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I tried many online tutorials and joined a number of different art groups but never found the right one for me. The Learn To Paint Academy is different and Rod Moore, as a tutor is "simply the best!"

- Lesley D

Start Your Art Journey With Our Structured Learning Program

You will learn how to paint even if you are an absolute beginer with our structured learning program. The Moore Method of Painting simplifies the painting process into easy to learn steps. You will be joining thousands of students globally who have learned to paint with the Moore Method of Painting.

Now its your turn to learn to paint when you register today and join us.

Structured Methodology

Learn more in less time with our structured learning program and Moore Method of Painting

Self Paced Learning

As a member you can work at your own pace and in your own time with 70+ online courses to work through.

Knowledge x Practice

Gain both the knowledge you need with the practice you will get from the many painting projects included.

Join Today As A Full Access Member

When you join today you get full access to all that the Learn To Paint Academy has to offer:

Online Courses 65+

You will get instant access to more than 65+ online learn to paint courses. These full length courses are designed for beginner to intermediate level artists and take you step by step through the process of learning to paint. We have a wide range of courses covering everything you need to know to get started on your art journey and start producing paintings you are proud of.

Regular Painting Challenges

You will have instant access to the recordings from all of our past painting challenges along with invites to all of the future painting challenges. Our painting challenges are designed to help you become the best artist you can be. You will learn new skills, challenge yourself and try new and exciting painting projects that you may not have tried on your own.

Painting Projects 250+

You will get instant access to 250+ painting projects that you can try out at home, along with four years worth of live stream recordings. So you will always have plenty of painting projects to try out.

Masters Analysis

Our Masters Analysis program helps you get a deep insight into some of the greatest artists from history. We take a detailed look at select artists to see what we can learn from them and their lives. In addition you will learn from Rod's own personal mentors like Brian Cook and Richard Chamerski.

Global Community

When you join us today you will be joining our global community of artists from all corners of the world and all experience levels. You don't have to go it alone on your art journey ... join with us and our friendly inspired artists who will cheer you on.

And So Much More

The list of benefits for joining the Learn To Paint Academy are too long to add here. When you join you get instant access to everything above and everything we add in the future.

Moore Method of Painting 2.0

- 8 Week Structured Course

As a new member you will have access to our brand new 8 week structured course titled the "Moore Method of Painting 2.0".

This comprehensive course is the perfect blend of painting knowledge, practical assignments and painting projects and is taught in a step-by-step method ensuring maximum learning for you. In just 8 weeks you can rapidly improve your painting skills.

Includes our 5 Step Painting Process that helps you go from blank canvas to finished masterpiece. And in week 8 you will complete your masterpiece painting.

This is the complete program to rapidly improve your painting even if you are a complete beginner.

The Fundamentals Of Good Painting

After completing the 8 week structrued program you will then want to spend time studing the basics of good painting, or what we refer to as the Fundamentals of Good Painting.

Our Fundamentals Program includes the following full length courses for you:

* Composition & Design Course
* Values Course
* Colour & Colour Mixing Course
* Drawing For Beginners

* Brushes & Brushwork

Each of these course are 2 to 3 hours in length and will assist you in developing your painting skills to a much higher level. The Fundamentals Program is included for you when you register as a member today.

Study The Masters

A big key to success is to study those who have been successful before us. In painting this is particularly helpful and we are fortunate to have hundreds of years of master artists who have gone before us.

A large part then of the Learn To Paint Academy study program is spending time studying the master artists of the past.

We do this through our full length programs including:

* The Masters Analysis Series

* Study The Masters Painting Challenge

* Paint The Impressionists Painting Challenge

Painting Challenges

You will get instant access to the recordings from all of our past painting challenges. Our painting challenges have become legendary amongst our members with thousands of people joining them when we run them live.

Here is just some of the painting challenges we have run in the past that you can start to learn from today:

* Acrylic Painting 5 Day Bootcamp
* Advanced Large Painting Challenge
* April Painting A Day Challenge
* Great Acrylic Painting Challenge
* Kick Start Your Art

* Loosen Up Your Painting

* Outback Impressions

* Paint The Impressionists 1, 2 & 3
* Unleash The Artist Within 1 & 2
* Start Your Art
* And More

These painting challenges will not only help you develop your skills and knowledge but they will push you to try paintings you may not have and help you become a better artist in the process.

Painting Projects For All Levels

With over 250+ Painting Projects for you to try there is something for everyone. We have paiting projects for absolute beginners, beginners, intermediate level and even advanced painters.

And our projects can be complete in Oils, Water Mixable Oils, Acrylics or Gouache.

So there is something for everyone included in the more than 250 painting projects that are included in your membership.

Meet Your Art Teacher Rod Moore

Rod Moore is a contemporary impressionist landscape artist based in Queensland, Australia.

His paintings are loose, bold and impressionistic and are held by both private and corporate collectors around the world.

Rod is the founder of the Learn To Paint Academy and creator of the Moore Method of Painting. To date he has taught hundreds of students in workshops, and more than 120,000 students have been through his online art classes and workshops. 

Rod is the star of the TV shows 'Plein Air Painting TV' and 'Yes You Can Paint TV' both of which were 13 episodes each and broadcast around Australia and New Zealand.

Click To View Rod's Artwork

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Click To Hear What They Say About Rod

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What Our Members Say

"The Moore Method of Painting 2.0 has been a fantastic challenge with a vast variety of projects which I thoroughly enjoyed. Rods expert tutoring along with joining in with students from around the world has been a very worthwhile and meaningful endeavour. I highly recommend The Learn To Paint Academy for both beginner and more advanced."

- Pauline, Wales UK

"The new Moore Method of Painting 2.0 has given me the most beneficial learning experience on my art journey to date! I cannot say enough to accurately describe the depth of learning I received. Although my art journey has been long and off and on, I am truly amazed at the growth I have experienced with the Learn To Paint Academy! I have learned so much and been able to apply the 5 steps to my painting - from subject selection, to big shapes, to values, modeling and finishing details! I cannot wait for the next lessons! Also, I must add the LTPA membership is the greatest investment in "me" that I have ever had! Join us! You will never regret it! Many thanks, Rod!"

- Debbie, USA

"Rod is incredibly generous in sharing his knowledge as well as being a fabulous, natural teacher and tutor. His new 5-step, improved Moore Method of Painting 2.0 is a refinement of the original three-step MMP programme. It makes so much sense that anyone can learn to paint, even if you've never picked up a brush before.

And even for the more experienced painters, there is always something new to learn or revise. I have also made many friends from around the world through the art community that he has built, it is a positive and encouraging community.
Joining the Learn to Paint Academy a few years ago has been life-changing for me and I am a total convert to Rod's way of teaching and learning; I highly recommend that you join, you won't regret it!"

- Carolina, Australia

"Rods infectious enthusiasm, clear explanations and demonstrations,suitable for both very beginners or more experienced artists, leads to confidence and individual style.
I have been hobby painting for many years and as a result of joining have gained increased confidence to sell my paintings."

- Betty, Australia

"I have learnt so much with this new method. Rod Moore is such a fantastic teacher, everything is explained and demonstrated from start to finish that anyone can follow. I am so grateful that I came across the Learn to Paint Academy and became a member. Best decision ever."

- Marie, Australia

"The Moore Method of Painting program has changed my life. As a casual part-time hobby artist, I was lacking the basic fundamentals necessary to good painting. Rod Moore is a great motivator and caring teacher who makes it easy to follow the steps that will make you a better artist. I am improving my painting with each new project and look forward to start selling my work. Thank you, Rod for your expert guidance and personal attention. If you are a beginner or intermediate artist, this program will put you on the path to being a much better artist. As Rod says, “Just give it a go!”."

- Carmen, USA


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A structured learning program with easy to follow lessons means you will make rapid progress with your art in weeks!

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After just a couple of months of becoming a member of the Learn To Paint Academy, my life has completely changed. It's the best and nicest thing ive ever done for myself. After years of trying and stopping, and torn between hope and doubts, im finally learning what to do and how to do it. Amazing stuff. 

- Nicole M

What's Included When You Join Today:

  • Access to 65+ Full Length Online Painting Courses
  • More Than 250+ Painting Projects To Try
  • Masters Analysis Program
  • Study The Masters Program
  • Paint The Impressionists Program
  • All Of The Recordings From Past Challenges
  • Video Critiques Of Students Work
  • Live Painting Challenges & Workshops
  • Join Our Global Artist Community
  • And Much More

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Membership Work?

When you register today our system will create a unique members account just for you and email you all the details.

All you need to is log into your member account to access your courses and content from the members Dashboard.

Like a Netflix membership your membership will automatically renew each month unless you cancel which you are free to do at any time.


Can I Cancel Anytime?

Yes you can cancel at any time as there are no lock in cotracts at all.

To cancel your membership just open a support ticket in our support system - Go Here For Support

Please ensure you give 72 hours notice prior to your next billing to avoid additional charges.


Can I Study At My Own Pace?

Yes the Learn To Paint Academy is designed to enable you to work at your own pace. So take as long as you need to work through the courses that are right for you.

If you are unable to join us on any of the live stream sessions don't worry. These are all recorded and made available in your members account.


What Art Supplies Do I Need?

Our goal at the Learn To Paint Academy is to keep things as simple as possible for members. So Rod uses a limited palette with limited art supplies.

And he teaches you how to get the best possible results from limited art supplies. So it won't break the bank buying endless supplies.


What Medium Is This For?

The Moore Method of Painting is designed so that it can be applied to Oil Paints, Water Mixable Oils, Acrylics and Gouache.

While we do have some courses and lessons for watercolour, the courses are primarily designed for the above mediums.

The way Rod teaches the Moore Method of Painting makes it easily transferable between those four mediums.


What Level Of Experiece Do I Need?

You don't need any experience at all. In fact we have many examples of absolute beginners who go from never having painted to doing great work, entering art shows and selling work.

And if you have bee painting for awhile and are maybe stuck and frustrated with your progress then this is a great option for you as well. We will help to reinforce what you already know, and develop your skills to a new level.


What If I Have No Natural Talent?

While natural talent does exist for a small percentage of people the truth is you don't need it to become a really good painter.

What you do need is the knowledge, practice and a support community all of which we provide in the Learn To Paint Academy.


How Do I Get Assistance?

If you have additional questions or need assistance then do not hesitate to contact our support desk and open a support ticket at:


The Learn To Paint Academy Is The Place For Beginner To Intermediate Level Artists To Rapidly Improve Their Painting SkillsAnd Advance On Their Art Journey. Come Join Us!

- Rod Moore, Founder Of The Learn To Paint Academy

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