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Here is what you are going to learn ...

You Will Learn To Paint These Three Subjects With Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions

Landscape With Depth & Atmosphere

Learn How To Paint Realistic Looking Landscape Paintings

The first painting project you will learn teaches you everything you need to know about landscape painting. In this subject we learn how to use light and shadow effects, and how to create a sense of depth using the principles of atmospheric perspective. Once you master this painting you will have the knowledge to paint pretty much any landscape you want to.

Seascape With Headland In Dull Lighting

Learn How To Paint Great Looking Seascapes With A Headland

The next painting you will learn is a seascape with a headland. This subject is in dull lighting compared to the landscape. So we need to learn how to make the painting exciting and interesting despite the fact the light has less impact on the scene. 

Boatsheds On Creek

Discover How To Paint Buildings With The Right Perspective

The third painting you will learn is all about painting buildings in a landscape with the right perspective. We will focus in on how to get the right angles, shapes and proportions in these boat sheds so that we remain true to the subject. And we will look at how to paint the reflections and the background to complement the boat sheds.

You Get To See Every Brush Stroke, Every Color Mix, And Every Step
Taken To Produce These Great Looking Paintings!

Step 1 - Drawing

Step 2 - Block In

Step 3 - Finishing Details

The screen shots above are taken from the videos you are about to get access to. You can see the palette so you see every color mix, the reference photo, and the painting all on screen at the same time.

And To Really Help You To Unleash The Artist Within ...

Plus ... When You Join Today And You Will Get These BONUS Trainings Designed To Help YOU Become The Artist You Dream Of!

  • How To Unleash Your Inner Artist - In this detailed discussion we look at how you can tap into your creative potential and overcome the lack of self belief and confidence that so many artists face. You will learn how to finally let your inner artist out to express yourself.
  • The 5 Art Practices - As an artist there are five practices you need to develop yourself as an artist. In this presentation you will learn what these five practices are and how you can implement them into your life.
  • Mastering The Fundamentals - The fastest path to becoming a great artist is to focus on mastering the basics of good painting. You have already joined the fundamentals program so you are on the right path. In this presentation you will learn the roadmap to learning and mastering the fundamentals.
  • How To Analyze & Critique Your Paintings - In this presentation you will learn the one master skill that can transform your ability as an artist. It's learning how to analyze your paintings and learn the key lessons from each one that will help you improve for the next painting

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