDonald

So encouraged!!!

I feel so encouraged by Rod Moore s method of teaching. I am looking at my world now from a painters perspective. Ie darkest darks, values etc. I can now see the way to start a painting instead of putting into too hard basket. Thanks Rod , am looking forward to starting this journey.


Challenge Growth

Unleashing the Artist Within helped me gain confidence in being able to apply the Moore Method and put myself into the process. At first, I wasn't sure about each of the challenge pieces but enjoyed the process of learning and the community.

Laura Hayden

Too be an artist.

It doesn't matter what subject Rod puts up, there is always something new to learn. The Moore method of painting has given me more freedom in regards to only having 5 colours to mix and match instead of the whole 100 yards of the spectrum to buy. Plus only 3 or 4 brushes to complete the palette. I have learnt heaps from Rod and highly recommend him for beginners and advanced alike. Ty Rod for your simplistic way of creating great paintings.

Valerie campbell

Learned to try

Being able to paint beautiful paintings has been a dream of mine for years. I retired in a October and started painting seriously for the first time. Going to wine and paint nights was fun but did not really teach me basic steps that were badly needed. In October I started acrylic pour painting. It is enjoyable but does not fulfill my need to paint realistically. Rod’s classes have taught me some important basics. These are important steps toward becoming an artist. He has encouraged every step of the way AND more important has caused me to try painting things I was afraid to attempt. I am grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to try “The Moore Method” of painting under such an incredible artist and teacher. Thank you Rod!

Margo Middlemas

Family Affair

When I started this challenge I never thought it would interest/inspire the family apart from my husband, but every day my children text wanting an updated picture of what I am working on and yesterday they commented I quote :getting better with each one, good way to work on technique quickly and not get too worried with everything looking perfect. I told them , how lucky I was to have Rod as a teacher and my eldest is thinking of taken up the brush and even my 7 year old granddaughter want to have a painting day with Nanny . Life is wonderful thank you Rod

wendy webb

Brilliant teaching

I am currently doing the five day challenge and can’t recommend it enough. Rod is an excellent teacher and so generous with his knowledge. His method is easy to follow and has improved my art immediately. His approach is learner friendly and it was fun too. A great opportunity .

Veronica Cooke

Finally Learning to Paint

I’ve always wanted to learn to paint, but never got around to taking a class. I was so happy to find the Learn To Paint Academy because the online format is perfect for me to work at whatever pace I choose. The Moore Method of painting has been easy to learn and creates buildable skills. Rod’s down to earth way of presenting his material is clear, interesting and enjoyable. Thanks Rod for the great courses!

Julie Mello

Rod makes learning to paint fun and enjoyable

Fortunately I found Rod’s Learn to Paint Academy on fb. Now retired, I wanted to learn to paint after having dabbled in it many years ago. His teaching style is so relatable and the classes and live streams are great. Love that you can ask questions and have them answered in the live coffee chats. Very supportive community too and inspiring to see other people’s work. Looking forward to improving mine with Rod’s lessons.

Linda Clark

The Challenge....

Excellent motivational painting classes! I've been painting for a long time mostly with oils, changed to acrylics just for the toxic smell for my grandkids. Eventually I would like to go back to oils. Your classes Rod, were excellent for everybody and the way you make people come out of their inside, was great! Even that many people had offer me to buy my paintings, I've never done it, but after listening to you, I'm ready. Thank you for your classes and your encouraging words. All the best, Beatriz

Beatriz Lynch

So Grateful

I really struggled and didn’t even know that I didn’t understand. Found the LTPA totally by accident and on a whim, I gave the 5 day challenge a try. It’s been the best experience and I’m so grateful to be a lifetime participant. Rod Moore is a great teacher and explains the fundamentals in clear and easy to grasp terms. He is encouraging as are the community of participants. I encourage anyone who thinks they’d like to try their hand at painting to do it. Thank you Rod... THANK YOU!

Wanda Kimura

Unleash the Artist

What a great course! Rod I get allot of knowledge from you and the Moore Method I love the way that you explain things as you go would highly recommend your classes

Kathy McGregor

A dream come true

I came across the academy on facebook and decided to take the 5 day course. I very much enjoyed it and for my birthday in June 2020 I decided to become a life member. Having retired due to illhealth I finally had the ti.me to leatn how to paint. Rod is a fantastic and talented teacher, very engaging and a lovely way with everyone. Its been a joy to be part of an online academy and I really look forward to the live sessions despite it being really late here on the UK. The courses I have taken so far have been really good and I have really enjoyed the masters analysis and also learning how Rod became a teacher and artist. Ive also learnt a lot from other more experienced art academy members. I have set up my own art space since joining and really look forward to doing more courses and following the live sessions. Thank you so much, it has become a dream come true to learn from such a lovely friendly man, a great artist and teacher.

Pauline Evans

Best on-line teacher and resources!

When I started painting, not too long ago, I searched and tried many on-line resources including lessons, tips, materials' information, and many more aspects. This stood out as the best and easiest to learn from. Even before I became a full access member, Rod gave me one-on-one attention - that was amazing and made me feel valued! Any time I see his video or live session, I get inspired to paint, isn't that something? In short, if you want to learn from the best artist and the best teacher; this is the place!!

Sujata Kishore

Love Rod's style of teaching and have learnt so much from him. I enjoy all his challenges

Janet ismail

A inspiring 5 day challenge

I have thoroughly enjoyed the 5 day challenge and sad to see it end. The imput from Rod has been amazing, a great imlressionistic artist and fabulous teacher. I have learnt alot and its ignited my passion to move forward and paint, paint and paint again! ts also been wonderful to see everyones version of the same scenes, very inspiring. Thanks for a fabulous week. I would certainly recommend getting a life membership to continue being part of this supportive online community.

Pauline Evans

Golden Opportunity

What an inspiration Rod is, he has the patience of Job with everyone. I have learnt to be more observant of looking at the photos and endeavouring to interpret them but never fear Rod is there to help. What I find wonderful is his down to earth attitude and his humbleness in telling us of a mistake he might make whilst demonstrating. There is no cover up. This attitude I believe is one of the things that draw people to him and his teachings. This Unleash The Artist Within in such a perfect title and so invokes a challenge to all of us. I thank you for this opportunity and would wholeheartedly recommend The Learn to Paint Academy to everyone.

Ellen Gouldstone

Fortunate find.

I am a 75 year old and was casting about for a new hobby. Never painted before but I was fortunate enough to come across the Learn To Paint Academy. Well, what an inspirational teacher is Rod. His method of teaching is very clear and purposeful. At no time does one feel that what he is teaching is beyond comprehension. He is a very talented artist who takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge with others in a positive and friendly manner. I have leant so much already having only started on this path nine months ago. I highly and unreserved recommend the Learn To Paint Academy and Rod's reaching to one and all.

Ellen Gouldstone

A lot of learning packed into each video!

The LTPA Challenge has been a fantastic experience - both the video tutorials where Rod takes us through demonstration paintings, and also, importantly, the online group where we share our progress and get to see hundreds of other people painting along with us. We get to see what others make of the same start point, and their individual takes on a subject - and by observing what other people have done I'm finding myself able to think critically about how I might approach the issues they face, or mimic their successes. Rod's teaching style is down to earth and clear, and he returns continually to the principles behind the Moore method, so that I feel I'm really getting to grips with them. My painting and approach has improved already and I'm only a few days in. Really pleased I signed up and will be joining future challenges and paid courses. Thanks Rod!

Selina Churchill

Found the joy and passion of panting

Not a member of the LTPA yet, but been enjoying Rod Moore’s Unleash the artist within 5 day challenge on Facebook. And I have to say, that I did not expect to find such joy and passion in painting. All this is thanks to Rod’s unique method of teaching. I have learned so much in these few days, and will definitely continue to strive for better skills in painting. Rod’s teachings are laid back and there is a sense of calm to it all, which lets me follow at a pace that I find soothing. Thank you Rod, you are awesome 👏

Ove Wettavik


I have done challenges in the past but this was the best. Besides painting instruction there was also advise on all the elements required to create a great painting it gave me the courage to keep going and left me wanting more ,thanks Rod for your prowess in giving us a great challenge. Loved it.

Cheryl mahon howard


I have enjoyed being part of the art community and learning with a pleasant speaking down to earth teacher like Rod , the five day challenge was fabulous !and I’m thankful that I joined the challenge.. Weather it’s going back to basics or how to build an art audience for selling or just to start a hobby from beginners to experienced whatever your art journey is , there is something to learn here with many wonderful people from all around the world learning and sharing their art along the way makes for a very welcoming group . I appreciate that Rod shares his knowledge of art ,,his time and love of art with others to help others on their own art journeys . I’m grateful to be apart of the learn to paint academy . Cheers Carlene


A Beginner's Delight

I am so happy to have discovered Rod Moore and the Learn to Paint Academy site. I have learnt so much, as I'm a beginner and it brings joy to me each time I watch the demonstrations and regular chats between Rod and his audience. I've been a fan for about 6 years, so have seen both Rod and his business grow. Would recommend any beginner to watch, listen and learn.

Yvonne Furse

Inspiration to paint

Enjoyed the 5 day challenge so much it has inspired me to join as a life member. Thanks for all the wonderful tips to make my artist life easier. Have much to learn and looking forward to doing the tutorials and exercises within the Academy. Set for Life.

Merrilyne Humphrey

The ‘challenge’

I have loved every minute of this challenge 😄Rod is such an excellent teacher and motivator. I know I have a long road ahead to achieve my goals, but this challenge has shown me a pathway which if I keep practicing I may start to produce the work I’ve always wanted to. I’m a life member and intend to redo many of Rods courses. thanks so much Rod.

Dorinda Sloan

The Rod Moore method

Thank you so much Rod for sharing your approach and creating an uplifting and educational way to approach art . At the best of times being an artistic creative person can be a solitary endeavor and this pandemic has only increased this. You have reached out to remind us all that what we do and how we do it reminds everyone of the beauty there is to be seen and valued in this world. "Good on you " Rod. with many thanks Marilyn Nevills in Ontario Canada

Marilyn Nevills

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