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Composition & Design Course (Valued at $97 USD)

29 Lessons Included in This Course

Composition and Design is one of the first big stumbling blocks for many students. In this comprehensive course we look at the key concepts for a good composition, the focal point and the most common composition and design strategies you can use. We also look at some of the most common problems with composition. This one course alone will make a huge difference to your painting

Complete Values Course (Valued at $97 USD)

27 Lessons Included in This Course

Values are essential to achieve any sense of realism in your paintings and any feeling of depth in your landscapes and seascapes. Without a solid understanding of values and how to apply them your paintings may end up looking flat and lacking a feeling of depth in them. We take a deep dive in this course on all things related to Values

Colour & Colour Mixing (Valued at $97 USD)

35 Lessons Included in This Course

Colour and how to mix it is another area I have observed students really struggle in. And when you think about it Colour & Colour Mixing is the essential skill we must have. In this comprehensive course I show you everything you need to know to get you started with colour. And it's not just about which colour to use, you are also going to learn about ideas such as colour temperature, saturation, the values of colour, how to match any colour you want to mix and much more. This is an essential course that just on its own is worth the discounted price for the Fundamentals Program today.

Brushes & Brushwork (Valued at $97 USD)

17 Lessons Included in This Course

How you hold the brush, load it with paint, and use the brush to apply paint to the painting surface all makes a huge difference in the outcome. And then there is the question of which brush should you even use? Are more expensive brushes better? Should you use natural fibres or synthetic? All the questions and more are answered in our comprehensive course on Brushes and Brushwork. Another essential course every artist needs to go through at some point.

Drawing For Beginners (Valued at $97 USD)

15 Lessons Included in This Course

Drawing is an essential skill for artists. It is possible to become a great painter without necessarily being a great drawer, however good drawing skills will definitely help. In this beginner course we break down different techniques of drawing with pencils, and give you a whole range of practical drawing exercises.

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150 + Full Length Painting Projects

If you join the Fundamentals Program today you will also get access to more than 150 + full length painting projects. We have a large variety of projects you can try at home designed for the beginner to intermediate level student.

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