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Your complete guide to all you need to know about colour and how to mix it!

Understand The Colour Wheel

The first step to learning colour is to understand the colour wheel. From the colour wheel we can discover the Primary Colours and how they combine to make the Secondary Colours, and Tertiary Colours. In the Colour Mixing Course you will receive detailed instruction on these important ideas that will lead you to become a better artist.

Discover Values & How They Impact Colour

Once you have a solid understanding of the Colour Wheel we will move into learning about Values. Values are dark to light and the right combination of these. What a lot of artists fail to realise is that Colour has value as well. So we will explore the various values of the colours you are using in your palette.

Learn Complimentary Colours

Next we will take a deep dive into Complementary Colours and how they can have a huge impact on your paintings success. The French Impressionists like Monet used Complementary Colours (like Purples and Yellow combinations) to great effect. You will also learn how to use complementary colours to mute and grey off colours when necessary.

Colour Temperature

One key aspect of mixing colour often overlooked by beginners is the temperature of the colour. The Colour Wheel has a warm side and a cool side to it. When you learn how to use the temperature of the colour mixes you are using you will find your paintings take on a more professional appearance. Colour temperature helps you to create depth, contrast, atmosphere and emotion in your paintings

Finally Understand Everything You Need To Know About Colour!

Imagine for a moment a plumber who didn't know how to use a wrench, or a doctor who couldn't use a stethoscope. How far do you think they would get with their careers?

Learning To Paint Is No Different! You Absolutely Need To Understand Colour.

Plus YOU Get These BONUSES Today Only!!!

BONUS - How To Mix Amazing Greens

Mixing greens is one of the biggest challenges that those learning to paint have. Today you can get access to a complete training on Greens and how to mix them. You will learn how to mix greens from a limited palette, and from a more advanced palette giving you a wide range of greens available to you at any time. Mixing greens is easier than you realise once you have access to the basic knowledge you need.

BONUS - From A Limited Palette To An Advanced One

When you first start learning about colour and how to mix it you are best to start off with a limited palette. Preferably the three primaries. This will force you then to learn how to mix the secondary and tertirary colours you will need for your painting. As you get a handle on colour you can then progress to a more advanced palette giving you more variety and range of colours.

BONUS - Using Grey's For A More Realistic Painting

A lot of artists don't realise when they are just starting out how important the use of grey is in painting. We are not talking about grey out of a tube, but the ability to mix your own greys and then control and manipulate them with changes in value and temperature. When you master greys your paintings will take on a more finished professional quality to them that will amaze your family and friends.

About Your Art Teacher Rod Moore

Rod Moore is a contemporary impressionist landscape artist based in Noosa, Australia. 

His paintings are loose, bold and impressionistic and are held by both private and corporate collectors around the world.

Rod is the founder of the Learn To Paint Academy and creator of the Moore Method of Painting. To date he has taught hundreds of students in workshops, and more than 105,000 students have been through his online art classes and workshops.

Rod is the star of the TV shows 'Plein Air Painting TV' and 'Yes You Can Paint TV' both of which were 13 episodes each and broadcast around Australia and New Zealand.

Frustrated with his early efforts in trying to learn to paint, Rod has been on a quest to discover and master the fundamentals of good painting. More importantly he is committed to teaching beginner to intermediate artists these same basic principles of good painting.

Join Rod and your fellow students on the journey.

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I have really benefited artistically since I have been with the Learn to Paint Academy. Rod not only simplifies the painting process for his students, but also explains the often difficult and abstract concepts behind creating art and appreciating it for its conceptual, historical and cultural semiotic.

Colin, Australia

My few previous attempts with painting lessons prior to Rod’s Method were devastating failures. I began the Learn to Paint Academy on April 1, 2020, with unexpectedly rapid results. The 5 Day Painting Challenge beautifully pulled together all that I had been learning and practising via the Academy courses. I never dreamed that I could ever be at this stage of painting! The simplicity of Rod's method makes it so easy to achieve surprisingly good results on the first try! Thanks a million, Rod, for the life changing achievement of the belief that I can do this!!

Sherlyn, USA

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