8 Week Structured Learning Program

YES … You Can Learn To Paint With Our Structured Comprehensive Learning Program That Will Take You From Beginner To Experienced Artist
In Just 8 Weeks Time!

It’s True! You Can Absolutely Learn To Paint Following Our Structured 8 Week Learning Program. Thousands of Students Globally Have Learned To Create Amazing
Looking Paintings With The Moore Method of Painting And Now It’s Your Turn.

Imagine For Just A Moment ...

Imagine For Just A Moment How Amazing It Will Feel When You Are Able To Create Great Looking Paintings That You Are Proud Of And Are Worthy Of Hanging On The Wall, Entering Local Art Shows, And Selling To New Collectors.

Millions Of People Around The World Dream Of Being Able To Paint But They Never Take The Steps They Need To Learn.

How Would It Feel If You Said YES To Your Dream And Finally Learned How To Create Amazing Paintings. Painting So Good That Your Friends & Family Want To Own Them & Complete Strangers Start To Collect Them.

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Read On To Discover How It’s Possible For YOU To Go From Beginner (Or Experienced But Stuck) Artist To An Accomplished Artist In Just 8 Weeks Following Our Structured Learning Program When You Join Our Global Community Of Artists.

YES! You Can Absolutely Learn To Paint.

Here's Why ...

Millions of people around the world dream about learning to paint, and creating great looking paintings, but they don’t think they can do it. If you are a creative person looking to express yourself by painting then chances are good you have wondered if learning to paint is something you could do.

It’s likely that you have found yourself day dreaming about becoming an artist and how incredible it would be.

I remember doing just that when I walked into the Tait Britain Gallery in London for the first time and saw the amazing J.W. Turner paintings. They took my breath away and for a moment I wondered if it would ever be possible for me to become an artist.

But then I talked myself out of it.

And life got in the way!

And years went by before I realised I had let my dream slip away.

Sound familiar?

If this is you then please keep reading. I want you to know that is totally possible for you to develop the skills you need to become an accomplished artist.

The sad reality though is that many of us talk ourselves out of pursuing our dreams because we don’t think we have the talent.

You Don't Need Natural Talent To Learn To Paint

Just The Right Learning Program

Sadly it is a common held belief that to become a good painter you need natural talent.

Many people believe this and they think they don’t have the necessary talent to become a really good painter.

Here is the truth though ... natural talent does exist … BUT … so few people have it that it's not worth worrying about. Most of the really good artists you see today started with zero natural talent.

If they had no natural talent then how did they become good artists then?

Well firstly they believed they could learn to paint.

And they had enough desire to do so.

Then, as we learn anything, its a matter of acquiring the knowledge you need and combine it with lots of practice. That’s how people with no talent can become good artists and even professional artists.

You can follow the same path if you really want to learn to paint.

When you follow a structured learning path and practice what you learn you will see rapid improvement in your paintings.

Natural talent is great if you have it.

But if you are one of the vast majority who don’t have natural talent then I want you to know its okay as you can still learn to become a really good artist who amazes your family and friends.

Everyone's Art Journey Starts At The Beginning

Including Mine...

Take a look at the two images above.

The first one is my very first painting that I ever attempted. As you can see it is a good example of someone having a go, but lacking in the knowledge and skills required to produce a good painting.

Having completed it I did what many people (and maybe you) do and that is to assume I had no natural talent for painting. I packed all the supplies into a box and gave up on my dream.

The second painting is a more recent painting which was sold to a repeat collector.

As you can see there is significant progress between the two.

The problem though is how long it took me to get good enough to produce the second painting. It was at least a decade.

What I lacked for a lot of that time was access to a structured learning program that would enable me to progressively develop my skills in a reasonable time frame, and to make reasonable progress in a reasonable time.

Had I enrolled in the program you are about to get access to then I could have made the same level of progress in 2 to 3 years time.

If You Have Tried To Learn In The Past & Failed
It's Not Your Fault!

Trying to learn to paint can be a frustrating process.

Attending physical workshops can be very costly and time consuming. Great artists often don’t make the best teachers of art. They may have artistic skills but if they don’t have basic communication skills, or have no idea how to teach in a way that you can learn then they are not of much value.

I had one world famous artist in a workshop tell me there was not much hope for me as an artist. Not exactly the encouragement that I paid a small fortune to get now is it. Fortunately I proved him wrong.

In another workshop I had the teacher make fun of me the entire time which made not only me uncomfortable but very awkward for the rest of the class.

Over the years I have purchased countless books and DVD’s to learn to paint. Again though the problem is there is no systematic teaching methodology. And not all great artists make good teachers. In fact many of them are very ordinary at teaching.

Of course you could go on YouTube and consume endless hours of various artists teaching all manner of things to do with painting only to wind up totally confused. If you get input from too many different instructors who all have their own way of doing things then its easy to wind up confused about what you should be doing.

It’s no wonder that learning to paint can be so complex. Most of the things we do can hold us back from making reasonable progress rather than propelling us forward to our goals.

So don’t despair if you have tried to learn in the past and not made the progress you desire. It’s really not your fault. The problem lies in the fact that there are few artists out there who know how to develop a systematic methodology for teaching painting and then put it together into a cohesive structured learning system.

There are even fewer who have in the process of developing such a teaching system have been able to generate thousands of positive results for their students.

I Decided To Figure Out How To Learn To Paint
And Then Develop A Teaching Method So I 
Could Share It With You!

After attending multiple workshops and coming away disappointed and with little improvement I decided I had to take matters into my own hands.

I was blessed with the ability to take in large amounts of information, and then extract the essence out of it and distill it down into a meaningful system. And I was naturally good at teaching. It was something that just came natural for me.

So I decided I was going to observe the best artists I could find and watch for patterns in what they were doing. I invested in hundreds of DVD’s of artists and started watching them over and over as I took notes. 

The first watch I would watch with the volume on to hear their explanations.

The next watch I would turn the sound of and just observe what they were doing.

After doing this hundreds of times I soon found patterns that virtually every good artist went through to construct a painting.

And here is the thing … Most of the time they were not able to articulate what they were doing in a way that was meaningful for the beginner to learn from. In most cases they had forgotten what they learned and were painting from their unconscious (or intuitively). So it was no wonder they couldn’t explain what they were doing.

I took notes like my life depended on it and started to formulate it into a process or methodology for constructing a painting.

The results of following this methodology were amazing.

Not only did my own painting take off but so did the painting of my students in the small workshops I was teaching at the time.

And That's When The Moore Method of Painting
Approach Was Brought To Life

At the time I was teaching small workshops to beginners on how to get started with painting in oils and acrylics. I had a good little group of regulars.

One day I started teaching them this new methodology I had been working on developing.

And I immediately noticed an improvement in the group.

They produced much better paintings than they had in previous classes with them. The feedback they gave me was that this new method for creating a painting just made sense to them, and it was logical and easy to follow.

Well within a few workshops these students were producing work that was good enough to sell, or to enter into their local art shows, or to frame and hang on the walls. Imagine that! 

Imagine for a moment being able to produce great looking art work you were really proud of all because you started to follow a simple easy to use method that takes you from blank canvas to finished masterpiece.

And you could do it again and again.

Well needless to say these students loved learning to paint with this new method as they made much faster progress in less time and enjoyed the process.

One day one of them said at the end of the workshop “We should call this the Moore Method of Painting”.

And that’s when the Moore Method of Painting was born.

What Exactly Is The Moore Method of Painting?

By now you are probably wondering “What exactly is the Moore Method of Painting?” and how it can benefit you.

The Moore Method of Painting is a methodology for going from a blank canvas to a finished masterpiece. 

It breaks the whole process down into 5 easy to learn steps.

And it simplifies everything.

In watching hundreds of hours of DVD’s of master artists I noticed that all of them went through the same 5 main steps in developing a painting. They all had their own slight variations on how they approached these 5 steps but they all went through these 5 steps to some degree.

As I mentioned earlier, the problem was they were either unaware of these steps consciously, or they didn’t know how to explain them accurately. Either way none of them directly addressed these steps as being the key points in the development of their paintings.

It was only through hundreds of hours of observation that I was able to recognise the same patterns over and over again.

Once I documented them I started to use them and saw dramatic improvement in my own painting.

What are the five steps?

I go into great detail explaining and demonstrating them in the new Moore Method of Painting 8 week learning program for you.

In short though they are:

1/ Analysis of the Subject

2/ Placement of the Big Shapes on the Painting Surface

3/ Establishing A Values Structure

4/ Modeling and Developing of Key Elements

5/ Refinement And Adding Details

Once you go through and study the Moore Method of Painting you will begin to automatically use this framework of the 5 steps to create all of your paintings from now on.

And you will find automatically that your paintings will improve.

With just a little practice you will rapidly accelerate your progress towards becoming a very good artist creating pieces of art you are proud of.

I say that with absolute confidence because so many of our students have gone from just starting out to very good artists in a short period of time. We have endless stories from our students of how they have started selling work, framing their work to decorate their homes, being asked to do commissions, gifting artwork to friends, having their art auctioned for charities, entering and winning prizes in the local art show and more.

Most importantly your enjoyment from painting will grow and you will have much more fun because now you have a proven method for truly expressing your creative self in paint.

Simplification Is Your Key To Success!

Right now you might be wondering how the Moore Method of Painting can really help you to make such dramatic improvements in your own painting.

The key is our focus on SIMPLIFICATION.

I remember well the day I found myself in the art supplies aisle of the local $2 shop. I went in their to buy a coffee mug and somehow drifted into the art supplies section.

The first time I laid eyes on all of those tubes of colourful paint my little heart sped up with excitement. I had always wanted to have a go at painting. Now here I was faced with all these luscious colours, and brushes and more.

This voice in my head shouted “Just BUY EVERYTHING and take it home!”

So I did!

I filled my shopping basket up with 32 tubes of paint, 13 paint brushes, a range of canvases, and a bunch of other stuff that looked important.

That weekend I had a go at doing my first painting (see above) and I quickly realised that I had no real idea on how to use any of the materials that I had purchased.

The mistake I had made, and I have since seen many make, is that I was overcomplicating the process way to much.

And because I didn’t have a structured learning program I was all over the place with trying to figure out how to paint.

This is your chance to finally learn how to simplify the painting process down so you can get much better results with your painting faster.

Have A Look At Our Amazing Students Results

And Read Their Feedback...

Use the Left and Right arrows to scroll through the results from some of our students

Take a look through the feedback from some of our students above.

We have hundreds of case studies of our students who joined us almost no skill or ability for painting, who quickly go on to start producing amazing looking paintings they once only dreamed about.

Now its your turn ...

Introducing The Moore Method of Painting 2.0

8 Week Structured Learning Program

After more than a decade of perfecting how to teach painting to students like you, and having taught well over 100,000 students in that time I am proud to now launch the most comprehensive structured learning program ever developed for painting.

The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 is the culmination of thousands of hours teaching students in physical workshops, art retreats and online. Over more than a decade I have been developing this program of teaching painting, and improving it based on the real world feedback from thousands of students.

And now for the first time ever the brand new Moore Method of Painting 2.0 is available to you.

This is your opportunity to take advantage of a decade spent developing the most comprehensive learning program created for beginner to intermediate level artists.

When you register for the program and start your lessons you will make rapid improvements.

Each day of the 8 week program you will have detailed and comprehensive lessons designed to improve your knowledge, combined with practical assignments and projects for you to complete.

As each day passes and you complete the assignments and projects your confidence will build.

Your knowledge of how to paint will expand and your skills with the brush in going from a blank canvas to a framed masterpiece over the 8 weeks will be dramatic.

Imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends as you go from total beginner to accomplished artist right in front of their eyes.

Here's What Your 8 Week Painting Journey Includes:

Over the 8 weeks of the program we cover everything you need to know to go from beginner to an accomplished artist. Here is a look at just some of what we will learning...

Week 1 - Getting Started & The Materials You Need

In week 1 we go through the basics you need to get you started. We take an indepth look at the materials you will need, and learn more about paint, how to mix paint and more.

We also explore deciding on what to paint and what style of painting you may wish to pursure. 

This first week sets you up for success in the program.

Week 2 - A Simple Landscape Project

In week 2 we start to learn about how to create three dimensional form in the elements in a painting. We do a number of values studies and learn how to mix the right values we need.

We learn all about our 5 step painting process and how to apply it.

Then we have a go at our first simple landscape painting.

We approach this painting using the 5 steps and a limited palette. This is a simple landscape you can do to learn the basic concepts and start to build your confidence.

Week 3 - A Simple Seascape Project

In week 3 we take these same lessons and complete a simple seascape painting with dramatic cliff faces. In this painting we focus on capturing a feeling of light on the cliffs.

Then we start to take a more in depth look at the various elements to be found in a landscape painting.

We discover the key things to focus on to make each of your elements take on more form and dimension. This alone will greatly improve your painting.

Week 4 - Intermediate Level Landscape

In week 4 we start to look at the all important concept of Aerial Perspective. In order to have your landscape paintings take on greater depth and atmosphere there are certain keys we can apply that build a sense of Aerial Perspective.

And we complete a more complex landscape in which we have both a lot of depth and atmosphere, and a more complex element in the main tree.

After you finish this project you will have greatly improved your painting skills.

Week 5 - Intermediate Level Seascape

In week 5 we look at what is known as the Painterly Approach to painting which is a key to Impressionist style painting.

And we complete a Seascape painting that further builds on our knowledge of Aerial Perspective. In this painting we will create a lot of depth and distance in the painting scene.

Week 6 - Learning From The Masters

In week 6 we swith our focus to taking a look at what some of the great master artists from history did.

We will complete three studies in our sketchbook which will give you a framework then to go on and complete your own master studies as part of your art practice.

Week 7 - Creating Depth & Atmosphere

In week 7 we revisit the idea of creating detph and atmosphere in our paintings.

Now we introduce a more advanced palette which gives us a greater range of colours to create our paintings from.

And we introduce the all important concepts of temperature and saturation of paint as key tools artists use to create stunning looking paintings.

Week 8 - Paint Your Masterpiece

Finally in week 8 we complete our master piece painting.

In this larger more complex painting we take everything we have studied over the past 8 weeks and bring it all to one larger more considered painting.

By the time you get to this stage you will have advanced your skills and knowledge well beyond anything you could have achieved as a hobby artist.

The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 program includes:

* 8 Weeks of Structured Learning Modules

* Knowledge and Theory Lessons To Lay The Ground Work

* Skill Building Exercises & Assignments

* Practical Painting Projects

* Access To Our Fundamentals Program

* Become A Part Of Our Global Community

* Access to Video Critiques & Feedback From Rod

* Access to More Than 200+ Painting Projects To Try

* Access to the Photo Library With 10,000+ Photos To Paint

* And so much more

Not only is the Moore Method of Painting 2.0 an extensive and in depth look at painting over the 8 weeks, but you can extend your learning well past this time frame with our additional projects, challenges, live stream recordings and photo library that we will include for you.

In fact there is enough material to keep you painting for 3 to 5 years by which time you will have become an excellent painter.

Everything you need to go from where you are now to a becoming a very competent artist is in this offer to come and join us in the Moore Method of Painting 2.0 program

Who Is The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 Program Perfect For?

  • For anyone who has dreamed of learning to paint but wasn't sure what to do or where to start. If this is you then the Learn To Paint Academy is the place for you to achiever your dream of painting.
  • Anyone who has had a go at painting in the past and not got the results you had hoped for. You may have even assumed you don't have the talent for painting. Join us and learn how you can get past the sticking points and frustrations and start to produce great looking paintings.
  • Artists who like to work at their own pace from the comfort of their home. You can go as fast or as slow as you like as you work through the projects and improve your ability to paint some great looking paintings.
  • Those artists looking to try some more challenging paintings in the tradition of Impressionist painting, and who want to learn new techniques, ideas and approaches that can rapidly improve your skills in as little as 7 days.

Ready To Get Started?

Take Advantage of The Discounted Launch Price ...

Limited Time $897 $247 USD (You Save $650)

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What You Get Access To When You Join:

Comprehensive Painting Courses

You will be getting instant access to our most important painting courses that will give you a fast track to painting success.

Step-By-Step Projects

Learn at your own pace with our comprehensive step-by-step painting projects you can watch any time.

Life Time Access

You  pay once but you will have lifetime access to the everything offered as part of the Moore Method of Painting package.

Join A Global Community

You will be joining our global community of inspired artists in the Learn To Paint Academy members site

You Will Make RAPID Progress With Your Painting Skills In Just 8 Weeks When You Follow Our Easy Step By Step Approach:

  • Understand  the 5 step painting process so you get the best results and your paintings rapidly improve
  • Overcome some of the most frustrating elements of learning to paint and how to move past sticking points easily.
  • How to analyse a scene you want to paint to best effect so that you are using the right composition structure for success
  • Choosing the right Paints, Brushes and Painting Surfaces for best results with your medium.
  • Reduce the amount of paints, materials, and general art supplies you are using potentially saving you a fortune
  • How to paint with a limited palette for great results
  • The key to painting looser and with an Impressionist feel to your paintings
  • Where to place your focal point and how to bring it into focus to captivate the viewer of your works
  • Why most beginners fail in their efforts to learn to paint and how you can avoid the mistakes they make
  • How to get vibrant clean colour into your paintings and really master the basics of good colour mixing
  • The secret to getting highlights that pop out at the viewer
  • Capturing light and shadow in your paintings to best effect
  • Five things you need to do to add depth, atmosphere and emotion to your paintings ... they may not be what you think
  • Using colour temperature to add drama and emotion to your paintings
  • Controlling the eye of the viewer in your painting to hold their attention
  • PLUS so much more that I have learned in 10+ years going from absolute beginner to full time professional artist

Register Now For The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 & Get Started Today Learning To Paint The Right Way

To help you get started the right way on your painting journey we have put together an amazing offer so you can easily join the Moore Method of Painting 2.0

When you register right now you will get instant access to the following :

The "Moore Method of Painting 2.0" - 8 Week Structured Program

The success of our students in the Learn To Paint Academy has largely come about because of the Moore Method of Painting. This is our simplified and structured approach to the painting process that will help improve your painting almost immediately.

You get these full length courses:

The New Moore Method of Painting 2.0

You will get access to the brand new Moore Method of Painting 2.0 eight week structured learning program. It does not matter your current skill level, when you follow the eight week program and do the assignments and projects you absolutely will improve your painting guaranteed.

The Moore Method of Painting (Original Version)

Discover the Moore Method of Painting and how it can help you rapidly improve your painting skills. More than 95,000 people globally have learnt to paint using the Moore Method of Painting ... now its your turn

Learn To Paint Introduction Course

The Learn To Paint Introduction Course is designed for anyone to learn how you can start painting in Oils, Water Mixable Oils, Acrylics or Gouache following an easy approach you can learn today.

Art Studio Chats

In the Art Studio Chat's series Rod shares with you ides, tips, tricks and answers to the most commonly asked questions when learning to paint. Everything from how to varnish a painting to preparing your own boards to paint on. There is a wealth of information in these Art Studio Chat's

And For A Limited Time Only You Will Also Get Access To The Fundamentals Program To Further Develop Your Skills And Knowledge ... If You Register Today!

After you have gone through the 8 week program and started to become familiar with the painting process we use you will notice that its all about simplifying things, and giving you an easy step by step framework to follow.

From there the next most important thing to focus on are the fundamentals of good painting. There are about a half a dozen fundamentals that make about 80% of the difference in the success of your painting. When you focus on learning and applying these fundamentals your painting can rapidly improve.

In fact the students that have made the most improvement in the Learn To Paint Academy have done so once they start applying what they learn in the courses below that form the Fundamentals Program.

That's why we have included each of these full length courses on the Fundamentals for you:

Composition & Design Course

Composition and Design is one of the first big stumbling blocks for many students. In this comprehensive course we look at the key concepts for a good composition, the focal point and the most common composition and design strategies you can use. We also look at some of the most common problems with composition.

This one course alone will make a huge difference to your painting

Values Course

Values are essential to achieve any sense of realism in your paintings and any feeling of depth in your landscapes and seascapes. Without a solid understanding of values and how to apply them your paintings may end up looking flat and lacking a feeling of depth in them.

We take a deep dive in this course on all things related to Values

Colour Mixing Course

Colour and how to mix it is another area I have observed students really struggle in. And when you think about it Colour & Colour Mixing is the essential skill we must have.

In this comprehensive course I show you everything you need to know to get you started with colour. And it's not just about which colour to use, you are also going to learn about ideas such as colour temperature, saturation, the values of colour, how to match any colour you want to mix and much more.

This is an essential course that just on its own is worth the entire discounted price for this special promotion today.

Brushes & Brushwork Course

How you hold the brush, load it with paint, and use the brush to apply paint to the painting surface all makes a huge difference in the outcome. And then there is the question of which brush should you even use? Are more expensive brushes better? Should you use natural fibres or synthetic?

All the questions and more are answered in our comprehensive course on Brushes and Brushwork. Another essential course every artist needs to go through at some point.

Drawing For Beginners Course

Drawing is an essential skill for artists. It is possible to become a great painter without necessarily being a great drawer, however good drawing skills will definitely help.

In this beginner course we break down different techniques of drawing with pencils, and give you a whole range of practical drawing exercises.

PLUS ... You Will Get Plenty Of Opportunity To Practice Your Painting With More Than 200+ Projects To Try

As you start to learn this new knowledge from the Moore Method of Painting program and the Fundamentals Program you are going to want to paint. The more you paint the more this new knowledge starts to show up in your paintings.

So we have included in this special package for you more than 200 painting projects for you to try.

They are all taught using the Moore Method of Painting and Rod walks you through each project step-by-step giving you detailed explanations of what he is doing.

Here is a sample of some of the paintings you will be having a go at:

Included in this promotion are the following which are full of great painting projects to try like the ones above:

* Learn To Paint TV 2017
* Learn To Paint TV 2018
* Learn To Paint TV 2019
* Learn To Paint TV 2020
* 3+ Years Of Live Stream Recordings
* All Future Live Stream Recordings
* 10 Episodes of Yes You Can Paint TV Show
* Online Workshops

By the time you go through the above courses and painting projects you will have taken your painting to a much higher level than you might now think is possible.

So many of our students from around the world have gone before you and achieved success ... now its your turn!

And To Make It Even BETTER For You, Register Now
& You Will Get This Massive BONUS ....

The Recordings Of All Of The Past Challenges

Once you have made a start by going through all of the above courses and having a go at some of the painting projects you will find that you have started to make some solid progress with your painting.

At this point you may wish to challenge yourself further!

For that reason we are also including the recordings of ALL of the past challenges we have run for our members.

That's right, you get access to all of the past challenges, and any recordings of future painting challenges we may run.

Here is just a sample of what is included:

Start Your Art Challenge

The Start Your Art Challenge is designed to help you stop dreaming about painting and actually get busy doing it. In the challenge you will learn what to do first, second and so on in a step by step fashion. The skills build over several projects and you will surprise yourself by the time you are finished up.

Kick Start Your Art Challenge

Kick Start Your Art Challenge was one of our most popular challenges ever. We start out by doing some skill building exercises using some simple every day objects. Then we progressively build your skills into more advanced and complex subjects.

You will be taken by the hand and walked through a progressive step by step approach to how to construct a painting from start to finish. 

This is one of our most comprehensive challenges we have done.

Unleash The Artist Within 1 & 2

If you have always been a creative person, dreamed about learning to paint, longed for the ability to be able to express yourself in paint, then there is an artist within you just waiting to get out.

The Unleash The Artist Within challenges 1 & 2 where both designed to help you unleash that artist who has been hiding away deep within your soul for most of your life.

It's time to let that artist out and let them be free.

Paint The Impressionists 1 & 2 

Do you love Impressionist painting? At the Learn To Paint Academy we do and it is the primary style that we focus on in our painting.

With the Paint The Impressionists 1 & 2 we go back and study the great master impressionists from history. We take inspiration from the French, Australian, USA & Russian Impressionists.

Before you know it you will be painting Monet, Arthur Streeton, Edgar Payne and Nichola Fechin paintings and doing so with confidence. 

The Great Acrylic Painting Challenge

Love Acrylic Painting? Acrylics are a fun, versatile, and terrific medium to paint with. So many beginner to intermediate artists use Acrylics.

But they can be challenging as they dry to fast, are difficult to blend, dry darker and so on. In the Great Acrylic Painting Challenge we help you to overcome these challenges and get the absolute best out of your paintings with acrylics.

Loosen Up Your Painting Challenge

If you love Impressionist paintings then chances are good you also love loose painterly style paintings. But as you have probably found it can be really difficult to loosen up your painting.

When we start out painting we tend to be too uptight and try and control everything with our painting. What ends up on the canvas is a reflection of that.

So in this challenge we show you how to loosen up so you have a much fresher more dynamic looking painting to show.

You Will Be Learning To Paint With A Structured Learning Program Proven To Work By Thousands of Students!

As you can see from everything above that you are about to get instant access to, we have a structured learning program that will help you rapidly improve your paintings.

Many of our students make fast improvement in the first few months (some even as fast as just 7 days).

All you need to do is just follow the step-by-step process and watch as your paintings start to come alive on the canvas.

Join us today and let's get busy painting :)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can register today with confidence! If you decide at any time in the next 30 days from when you register that it is not for you then simply contact our Support Desk for an unconditional money back guarantee

You Get Lifetime Access

One of the best things about the Moore Method of Painting 2.0 program is you can work at your own pace. You pay just once for everything included in the program, and you will have lifetime access to the courses and the projects!

Why Register Right Now?

As you can see we have heavily discounted the price because we want to encourage as many people as possible to join us in the Learn To Paint Academy ... however we can't continue this huge discount price for much longer.

PLUS - Join Now & Get This Huge BONUS 

Rod's Personal Mentors & Masters Analysis

Join us today and take advantage of this Moore Method of Painting 2.0 promotion and you will also get access to the Mentors & Masters Analysis program.

I am often asked by students how I made such rapid progress with my painting I always suggest the following ... finding good MENTORS to work directly with, and studying the past MASTER ARTISTS.

That's why I decided I had to include the following BONUS programs for those of you who say YES today:

Brian Cook Painting Projects

One of the mentors who had the biggest impact on my painting was the master artist Brian Cook. Brian had a unique approach and relied heavily on the palette knife to get the effects he produced in his work. After starting to attend his workshops I asked Brian if he would be interested in filming some painting projects. Sadly he passed away before we could film him in action, however we developed these four painting projects. These are the last four painting projects of a master artist.

Richard Chamerski - From Plein Air To Studio

Richard Chamerski was one of my early mentors and was a fabulous landscape artist. I helped Richard film a DVD titled "From Plein Air To Studio". The online version is included here for you in this promotion.

Masters Analysis

Our Masters Analysis program is for our monthly and annual members to gain a greater understanding of the work of some of the true masters of painting.

Each episode we will pick one master artist either from the past or a contemporary artist, and have an in depth look at their lives, their work, and their methods. By studying the masters of painting you will learn so much about different approaches to painting.

Get The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 

Take Advantage of Today's Special Discounted Price ...

When you register for the Moore Method of Painting 2.0 program you will get instant access to the following designed to help you rapidly improve your painting skills:

  • The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 program
  • 8 Comprehensive Painting Courses (Regular Price $776 USD)
  • More Than 200 Painting Projects 
  • Join Our Global Community of Artists
  • Three Years of Live Stream Recordings
  • Masters Analysis Program
  • And More ...

And you will also be getting instant access to the following BONUSES:

  • BONUS - All Past Challenges Recordings
  • BONUS - Brian Cook Painting Projects
  • BONUS - Richard Chamerski Project
  • Three Years of Live Stream Recordings
  • Masters Analysis Program
  • And More ...

And if you act now and are one of the next 25 people to register you get personal one on one help from Rod in the form of a Video Critique of 1 of your paintings done from the Learn To Paint Academy. (Value? Priceless)

There is hours and hours of video content included in the Moore Method of Painting 2.0 promotion that you can watch any time and work through at your own pace.

This is your chance to make rapid improvements with your Painting in as little as just seven days following our easy step-by-step instructions.

BONUS - Plus You Will Be Joining Our Global
Community Of Inspired Artists

When you take advantage of this special offer today you will be joining our global community of inspired artists.

Thousands of artists, from beginner to intermediate level, have already joined us in the Learn To Paint Academy. You will be joining them and have access to our wonderful community of like minded artists from all over the world.

This is your opportunity ... come and join us!

Total Value $897 USD ... Today YOU Save $650 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Medium Are The Courses In?

The Courses & projects are taught in either oils, water mixable oil, acrylics, or gouache, however they are taught in such a way that it can be transferred between Acrylics, Oils, Water Mixable Oils & Gouache. So any of the courses taught in any of these mediums can be transferred to other courses.

When Do The Courses Start?

There is no set time or schedule for the courses. You take them at your own pace. So just log in when ever you are ready and take your time going through the courses in the order you want.

How Do I Get Access To The Courses?

After you join an account will be created for you in the Learn To Paint Academy. This account allows you to access the members area at any time with your log in details. Its a simple matter of logging in to your account to access your courses and projects.

How Long Do I Have Access For?

If you decide today to join by clicking the button above and create your account then you will have access for life. So you pay one time but enjoy unlimited access to the courses for as long as you like.

Can I Really Learn To Paint?

Yes ... if you have the desire to and have a go. The Moore Method of Painting has so far helped 120,000 + students around the world to learn to paint. Some have gone on to enter art shows, sell their work online, win awards and start art teaching businesses. The Moore Method of Painting is proven to work ... so if you follow along you can get similar results.

What Art Supplies Do I Need To Get Started?

The beauty of the The Moore Method of Painting is that we recommend keeping it simple. Therefore the supplies we recommend are minimal. Once you become a member we will share with you the required art supplies used within each of the courses

Do I Get Full Access To Everything In The Learn To Paint Academy?

No ... this promotion is only for the courses listed above on this sales page. It is the best of the Learn To Paint Academy but not everything available. If you wish to upgrade to FULL ACCESS for life then click on the check box on the order for to upgrade your order. This will add an additional once off charge to the total but will ensure you become a full access member with a once off payment for life.

Can I Work At My Own Pace?

Yes you definitely can work at a pace that suits you. As all the courses are pre-recorded and available in the members area you can access them any time that suits you, and work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Still have questions? If you do contact our Support Desk

Meet Your Teacher Rod Moore

Rod Moore is a contemporary impressionist landscape artist based in Noosa, Australia.

His paintings are loose, bold and impressionistic and are held by both private and corporate collectors around the world.

Rod is the founder of the Learn To Paint Academy and creator of the Moore Method of Painting. To date he has taught hundreds of students in workshops, and more than 120,000 students have been through his online art classes and workshops. 

Rod is the star of the TV shows 'Plein Air Painting TV' and 'Yes You Can Paint TV' both of which were 13 episodes each and broadcast around Australia and New Zealand.

YOU Can Get Amazing Results Like Our Students When
You Follow Our Step By Step Painting Projects ...

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Note – You are registering for the Moore Method of Painting 2.0 program at the Learn To Paint Academy. All charges are in USD. No refunds are available after the 30 day money back period ends. Access is available for the painting courses listed in this sales page only and this offer does not give access to other courses or projects in the Learn To Paint Academy unless you take the upgrade option for full access.

Enjoy Success Like Our Students Are Having...

I have really benefited artistically since I have been with the Learn to Paint Academy. Rod not only simplifies the painting process for his students, but also explains the often difficult and abstract concepts behind creating art and appreciating it for its conceptual, historical and cultural semiotic.

-Colin, Australia

My few previous attempts with painting lessons prior to Rod’s Method were devastating failures. I began the Learn to Paint Academy on April 1, 2020, with unexpectedly rapid results.

The 5 Day Painting Challenge beautifully pulled together all that I had been learning and practising via the Academy courses. I never dreamed that I could ever be at this stage of painting! The simplicity of Rod's method makes it so easy to achieve surprisingly good results on the first try! Thanks a million, Rod, for the life changing achievement of the belief that I can do this!!

-Sherlyn, USA

I have painted this painting using the Moore Method of Painting, I have struggled for years trying to get things looking like they should and had trouble with colour mixing, perspective and knowing how to choose a composition.

Then found the Learn To Paint Academy and have not looked back I have improved so much and sold paintings for the first time. Congratulations Rod on a teaching learners how to paint. Great Job!!!.

- Cheryl Howard, Australia

The past few years with you as teacher and the LTPA have been an incredible experience for me. Having done the MCI programme has opened the world of art to me. The continued journey with LTPA has improved my skills immensely.

3 steps, 3 colours, 3 brushes make for a winner in learning to paint. The simplest methodology I have seen online, period.

Thanks for your continued and valued support and training.

Highly appreciated and recommended.

- John, Taiwan

Becoming a part of the Learn To Paint Academy community and learning the Moore Method of Painting has helped me tremendously in my journey to become an artist.

As a beginner, I was often overwhelmed but working with this simplified method has made it so much easier.

- Gaetanne, Canada

One of my early attempts during the April challenge. I can’t believe my transformation from nothing to being capable of having a go after six months with Rod

- Bob Blair, Saratoga

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