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February 22nd - 23rd 2024

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The Live Workshop is 100% FREE To Take Part In!

Join "Learn To Paint Academy" founder Rod Moore in the coming live two day workshop.

This workshop is all about painting landscapes and how to get the best results for beginners.

Thousands of people have taken part in our previous challenges and the results they have produced have been outstanding. That's why we are doing it again. Now it's your turn.

Here is just a sample of what we will cover in the Live Two Day 'Beginners Landscape Painting Workshop'

  • The Basic Materials You Need To Get Started
  • How To Get The Best Results With Your Landscape Painting
  • Introduction To The Moore Method of Painting taught to100,000 + Students Globally
  • We Will Complete A Terrific Landscape Painting Over The Two Days
  • Designed For Beginners to Intermediate Level Artists
  • Improve Your Painting Along With Our Community

Have a go at the painting project and learn more about how to get the best results painting landscapes.

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 & Learn To Paint With The Moore Method of Painting!

Over the last ten years I have taught hundreds of artists in our workshops and more than 100,000 people in the Learn To Paint Academy, to learn to paint with the Moore Method of Painting.

Now its your turn!

This is your personal invitation to join us for the next Live Painting Challenge.

It is 100% FREE to register and join in the challenge.

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Come and join us and I will see you on day one.


Rod Moore
Contemporary Landscape Artist
Founder of the Learn To Paint Academy
Founder of the Artist Business Academy

Founder of the Figure Painting Academy

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