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Palette Knife Painting Is An Exciting Way To Add New Elements To Your Paintings


When I first picked up a Palette Knife I had no idea how to use it. I quickly became frustrated with it and gave up.

Little did I know at the time how great it can be to use the Palette Knife, and how it can improve your paintings dramatically when used in the right way.

Even though the Moore Method of Painting has been proven to work by thousands of beginners around the world ... it is mostly based around using brushes. However as our students progress and develop their skills you are not doubt looking to add even more tools to your tool belt for mark making. The Palette Knife is the next logical step.

A good artist uses a range of tools to create the finished painting. But the Palette Knife causes so many issues for beginners because:

* There is such a range of different palette knives
* How do you use the palette knife to best effect
* What is the best way to mix paint and load the palette knife
* Which edge of the knife do you use and how
* How do you make a range of different marks with the knife
* What about blending and merging paint on the canvas with the knife

* And so much more

As you can see there is a lot too know about Palette Knives and how to use them to best effect

That's why we have put together this introductory course.

Learning To Use Palette Knives In Your Painting
Will Improve Your Skills As An Artist

In this Palette Knife Painting Introduction course you will learn these basic skills.

And you will be given plenty of assignments to practice when you follow along with the demonstration paintings. The more you use the palette knife the more your skills will develop.

Just like the concert pianist playing scales. They learn the basics of their craft and then practice a lot

Palette Knife painting is no different and I believe it is a must for any artist who is looking to improve and take their painting to a higher level.

The advantage of palette knife painting is it opens the doors to a whole knew world of mark making and new levels of creativity which will take your painting skills to a much higher level.

Palette Knife painting offers such a versatile broad approach to painting that once you master the skills of using it you will wonder why you didn't start incorporating it into your painting years ago.

In the Palette Knife Painting Introduction course you will learn everything you need to know to get you started on the right path.

Right now you can register (for a limited time) at the Early Bird Price and save money.

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Note - Price is in USD. As this is the early bird price you will receive the course as it is developed over the next few weeks.

Join Me Now In The New Course

Palette Knife Painting Introduction

If you are as excited by the possibilities of Palette Knife painting as I am then you will want to join me in the brand new course.

The new course will be split into a number of modules with each one building on the next.

MODULE 1 - Different Types Of Palette Knives & Their Uses

In Module One I will walk you through the different types of palette knives including:

* The difference between a palette knife and a painting knife
* ​The standard palette knife style and their uses
* Larger palette knives and when to use them
* ​Using paint scrapers for applying paint and taking it out
* How to get sharp edges with the palette knife
* ​​Understand when to use which type of knife

After watching Module One you will have an understanding of the different types of knives you can use in your painting

MODULE 2 - Basic Palette Knife Techniques


In Module Two we will look at the basic techniques of palette knife painting

We will start out with looking at how to mix paint with the palette knife and how to load the knife correctly for different types of application of the paint.

Then we will look at how to use the palette knife to apply paint to the canvas, create a gradient of paint, how to blend paint, blur the edges and more.

MODULE 3 - Demonstration of Techniques

Then in Module Three we will do a quick demonstration of some of the main techniques we just learnt.

This is a quick little study of a seascape where you will have the opportunity to apply the main palette knife painting techniques. We start out this simple painting by blocking in with the brush, then use the palette knife to add texture, highlights and details to the painting.

We have kept the demonstration to a simple easy to follow beginner style painting so you can easily have a go yourself.

This puts you in a great position to then tackle Module 4.

MODULE 4 - Complete Painting Project

In Module 4 we then do a complete painting project only this time the entire painting is done with palette knifes.

You will get to see every step of creating a painting using only palette knives from the drawing stage to the block in and the final stage of creating details and highlights.

Register Now At The Early Bird Price & Save

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If you love your painting like I do and you are ready to develop your skills then you will definitely love learning how to paint with the Palette Knife introduction course.

This is the only opportunity to join this brand new course at the early bird price and save money.

Why are we offering it so cheap?

Well for two reasons ... firstly I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to join us for this as I am convinced that learning to paint with the palette knife  is an ideal way to develop your painting skills for all artists regardless of experience. So I wanted to keep the price at an affordable level during the early bird period.

The other reason is because this is the early bird price the course will be developed over the coming weeks. As each video lesson is filmed and edited it will then be uploaded for you to access. Once the course is fully complete the price will then go to the regular price of $97.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Secure Checkout

Note - Price is in USD. As this is the early bird price you will receive the course as it is developed over the next few weeks.

When you start to combine the skills you will develop with the Palette Knife Introduction course  with the simplicity of the Moore Method of Painting you get a winning combination that will help you to become a better painter faster.

Join us today at the early bird price and save before its gone.

I am really excited about bringing you this terrific new course.

See you inside the course


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