2020 Learn To Paint Academy Student Exhibition

15th March - 31st March 2020

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Artist: Gill Griffiths
Country: UK

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gill.griffiths.121

Artist Bio: Hi, I live just outside the beautiful city of York in England. I work in IT and live on my own mostly. I have 2 children aged 26 and 23.

I started painting 18 months ago having never painted before, not even at school, and I just love it! Fortunately I discovered Rod fairly quickly, using his method made such a difference to my painting  - l have even managed to sell a couple of paintings! I am also interested in Celtic art after a visit to Trinity College in Dublin where I saw the Book of Kells.

My other hobbies include hiking - I have walked several long distance trails in the UK and climbed the highest peaks in England, Scotland and Wales,  and travelling - I’ve been to some amazing places over the last 5 years like Mongolia, China, Myanmar and Botswana.