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There has never been a better time in history for artists!

The gallery system is no longer the controlling force of art sales. They are no longer the gatekeeper who determine which artists get to display their work to collectors and which don't.

Today every artist including you can become a Self Representing Artist and take control of your own career and the sale of your artwork. There is more art being sold today than ever before and most of it is being sold online.

Take a look at the image below from the Bluethumb gallery homepage. This is an Australian online art gallery and they claim to have sold 15,000 + pieces of art online.

As you can see from the image above there is plenty of art selling online today.

So that's why I say there has never been a better time in history for artists to set up your art business and online sales systems. Lot's of artists are doing this right now ... this is your opportunity to join them.

Right now we have the best tools to use to promote our work. We can reach out to collectors all around the world, build a relationship with them, and have them purchase our art.

The great news is most of these tools are totally free like Facebook, Video, Live Stream, Blogging etc etc.

A decade ago when the galleries controlled the art market and art sales there was no way I could have become a full time artist.

However because of the shift in the market and the incredible tools available to us, I have been able to build a successful business based on my art that earns me a great income. Now I want to show you how to do it as well.

If You Are Serious About Selling Your Art Then Let
Me Share With You The Right System

Now before we go any further I have to tell you this is not for all artists.

You have to be serious about your art career and building success. The reason is it takes work. You are going to have to work at both your art production and the sales, promotion and marketing of your art. It takes work and there is no easy road to success as an artist.

So if you are looking for a magic secret that will help you automatically sell your artwork then sorry to disappoint you as you won't find it here. If that is you then you may as well stop reading.

However if you are like me, and you are committed to being a successful artist and you don't mind doing the work then this is definitely for you.

I know that if you follow the 12 week coaching course and do the assignments then you too can build a successful art sales system and start to earn an income from your art.

Join The 12 Week Coaching Program

So how does the 12 week coaching program work?

Every week you will be sent access to that weeks video based training module. The training modules cover everything you need to know and implement to build your online art selling system.

And each weeks lessons comes complete with assignments for you to do.

Then at certain intervals we have a one-on-one coaching call for 30 minutes on Skype. These calls are designed to go through what you have learnt so far and implemented. You can also email me at any time with questions.

Because of the one-on-one coaching calls I can only take 5 artists into the group at any one time. So if you know this is definitely for you then click the option below that works for you and get yourself registered today as it will sell out fast.

By the time you have gone through the 12 weeks lessons and completed the assignments you will have a solid foundation on which to build your art marketing business. Yes its work but once its set up it can make sales for you while you sleep.

Here is what we will cover in the 12 weeks:

As you can see this is an action packed content rich program that is big on implementation.

Let's work together to help you build your art marketing system so that you can finally start to sell your art online.

Join Now & You Will Also Receive The Following Huge Bonuses For Those Who Want Even More!

If you join right now you will also receive the following bonuses to help you achieve even greater results:


Ebay Selling System

This training will show you how to start making sales right away using eBay. Includes an interview with an artist making six figures plus from selling his art on eBay.


Your Artist Website

In this bonus training I will walk you through what you need to have on your artist website in order for to become an effective selling tool where collectors will feel comfortable buying from


Website Critique

If you have a website, or plan to build one, then I will do a video walk through of it for you and show you what you need to focus on to get better results from it.


Publicity & Media Attention

In this bonus training I will show you how I get publicity and media attention on TV, in Newspapers and on Radio. You will also receive my press release template so you can start to get media attention for your art right away.


Selling Art With Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools we have as artists. I will show you how I have sold art by creating short story based videos of my art, and show you real examples of it.


Secret Selling Ingredient

This bonus training is all about how you talk about your art and share the story behind your art. This is one of the big keys to selling art and you need to get good at talking about your art.


Start & Run An Art Teaching Business

Teaching art is a great way to increase your income. So I have decided to include this comprehensive video course on starting and running an art teaching business, plus how to create online video courses & projects you can sell.

The total value of just the bonuses is more than the investment in the course itself.

So how do you get started?

There are two options for you to join the coaching program:

OPTION 1 - $497 USD

Option 1 is $497 USD once off payment and includes:

* 12 Weeks Of Video Training
* 3 x 45 minute Coaching Calls
* 7 Bonus Training Modules

This is the ideal option for those just getting started and gives you everything you need to know and do right now to start selling art

OPTION 2 - $997 USD

Option 2 is $997 USD once off payment and includes:

* 12 Weeks Of Video Training
* 9 x 60 minute Coaching Calls
* 7 Bonus Training Modules

This option includes more coaching calls for 60 minutes each for those who want extra help. Coaching calls can be used within the next 12 months

Secure Checkout

If you are certain you are ready to finally start selling your art and you can see how this 12 week coaching program will help you to do so then simply choose your option above and get yourself registered.

The course will start right away once you complete your registration.

How To Get This Course To Pay For Itself ...

I know the investment to join us is not cheap ... it's deliberately at these prices because I don't want just anyone joining.

If too many artists join then it takes up too much time working with them so I can not spend as much time as I want through the course working with YOU. The more time I can devote to helping you implement the lessons you are going to learn the better your results will be.

But do you want to know the truth?

This program will be effectively free for you once you implement it.

Think about it ... how many paintings do you need to sell to get 100% of your money back from the investment in the course?

For most artists you will only need to make 2 or 3 sales and then you will have reaped enough rewards from the course that it effectively becomes free. You will recover your investment and you will still have the knowledge and skills you need for lots of future sales.

And you only need one or two good ideas from the course to completely change everything and start to see great results.

Register Now & Let's Get Started

So all you need to do now is to choose one of the two options above and get yourself registered.

You will then receive immediate access to the first weeks lessons.

I look forward to working with you. If you have questions about the coaching program then email me direct on
rodmooreart @ gmail.com

Here's to your success!


Rod Moore
Australian Contemporary Landscape Artist
Learn To Paint Academy

PS ... Because I have a very busy art practice I can only really take on board 5 artists at any one time into this program. That is because of the time involved hands on working with you through the program.

Once 5 artists have registered I will be closing it down again for at least another 6 months. So if you are serious about growing your art business and starting to sell your art then now is the time to register. 

If you have any questions then please email me and I will be more than happy to help.

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