2020 Learn To Paint Academy Student Exhibition

15th March - 31st March 2020

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Artist: Kathy Quintus
Country: United States of America

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.quintus

Artist Bio: My interest in painting began as an interest in learning art therapy and using it to help children and teens.  Soon though I became interest in producing art by drawing painting and expressing myself through crafts. 

Eight years ago, I moved to Ypsilanti Michigan to be close to my daughter's family and help with my grandsons.  At the same time I started taking classes at the local community college and worked on improving my drawing and painting.  

I was fortunate to meet some great teachers and I have many great friends from those classes.  Still I found I needed more and I started doing an online class to improve my painting.  

Then I found Rod and the Learn to Paint Academy.  

During my diagnosis and pancreatic cancer treatment I was able to continue painting.  Now I find I will not be returning to work as the cancer is back and I plan to use my time to develop my painting even more.

The painting I am submitting is of Aix Provence and is from learn to paint tv episode 92.