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Still Life Painting Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Learn Fundamental Skills of Painting


Learning how to paint is never easy. It can take years to get a feel for some of the fundamental skills you need to be a good artist.

Even though the Moore Method of Painting has been proven to work by thousands of beginners around the world ... it still requires you picking up the brush.

To become a good artist and progress beyond the beginner stage you need to develop skills like:

* Great observational skills so you can transfer what you see onto the canvas
* Good brush work and understanding of how to apply paint with the brush
* A good knowledge of VALUES and the role they play in setting up your painting
* Knowledge of how LIGHT and SHADOW move through your scene
* Mixing COLOUR which is fundamental to the success of any painting
* Edges - knowing when to use hard and soft edges

* And so much more

The problem I have observed over the years of working with thousands of beginner artists around the world is we don't spend enough time learning and practising these basic skills.

Instead we all want (or expect) every painting we do to be a masterpiece ... or at the very least a painting worth framing and hanging on the wall.

It's no wonder so many get frustrated.

But that's just not how masters at anything get their skill level (an no they are not lucky and born with natural talent).

Think about a concert pianist ... they spend years practising the basics for hours a day before they ever go out and perform.

They practice by playing scales for hours at a time to fine tune their skills.

What about world class ballet dancers? Do you think they just turn up and perform ... or do they spend most of the time drilling and rehearsing the basic skills that go into making great dancers.

Practising and drilling the fundamental skills is the key to developing any level of mastery in anything.

That's why we have put together this introductory course.

Learning To Paint Simple Still Life Scenes
Will Improve Your Skills As An Artist

In this Still Life Introduction course you will learn these basic skills.

And you will be given plenty of assignments to practice. The more of these you do the more your skills will develop.

Just like the concert pianist playing scales.

Still Life painting is a must for any artist who is looking to improve and take their painting to a higher level.

The advantage of still life painting is you do not need to carry around heavy painting gear and drive for hours like you usually do when painting plein air. And you don't need to collect lots of photos and reference material for use in the studio.

Instead with a simple Light Box and a few house hold items you have endless possibilities of things you can paint.

And if you treat these painting as learning exercises and do them regularly then your skills will definitely improve and help you go on to become the artist that you desire to be.

In the Still Life Introduction course you will learn everything you need to know to get you started on the right path.

Right now you can register (for a limited time) at the Early Bird Price and save money.

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Note - Price is in USD. As this is the early bird price you will receive the course as it is developed over the next few weeks.

Join Me Now In The New Course

Still Life Painting Introduction

If you are as excited by the possibilities of Still Life painting as I am then you will want to join me in the brand new course.

The new course will be split into a number of modules with each one building on the next.

MODULE 1 - Building Your Light Box

In Module One I will show you how to set up your own fabulous light box for still life painting including:

* The low cost materials to use that you can get at your local hardware store
* How t​o construct your light box with a hammer and a few nails (plus some tape)
* The importance of painting the walls black
* How to ​control the light through the light box
* Different props that I have found at local $2 shops and craft shops
* ​What type of light to use and more

After watching Module One you will be able to construct your own light box easily and cheaply. But don't worry ... if you are not able to construct one yourself you will receive all of the necessary photos to complete the course.

MODULE 2 - Values Studies


In Module Two we will complete a number of values studies using simple props in black and white.

In the demonstration videos you will learn how to first mix a five values scale using just black and white paint. 

From there we will start out painting some values studies using simple every day shapes like an egg.

And we progressively build from their to more complex scenes with overlapping shapes and light / shadow patterns.

MODULE 3 - Colour Studies

Then in Module Three we take it another step further by adding in colour.

Again we use simple every day household items like fruits and coffee mugs to create some interesting still life scenes.

We are building on the skills already developed in module 2 such as observation, brush work, and values ... and now we are layering over the top of those skills our understanding of colour and how to mix it.

By completing these studies from module two and three you skills will automatically start to improve.

This puts you in a great position to then tackle Module 4.

MODULE 4 - Basic Still Life Painting

Now we take all we have learned so far in the course and apply it to a more traditional still life scene.

First we will look at how to dress the light box for our set up and some basic props. We will look at different ways of getting just the right set up and photographing it.

Then we will paint the scene using the skills you have developed so far.

This layering approach of building your skills up like this will make you a much better painter and will help you improve all of your painting whether that be landscape,seascape or even abstracts.

Register Now At The Early Bird Price & Save

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If you love your painting like I do and you are ready to develop your skills then you will definitely love learning how to paint with the Still Life Introduction course.

This is the only opportunity to join this brand new course at the early bird price and save money.

Why are we offering it so cheap?

Well for two reasons ... firstly I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join us for this as I am convinced that learning to paint still life is an ideal way to develop your painting skills for all artists regardless of experience. So I wanted to keep the price at an affordable level during the early bird period.

The other reason is because this is the early bird price the course will be developed over the coming weeks. As each video lesson is filmed and edited it will then be uploaded for you to access. Once the course is fully complete the price will then go to the regular price of $97.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Secure Checkout

Note - Price is in USD. As this is the early bird price you will receive the course as it is developed over the next few weeks.

When you start to combine the skills you will develop with the Still Life Introduction course  with the simplicity of the Moore Method of Painting you get a winning combination that will help you to become a better painter faster.

Join us today at the early bird price and save before its gone.

I am really excited about bringing you this terrific new course.

See you inside the course


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