Video 1 - Learning To Paint

In this video we talk about the process of learning to paint and the two things you need to focus on in order to become good at painting.

In this video I talk about the two things you need to become good at painting.

It's not luck or natural born talent that makes you a great artist. Those things would help but it is so rare it's not worth considering.

The way you become good at painting is through 1/ Learning The Fundamentals and 2/ Painting a lot.

That's it.

What that means is if you are willing to learn the fundamentals and you will enjoy practising painting then you too can become a very good painter.

And with the Moore Method of Painting you can definitely learn all you need to know. We have taught the Moore Method of Painting to more than 35,000 students globally through the Learn To Paint Academy. The academy has been designed so that you learn and master the fundamentals, and we give you lots of projects to practice.

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