Video 2 - The Four Stages Of Learning To Paint

In this video we talk about the four different stages you will go through to learn to paint:

In this video we talk about the four stages of learning anything.

Research has shown that all humans go through four distinct stages when learning anything. It doesn't matter if you are learning to play guitar, bake sourdough bread, or to ride a bike, we all go through these four stages. This is definitely true when learning how to paint.

The problem is many beginners get stuck in the early stages and become frustrated and quit. Many assume that they are simply not talented or meant to paint. I did this myself. I quit after my first painting and hid the paints under the bed for two years. I wish I had seen this video back then.

The key for any one trying to learn to paint is to understand these four stages and get clear on where you are in the process right now. From there develop a plan to move you forward through the stages.

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