2020 Learn To Paint Academy Student Exhibition

15th March - 31st March 2020

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Artist: ​Colin Hadfield
Country: ​Australia

​Website: www.bluethumb.com.au / Colin Hadfield Art
Facebook: Larama Art Studio@LaramaArtStudio
Instagram: Colin Hadfield 5757

Artist Bio: Retirement has had its rewards for my wife and I as we have striven to serve God and the community in various ways.  It's allowed us to do things that we had little time for while working for many years in Education. Violin making, music performance and more recently Art, have been my major pastimes.

My recent passion for Visual Arts has motivated me to learn how to paint landscapes, seascapes and portraits through online Art Schools such as Rod Moore's  Art School, now the Learn to Paint Academy. I have been painting almost daily, to up-skill my creativity and knowledge which I might add, first emerged in 1966-67 at Teachers' College, where I achieved an A in Art  and became a member of the BTC Art Club.

From all my years of study in Education and the Humanities, I have found Rod’s pedagogical approach to the teaching of Art to be the most helpful and supportive. I started with LTPA in late 2015 and as a life member of the LTP Club I feel that I have a positive future and a rich resource for the creation of art. With the passage of time, I have found it necessary to engage with technology which has enabled me to connect and interact with the LTPA, as well as try out various online platforms and social networks for the publication and sale of artworks.