2020 Learn To Paint Academy Student Exhibition

15th March - 31st March 2020

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Artist: Carol Didovich
Country: New Zealand

Facebook: Carol Didovich

Artist Bio: Hello, I am a woman of the ripe age of 75 years.  I have not had the best of health for the last 7 years. I live alone with my 4 cats and 1 lovely little white dog. Have worked all my life on menial jobs to raise my 3 boys. By 1997  I decided to become a real estate person.
Enjoyed about 15 years of the good life.

With physical restriction now, I recently transcribed my Grandmothers Diaries, from !917 - 1941.  This took 2 years, then what, I decided I would learn to paint,  seeing that I could not even draw a stick insect. Joined the Learn To Paint Academy half way through 2019.

I have also suffered a lot of sadness towards the end of 2019, which had me doubting that I would have the willpower to continue painting again.  Well here I am 2020 and entering a painting in an exhibition.

Thank you for your time as an art teacher and a full on instructor.