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How To Prepare For The Acrylic Painting Bootcamp

Congratulations! You are registered for the Acrylic Painting Bootcamp ... and we start shortly!

Note - The Acrylic Painting Bootcamp is delivered via eMail. The first day's lesson is being emailed to you in the next 5 to 10 minutes. Before you check your emails though follow the steps below.

So here is how you can prepare yourself for the challenge.

Step 1 - Art Supplies & Other Important Information

Now that you have joined the Acrylic Painting Bootcamp you will no doubt have some questions. All of your questions are answered, along with the art supplies you need, on the information page:

Click Here For The Information Page

Step 2 - Join The Community

Next you will want to join us in the Learn To Paint Community.

It is a private group of more than 4,000 of our students from around the world who are also going through the Acrylic Painting Bootcamp along with other courses and programs at the Learn To Paint Academy.

You will need to register for the community - Click Here To Go To The Community

Once inside the community follow the steps in the Welcome section.

Also look for the Group for the 5 Day Challenge and join it. This is where you will post up your daily assignments.

Step 3 - Invite Your Artist Friends

Challenges are always best done with friends. So we encourage you to invite your artist friends to join you in the challenge.

Use the share buttons below to share the challenge:

Alternatively you can send this link to your friends:

I'm excited you are joining us on the 5 day challenge and look forward to see your work in the community.


Rod Moore

Contemporary Landscape Artist

Founder of the Learn To Paint Academy

PS ... While waiting for the 5 Day Challenge to start feel free to take a look at the Learn To Paint Academy to see more of what we do.

Click Here For The Learn To Paint Academy

PSS ... If you need help at any time please contact our Support Desk by going here -

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