"Memories of Monet"

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Discover How YOU Can Master Impressionist Painting!


Are you ready to take your painting to a higher level?

If you are like many of my students at the Learn To Paint Academy chances are good you have progressed beyond the beginner stage of painting and are now looking to take your painting to a higher level.

Chances are good you are looking for painting lessons and projects that can help you really master the Impressionist style and help you move towards becoming a master painter. Now as you know true mastery of painting takes a lifetime however you can speed up your progress when you get help from those further down the road than you may be right now.

That's why I have put together this series of advanced painting projects.

If only ...

You Can Master The Impressionist Style 
And Take Your Painting To The Next Level

This series of Advanced Impressionist painting projects will help you to finally understand what you need to do to master the Impressionist style.

Each painting project is a detailed step by step project with detailed explanations and descriptions of the painting process to go from the seed of an idea for a painting through to the finished framed painting.

This second episode is 2+ hours in length.

You will see every brush mark, every mix, and every move I make to complete this painting of Memories of Monet

The Knowledge You Will Learn Will Help You To Not Only Complete This Painting But Also Help You To Move All Of Your Painting Efforts To A Much Higher Level Than Where You Are Now!

Each month we will be releasing a new Advanced Impressionism project. This second one being the "Memories Of Monet" project you can see above.

You can purchase them individually (Save on Early Bird Price Today) or you may choose to become a Life Member and get all of the projects in this series along with 20+ complete courses and 100+ painting projects in the Learn To Paint Academy.

The choice is yours.

Either way you get too watch as the painting develops right in front of your eyes from idea to the finished painting.

Note - The above are actual screenshots from the course. The course is shot with three cameras offering multiple views so you never miss a thing.

Can you see how learning this knowledge, which has taken me nearly a decade to learn, will help you to fast track your painting career when you apply this knowledge?

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This new project 'Memories of Monet' is an advanced painting project in the Impressionist style.

Here is what we will be covering:

* Develop painting ideas from your imagination

* Preparing the painting surface for best effect

* Detailed drawing first in pencil then in paint to ensure you have the drawing right

* Creating atmosphere and depth in your painting

* How to correct mistakes and adjust the VALUES when you need to 

* Creating contrast in the focal area and softening edges elsewhere

* Using thicker paint to dominate the attention of the viewer

* How to paint LIGHT and make it pop

* Planning the eye movement through a painting

* Painting reflections into water and the tricks you need to know

* Ensuring there is rhythm and movement in your composition

* Expanding your palette beyond the basic palette

* Impressionist style brushmark's and how to use them

* Painting with a painterly feel

* The mindset of reaching a mastery level of painting

* And so much more

All taught in the usual style that we use at Learn To Paint Academy so that everything is explained in clear detail, and everything is broken down into step by step increments so you can easily follow along.

With three different camera angles along with the palette camera and close ups you won't miss anything in the four hours that this painting takes to complete.

Are You Ready To Paint Like An
Impressionist Master Artist?

If you are then you are going to love this project.

This project is unlike any I have done at the Learn To Paint Academy. We are taking things up to a new level with this series of projects that will help you take your painting to a whole new level as well.

I have to let you know though ... this course is not for everyone!

I am sorry to say that if you are just starting out and not yet learnt the basics of painting then you will more than likely struggle to get good results with this course. So if you are an absolute beginner then I recommend our introduction style courses instead.

This is for you though if you have been painting for a bit and feel you have a handle on the basics.

It's for you if you are looking for more of a challenge.

And its definitely for you if you are sick of being stuck in the painting rut you find yourself in and now want to break free and get loose :)

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Join Today & Get These Two BONUSES

If you are ready to get started then you will love this even more as I have two great bonuses for you.

BONUS # 1 - Analyses of Monet's Waterlilly Paintings

Your first bonus is a detailed video walkthrough of some of Monet's most popular waterlilly paintings. We will analyse why the painting works, and some of the hidden elements to his working method. This video alone is worth the price of the course.

BONUS # 2 - Collection Of My Personal Photos

In 2012 I had the opportunity to spend the day in Monet's home at Giverny to the north of Paris. I took hundreds of photos of his gardens and the locations he painted many of his famous paintings from. So I am going to include as a special bonus for you a collection of the best photos from that visit. That way you can continue to paint inspired by Monet with the reference photos.

I am really excited to see your painting results after you have been through Advanced Impressionism #1

See you in the course

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